• Published 31st Oct 2016
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Caravan Club - Dark Avenger

The Mane Six spend a week in Las Pegasus, making frequent visits to a strange night club they come across. They learn that the city has a way of changing people...

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I spot more and more things going on, and I'm greatly liking what I am seeing...

This is an interesting development, though I'm still somewhat in the dark as to what exactly is happening, save for the shifts in personality and outlook, which might be the point until more of the curtain is raised on the nature of the club. Perhaps I should re-read the previous chapter, it has been quite awhile.

This story is an anticipated favorite. The subtle shifts of personality and accentuated detail are concepts rarely put this well in these kind of stories. I like the sort of pseudo-reality warping the club seems to entail on its patrons,the sudden but fitting burst of charcterazation(Rd's sudden smoking habit and tattoos,Fluttershy's sudden confidence)it really makes the reader wonder when and how far the changes will happen.


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the fic so far. Yes, these changes are bound to happen over a good amount of time, at roughly the same rate, meaning the end result will go way beyond what is suggested by the current look.

Wait... I know that cover art...


LONE DIGGER!!!! ARGHHH!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

Alright, so Twilight's turning into a lech, Rainbow's turning into a thug, Fluttershy's turning into a maneater, Rarity and Applejack are turning into every RariJack fic ever, and Pinkie's turning into an obnoxious drunken cunt. Do I have that about right?



I don't think role reversal to this degree happens that often in rarijack fics tbh


What 8240652 said. Beyond that, pretty much.

So when the next chapter be out yet?

Gee, I wonder what'll happen next :raritywink:

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