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Alright, so, what do you get when you mix a bored Discord, a human, and a little bit of chaotic magic? C'mon, I think you know what happens....

Well, to be honest, it's not as much as anyone would expect, since this little fic takes place after Discord's reformation. So no checkerboard landscapes anytime soon.

But... high jinks are still liable.

(Sex tag for lewd dialogue)

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the manliest yelp of all time

...um can a yelp even be manly?

Let the new hilarious and uncomfortable of chaos, begin!

7934687 Who? Discord? If so, then I don't know.

7935233 Oh, then no. Why do you ask?

7935655 the words "cute" and "experiments"

7935984 I... don't get what you're typing...

7936090 meh. I am on pain meds! :pinkiegasp: I got stabbed! Pain meds are awesome!.:rainbowkiss:

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