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Daring Do's latest adventure finds her searching for Kamara Mista, an ancient city in the clouds once ruled by the griffins, said to contain riches beyond imagining. But that's not all Daring is after. According to a mysterious letter, by finding the city, she may finally be reunited with her long lost father. Will Daring find Kamara Mista? Will she find its treasures? Will she be reunited with her father? Read to find out! :)

Chapters (20)
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i love how the story is turning out! just so you know you forgot some spaces in between some words, for example you mainly forgot spaces after comas like this: "ah,here it is" he said. and you also spelled the word shed instead of the word she'd. :twilightsmile:

coco pie sound a lot like pinkie pie, and she acts like her.:pinkiegasp:

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