• Published 6th Dec 2016
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Pounding Flurry - LegionofPony

After unintentionally viewing his parents having sex, Pound and Pumpkin Cake, and visiting Flurry Heart, intimately learn about the difference between fillies and colts.

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What the shit.......:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

7775176 ...or maybe she DID see it all. She IS Pink Pie after all...

Um. Wow. Kinda sad Pound doesn't get to pound Pumpkin...

7775291 I see what you did there

7775291 Due to word constraints, I wasn't able to do that scene. Perhaps in the future, but I can't say for sure either way.

Damn, you posted this on exactly the same day as my Flurry Heart fic. The universe must have been demanding Flurry Heart smut. :ajsmug:

Poneet #8 · Dec 6th, 2016 · · 2 ·

Is this a cakecest fic, without the usual bullshit aging up component? Congratulations on not sipping the moralfag kool-aid and writing what you want. Much respect, faved and liked.

But you forgot about the extra chapter with pumpkin and pound...

7775483 This was actually a commission, and I left their age ambiguous intentionally. Thanks for the props though.

7775528 Due to word constraints, I wasn't able to do that scene. Perhaps in the future, but I can't say for sure either way.

Oh please tell me there's more.

YESSS! TAKE ALL OF MY YES'!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

7775621 Np, you deserve them. You could have easily refused or changed the story to protect your image, but you stuck to your ardor as a writer and refused the majority's opinion. That says a lot.

My eyes...have been opened...*claps for you*

Comment posted by Farnham deleted Dec 7th, 2016

aww why'd you stop? pumpkin didn't get a turn. great fic though

My thoughts after reading this.

As of this moment, Pound is a man-er, stallion. I was a little leery at the prospect of Cakecest, since incest is where I draw the line. But, good job nevertheless. Have a like.


I'll admit, I'm not proud of what I've fapped to, but I draw the line at pedophilia. I bid you good day.

Could you imagine this causing a scandle? Just across Equestria thousands are screaming over the princess having her virginity taken away by a baker

7776193 Hmm?

7775800 No more planned as of now, but that depends on the commissioner.

7775836 Glad you liked it.

7776324 Word limitations, as I've said before.

7776477 Glad you enjoyed.

7776962 Yery well, it's not everyone's cup of tea. Farewell.

7777021 It's possible, but I view ponies being very accepting of each other. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants, plus foals are curious...

7777123 Heh.

7777167 Thanks for the advice. What would you suggest for indicating internal dialogue/thoughts then, if not angle brackets? K.A Applegate uses them in the 'Animorphs' series of books to depict 'thought speak' (telepathy), so that's where I got it from. Thanks for the compliments though as well.

Thumbs up, great story.


One can hope then


Glad you liked it.

No you're not. Don't lie to me. :ajbemused:

But seriously, this needs a Pumpkin chapter. I was sad that we didn't get to see her and pound have some fun. :applecry:

7777808 Why wouldn't I be happy that someone enjoys something I spent many hours working on?

Also, about the Pumpkin chapter, that's entirely up to the commissioner if they want to expand this more.

7778052 She may have already! :rainbowderp:

I think that the worst part is that I saw the art you used for the cover before I saw the story so I felt obligated to read this.

I loved this story :raritystarry: .

I really want to see the Pound x Pumpkin part :fluttercry: , but I completely understand the necessity for a monetary incentive for your time :pinkiesmile: , unfortunately for now I can only curse my lack of money for commissions :twilightblush:.

You're such a bad lier Legion. Everyone knows you love to lie to your readers. :raritywink:

Tell your "commissioner" (if there even is one), that he should buy a second story with Pumpkin and Pinkie. :pinkiehappy:

I hope you know I am just playing with you, I know you don't lie...:fluttershyouch:

Comment posted by Tiaa OwO deleted Dec 9th, 2016

7778574 I left the age ambigious on purpose. They're whatever age you want them.

7778163 That's how youths are, very blunt!

7778241 Well, I'm glad you gave it a chance! I hope you liked it.

7778359 'Succ'? Not short if that's short for success or succubus. Either would be appropriate I suppose. Thanks for reading.

7778513 I thank you for liking it! As for second parts, as I've said several times before, it's up to the commissioner if they wanna take this further. If not, it'll remain as is. Also, thanks for at least thinking of commissioning me. It means a lot.

7778777 But...but there really is a commissioner! :fluttercry: Also I was kinda hoping you were kidding. As for another chapter, read above in my response to post 7778513.

7778806 I really hope you don't get banned.

You've earned another follower. I hope to see more like this in the future.

Love the way you wrote the sex n_n :rainbowkiss: very very cute and heartwarming. The writing technique could use some work, though.

7778574 7779484 I hit puberty really early. When I was eleven, I had an erection 24 hours a day. I was too young to know how to deal with it yet. It was hell. I still have one all the time. But now I put it into hot women.

7779049 Yeah, I liked it.
That sounded strange.

7776962 loli shit is legal, so how is this any different?

Bet you'd have no problem with that.

7779294 Glad you liked my writing. I'll be releasing more erotica, but the content depends on my commissioners.

7779475 Dammit PInkie...getting into my stories again...

7779476 Glad you liked. Any specific suggestions to improve my technique?

7779484 I said that Flurry is a few years younger than the twins, and Cadence and Shining were married for a while before having Flurry, so...perhaps the twins are a little older given they were born long before Cadence and Shining got married.

7779491 Yes, some individuals go into puberty even as early as eight.

7779843 Glad to hear it. :pinkiehappy:

7779880 I think he meant he generally disliked 'underage' stuff, despite ponies not having a known age of consent, plus the factor of similar-aged children/teens having relationships/sex generally being accepted. It is, however, his option not to read this, and I respect it.


And like that, you already have a like and favorite from me. Don't usually like and favorite blindly, but, y'know... cakecest. Now, onto reading this.

Any chance of a sequel?

I dont know why but i cannot find the source of the cover art. And yes, ive searched the author. I cannot find THAT image anywhere.

7779049 Oh that's why you can't link it. Well, I figured it would be helpful for curious readers and benefit you as well.:rainbowderp::unsuresweetie:

7780698 I can send you a link to it in your PMs if ya want

7777167 Italics by themselves work fine. That's the most common way of expressing internal dialogue.

And yeah, you absolutely nailed your vocabulary with the kiddy talk here. I despise when authors write their youthful characters to be ridiculously profane—which is, like, 90% of the people who write in this genre. It really pulls me out of the moment. So bravo on avoiding that completely.

P.S. Interestingly enough, http://www.fimfiction.net/story/356384/brand-new-games-a-game-for-three came out on the same day as this. Odd coincidence.

7780985 Mind send sending me the link to.

7779880 Actually, I don't hate it, but I wouldn't fap to it. And loli is VERY different from an ACTUAL FUCKING CRIME.

I won't stop people from writing it, but on my opinion, pedophilia is the most fucked up thing in existence.

Come back and tell me it's okay once you're husband is raped as a child. Come back then.

Shiiiiiiiit I'm going to Hell, ain't I?
Well, I probably already was, but still.

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