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The legal illegal. AT SOME POINT I WILL UPDATE.


Rarity has a little secret.

She keeps a creature up in her room, and likes to use him to relieve her stress after a long day at work. The creature doesn't seem to mind his role, and he even enjoys it sometimes.

Then, Celestia comes in, demanding that the creature be given to her.

A fun little story about scratching and indulging yourself in muscles.

Edited by Eagle and 0050005!

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While the idea and some of the paragraphs were made before, the main body of the story was written while I was in Paraguay, with constant back and forths between Discord chats and asking certain questions on certain areas of the fic.

Thank God for SFNW.

Okay, this was really ramdom, but it's never wrong to break the monotonous atmosphere that sometimes there is, well, what can I say? It was very funny (I do not know why I ruled in some parts, I'm crazy I know)

Paraguay!? .... Are you from there ??

7855721 I was born in the US, but my family comes from Paraguay, and I lived there for a couple years once. Now I just take trips back while I'm a student here in America.

Aww... Celestia needs a Chapter; poor mare... :fluttercry:

Story Approver

Scratchers huh? Was this inspired by a certain fic called Your Human and You? :unsuresweetie:

Is this a crossover?

7855801 I had the title for this story before I read that story.

Fuck though, I should probably change it...

Good! Makes me want to hear more of Ayadi. Though this is perfectly fine by itself.

So Celestia is upset because she didn't get laid... Why. Just why!?


I just completed a review of your story at your request on behalf of the Reviewers Cafe.

You can find the review here.


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