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Spike believes he has found the answer to his dreams, a chance to be with his one true love, by becoming the stallion of Rarity's dreams.

A magic potion, some small half-truths and putting his best hoof forward is all it will take...

...provided Spike doesn't lose himself in the process. For the young dragon will discover that not all masks are easily removed.

As magic works upon his body and the facade becomes too real, Spike will find himself at war with himself.


Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 19 )

Do you think you'll win the NAPOWRIMO contest?


Honestly no clue, I just felt it was a good enough excuse to get this story idea out. ^_^

The real spike wouldn't have lied to her so maybe with a new form comes a new life?:raritystarry::heart::moustache::twilightoops:

Deception is a funny thing... Fire Heart hasn't said anything that is explicitly untrue.

However, yes, the potion has done much more than create a simple disguise.

7706687 Indeed. The only thing that was an outright lie was his name. Everything else was simply him slightly twisting the truth.
Good chapter and looking forward to more.
Also props to Rarity for recognizing Spike so fast.


Yup, though not quite as much a lie as you might think... but that's for the chapter I'm currently writing.

As for Rarity, she's a smart pony when she needs to be and I felt that... well, to pull back the curtain on everything will amount to me writing the whole story by way of explanation, so I'll just leave it at that and add in that assumptions are wonderful things for making reality a little less real.

7713228 She is. I've just seen so many instances where a person is fooled a disguise like this, so it's very refreshing to see that cliche not be used here.

Love this story so far. Excited for more

:duck: Nice little mystery here....
:rainbowlaugh: We all know how he feels
:ajsmug: So what's eating ya?
:flutterrage: Spa Day! NOW!
:pinkiegasp: Oh Oh!
:moustache: Somepony really likes her spa days
:derpytongue2: This is really well done
:twilightoops: That's Rare
:raritystarry: Yes?
:moustache: Yes!

Ok I definanly like where this is going.
I know spike is gonna go a second round, but I wonder about the potions warning and I’m keen to see how he gets found out.

Needing some air is fair enough after that letter. She’s gotta be suspicious of him being spike to want to go to twilight right Awa though. I wonder if she’s gonna be bold enough to share such a personal letter? Twilight may pick up on who’s handwriting it is, but I’m not sure.
I’m interested to see the next part of Spikes plan here.

Great story, can not wait for the rest.
Keep up the great work! :raritywink:

Imagine if that's not him and Spike literally just arrives after she leaves. :rainbowlaugh:

hooray! the next chapter! i suppose this means the series is continuing?

Yeah, or at least I hope to continue it... life and a long stint of writer's block have been conspiring to keep me from doing so.

STORY NOT DEAD! WOOOOO!!! I am so glad I reread the chapters on a whim not to long ago. I look forward to Spike's reaction to the letter as well as his plans moving forward from this point on. This is definitely one of the most interesting Sparity story I have had the pleasure of reading and it has only just begun. Great work as usual and I can't hardly wait to see the next chapter!

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