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1/2 righteous indignation, 1/2 cuddles, 3/4 beard.


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The opening scene between the two game players has me intrigued to say the least.

LOL! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, this has me in stitches, that is does. The opening scene, as Cloud Surfer says, is quite intriguing. Then you got that Street Fighter move done, and... I'm rolling on the floor, here. Just naming himself "Fudge" on the spot and his realization of not being able to eat meat have drawn me in. Don't ask why.

Otherwise, I can see you still have room to grow in terms of the story. It looks like it's going to be an insane ride. :pinkiecrazy: We likes the insanity.

i should know what that picture at the end is but i can't seem to place it unfortunately. mind reminding me?

"'done a great jorb' " Jorb? I presume Job but hey that might be something i have never hear of.(It has happened before)

But it is quite fun so far.

Great dialogue in this chapter. I love the fact that Fudge went totally honest and basically "shock and awed" Lilly.

Well, he wouldn't have spilled the beans except that he got caught.

So he's going for the "Tell everything" approach huh. Well, there's no point in lying. :ajsmug:


I wonder if Fudge and Knightmare will ever meet, or if Lyra will have met Fudge before the GGG Mayhem.


There's some stuff that I need to discuss with both you and Blackwing that will determine what happens at the end of the story that has to do with the GGG. I will PM.


I make lots of references. If you don't get them all, you don't get the bonus points! Sorry. :derpytongue2:

Wait wait WAIT!!!! Free? Booze?.......loading......loading......done YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, listen!

fun chapter, not much happens but still overall enjoyable.

The Janitor walks into a library, whistling softly. He snuck into a corner, and inconspicuously sweeps up a laptop.

How the f does Fudge go from this to slavery?!
Unless, the boat...

Also, hey guys, remember that story description? And the tags?
Yeah. So do I.

*sighs and puts his head down*

So do I.


Have I ever mentioned how much I love the parts where you build Fudge's undying hatred for Zeta? If not, then let me say it now, I love when you foreshadow Zeta's role.

Also, Zeta really wouldn't say “So you're the one who's been hunting me?” He asked. “Did you kill all these people?” More like "So, you're the one that wants me dead huh?" He asked. Motioning around towards the bodies he continued "Looks like you've been busy, but did you really need to kill these guys? I doubt they would be much trouble."

Ooh the foreshadowing the sweet sweet foreshadowing. You could get diabetes from foreshadowing this good.

A message from Skeleton Jack:

"Granted that was impressive, but bitch I took over Tartarus! I have an army of five-thousand immortal skeletal badasses at my beck and call!"

If you kill Lily, I'm going to have to kill you.

Seriously though, are we even ALLOWED to kill characters from the show? Somebody needs to figure that out and put it in the rulebook.

I have to say, I'm really enjoying Boxer's character. You did the "villain building" incredibly well, great strength mixed with a kind of brilliant sadism and some implied connections to the pony government? Riveting, I say!


I sort of meant the "get laid in the shortest amount of time" achievement. :raritywink:

Late Update:
The Janitor walked over to the Ursa. He was about to clean it up when he got a ring on his phone.
"Not this one. Someone's coming to pick it up."
"Gotcha. I'll just go and ... clean up the splinters or something."

I call plot armor. No matter what, they can't die or else the plot ends. Lily, I don't know. If someone makes a reference to Lily walking by in the Tumblr, then she will be destined to survive. Like how Twilight is destined to survive for at least three years to be able to make those interviews in the first place.

Pull out clock. Set timer, and toss it into the wreckage.
The world ages around him ...

My influence is spreading!

On another note, you might want to change the time he spent in there to 2 years, End Game occurs exactly three years from Day 1 so that leaves you barely any time to do anything. You'd have like...a week at most.


Thanks for catching that. You win a prize..... have a Flutterhug. :yay:

Shtik popped out of a wall and into the ruined pocket dimension.
"No one's here anymore?" Echoes answered him.
"Good. Time to do my job and clean up the dangerous dimensions. I'm being slacking off for way too long."
He summoned a keyboard, pointed it up into the sky, and hit Delete.


More people should read this. It's good.

As much of a horror it is to no longer eat meat, it will probably save him for an existential crisis later down the road if he ever tried to eat steak.

Ah, Rorschach, the best man in the super hero world. :pinkiehappy:

I think you nailed down the psychological effects of slavery pretty well, the pacing was decent, all in all the whole chapter had a very pleasant feel to it despite the unpleasant subject. I like how you emphasized the split in the diamond dog ranks, that was well-played foreshadowing

I BET I KNOW WHO THE PONY IS!!! :rainbowkiss:

....It's sad that I'm excited for this next part.

I am lovin the story, can't wait for the next chapter.:heart:

Must... resist urge... to summon Lightning's WRATH and KILL the slavers!

If you go grimdark I will drop this story from my lists like something nasty.

Get them out of that mine, goddammit. You're not winning "artistic" points by wallowing in it, you're pissing off all the readers you won with the first few chapters!

dreaming about raiding Carrot Top's fields.

I swear, I shall make this a running joke in my story!

Pieces of a a once marvelous steamboat floated pitifully down the river. The next moment, a giant grey praying mantis with his fore claws covered in massive bristles appeared, hovering above the wreckage. It carefully picked up a smouldering legged clock and smooshed it between his fore legs. It looked at the wreckage, stopped its wings, and made a large scything motion with its claws towards the destroyed ship.

1188184 The sheer innuendo in that line.....

Now I can't get the image of Angel having the hots for Carrot Top out of my mind.

Glassed, think we can make it Canon?

1190086 well me and Fudge have a plan for a little special somebunny for him later. :pinkiehappy:
'Can we make it canon?' Pft, does the pope have a funny hat? :ajsmug:

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