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This story is a sequel to How To (Not) Wake Up a (Giant) Princess

The changelings thought that, if they could take the pink princess once, they could do it again.
They soon find out it's a bigger challenge then last time.
Way bigger...

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Well....that's one thing to try as a scare tactic:twilightsheepish:

Well..... the royal guards as effective as always at least... so that's a plus, right?:twilightblush::facehoof:

First, a Giant Twilight. Now, a giant Cadence. Are you going to make a giant Luna and Celestia soon? I'd love to read those! Celestia can be another sleeping-patrol with plenty of cake, but with Luna, I imagine her being awake and having fun with the guards.

hope it will be bigger Luna :D


>only one’s left.


Well, when will Celestia and Luna get sequels?

Nice story all around, and a fun sequel to the original one.

Not really a fan of the ending. It is irritating enough when guards and princesses are useless and incompetent in stories, but for a giant-sized alicorn to act like an idiot and go down to two silly changelings like that is just insulting, totally ruined the fun of this story for me.

The story was worth a few chuckles. I found it to be an OK story.

However, there are a few grammar errors in your story. The most prevalent is that you've added a few greengrocer's apostrophes throughout the story; please delete them:

these three are the only one’s left.

Don’t you think there might be more hero’s besides everyone we’re taking.

(Also, the period there should be a question mark.)

and not the other one’s.

and her back one’s laid on top of one another.

Aside from that, there are a few others:

“You try putting on socks when you have five holes in each leg! it’s hard!”

The I in "it's" should be capitalized.

Stan did so, thought more out of pain than a response.

That word should be "though".

“What?” Was the last thing Cadance cried out before she felt pain in the back of her head, followed by the sight of darkness second later.

The W in "was" should be lowercase.

7711464 I hope Flurry gets one too. It would be an awesome plot twist, if cadence didnt just enchant the socks for fun, but if they were necessary to take care of flurry, who is naturally giant.

7712218 To be fair, she just woke up.

“Listen, uh. I know this is a little confusing but I’m sure we can-” Stan then pointed to the door. “LOOK! A DISTRACTION!”

perfect just perfect

Honey I blew up the baby. Or whatever that movie was called

Comment posted by Zubric deleted Nov 7th, 2017

yup, thats the one.

But, what if someone tries to kidnap giant flurry (or a future teenage or adult version of her), and tries to remove her socks, but then it turns out, that her size-changing socks were making her SMALLER? As in, her giant form with socks was as small as they could make her...

There are not even nearly as many size fics of that adorable little mutant as there should be.

Meh so Pony is big. Big deal

Its more about the kidnappers thinking, that destroying the socks would have one effect, till they realize, thats its actually the other.

The most important thing in the story would be the moment of realization, that they f**ed up.

Why can't it every be easy


“Don’t you think there might be more hero’s besides everyone we’re taking. W-What if that orange pony has a huge family behind her back, what if that blue one has a whole team of fliers with her, what if that yellow one’s friend with a lot of animals, what if that purple one has a student like that white alicor-”

Boi staying season six finale

If anyone wants to hear it, I narrated the first chapter https://youtu.be/g4dJkxcNrI8 not sure I’ll do the second.

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