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*AU where the Friendship Games never happened*. In the Equestria Girls world, Twilight "Sci Twi" Sparkle is very miserable. At school, the other Crystal Prep students bully her for being smart and every night before she goes home, she faces her principal when tutoring her nephew. One day, the Rainbooms find a YouTube video of Sci Twi being picked on, so with the help of the Shadowbolt 5, they decide to invite her to the Canterlot High-Crystal Prep combined prom to make her feel welcome. However, a few special bullies have a little surprise in store for Sci Twi and the end results will not be pretty. Based off the Stephen King novel and film Carrie, although some elements have been changed.
Warning: Rated T for swearing, a (not too graphic) rape scene and violence.
Cover art drawn by me.

Chapters (20)
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The term is Called Cyber bullying.

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The miss amon bit mentioned does it tie with the one you wrote?
Oh on Trixie ouch as mucha s i hate this one her getting raped shudders!
What bothers me is does her parents knwo she dating a way older guy, suprised noone reported it.

Nice to see an update from this. Hope it continues soon. Just one thing I wanted to point out though:

Rough Rider put his hand on Trixie's hand to prevent her from screaming.

don't you mean he put it over her mouth? That's just what I would think though. Let's see how the girls will solve this one.

Trixie's parents have no idea about Rough Rider at all.

Based off the Stephen King novel and 2013 remake of the film Carrie with shoutouts to the original film, although some elements have been changed.

So... This is a tragedy?


Cool, and the way Pinkie said it .
Shows her being semi serious, means she really really REALLY regrets it.

Not really. I'm toning down some of the violent parts and giving it a happy ending.

He won't get life for rape, but sure the other grls he raped can report it in, and the confession he made in his aggrance, as well as brekaing and entering theft and inhumance act agaisnt a animal.
Get a couple years, while in prison he be targeted by other prisoners.

I'm going to do a little story about Rough Rider's trial. Be on the lookout for it.
And if you read the epilogue, he gets 20 years.

No offense,but I don't think twilight should have gotten away Scot-free or trixie should have been awarded in front of everyone about that or at all but eh. After what she went through trixie needs a break.

If you wanna see why Trixie gets the award, read my upcoming midquel Rough Rider's Trial. Also, it isn't mentioned, but Twilight had to complete court-ordered community service.

7734808 ya mite want to add that then to clear things up

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So the Shadow Five felt sorry for what they did?:ajbemused: What did they do to help?:flutterrage:

Suri said, "Relax Coco, all we know is that he cares for Trixie."

You just met him. How do you know that?:rainbowhuh:

And Celebration Village is a parody of Party City.


Flash said, "I thought Twilight was doing her princess duties in Equestria."

Sunset said, "It's the Twilight from the human world.

How do they know that?:derpyderp2: How do they even know Twilight from this world?:derpyderp1:

Sci Twi said, "Remember last week when we took a walk past Canterlot High and my necklace started to glow?"

Spike said, "Yeah so?"

Sci Twi said, "Maybe my necklace absorbed some magic from that place and that gave me some telekinetic abilities? Think of it, the light in the gym, the boy on the bike, the telescope: All magic! And I'm going to master my new powers."

So, Sci Twi still went to Canterlot High to investigate 'strange readings'?

Furious, Shiny Whistle slapped Trixie and grabbed her by her hair.

Isn't that illegal?:pinkiecrazy: As far as I know, teachers aren't allowed to hit students?:unsuresweetie:

Derpy said, "It will be okay Flashie. My boyfriend can't make it prom because he's too busy fighting the Daleks in another dimension."

Sci Twi then used the amulet to levitate Cinch into the air.

"Listen, Flash Sentry is a very nice guy. We are going to prom and there's nothing you can do about it."

Cinch ordered, "Put me down this instant!"

Sci Twi continued, "And you know what? You're the one who should stay home that night."

She dropped Cinch on the ground with a thud.

Cinch got OWNED.

Okay. The interactions between Coco and Rough Rider is making no sense.
First, Coco acts like she never saw him before at the mall. Then during detention, she tries to warn Trixie something about Rough Rider. Now, at Trixie's house, she thinks that Rough Rider, then after he tells her his intentions and goes, she's talking about being hurt by him prior. BTW, how was Coco able to talk while Rough Rider was covering her mouth?

Will Coco save the day? Stay tuned to find out.

If she did, the title of this story wouldn't make sense.:applejackunsure:

Sunset told her, "It's not, Twilight must have absorbed Equestrian magic and it's beginning to corrupt her."

Nooo. Equestrian magic is giving her powers. It's her emotions that are corrupting the magic. This was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I hope no one was killed.:fluttercry:

Officer Silverstar said as she handcuffed Cinch, "Abucus Cinch, you're under arrest for letting your own school succumb to a demon and for being a big jerk."

I don't like Abacus Cinch but what kind of trumped-up charges are those?:rainbowderp:

When he landed in front of Granny Smith, she was not happy to see him.

"Yer the ruffian who broke into the pigpen and killed one my pigs!"

Rough Rider said, "What are you gonna do about it oldie?"

Granny Smith dialed Officer Silverstar on her phone.

Five minutes later, Rough Rider was being loaded into a police van while Granny Smith and the girls watched.

You mean he just sat there for five minutes waiting to be arrested? I find that hard to believe.

It's partially based off the original scene in the '76 film

The sequel, Rough Rider's Trial will explain everything.

They weren't. I'm toning the story down although some may have mild injuries.

Based off a scene in the original movie

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