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Just an adventure/mystery fanfiction-writing brony from the state of Vermont who hopes that you enjoy his work.


When you got your Chicoltgo private detective license, you were expecting your life to be a bit more glamorous. Turns out that PI work involves a lot more paperwork than it does adventure.

But that all changes when you are hired to investigate a missing pony case. Your first clue is an encoded message that leads you to the strange village of Raven Hollow, a small town populated by ponies with an obsession with riddles and secrets. Here, you will follow the trail of puzzles to uncover the truth.

But be careful: in places like Raven Hollow, the truth is not always held sacred, and lives are often treated cheaply.

An experimental second-person puzzle adventure inspired by Telltale Games' Puzzle Agent.

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Seems interesting... steady writing, well-written characters and I always loved detective stories. I'm not sure if I'll be able to decrypt some of the riddles as English isn't my native language... but hey, the bigger that challenge is, right?

7682491 A challenge is always good. You can ask other readers for hints!

7682580 Well we'll see. Though I know this one because of geocaching, but the outcome I got was kinda...weird.

7682589 Here's a clue: the most common letter is English alphabet is E. Go from the inside out.

7682693 Ah... Thanks! I though that it was "D" since that's what Caesar commonly used when en/decrypting this...

The first words are likely not meant to be decoded due to the key being given AFTER them. And they sound Italian, so I'm assuming mafia kidnapping. EDIT: The Italian words are "I came, I saw I conquered"... so definitely mafia

The remaining "words" are just letter jumbles afterwards... likely directions of some kind, the numbered translations can also be serial numbers or coordinates... though that last one is iffy.

7684576 Sorry, but you're way, way off.

The Veni, Vidi, Vici is Latin, not Italian, and it's attributed to a famous leader who has a code named after him.

“You always were good at puzzles,” he says,

Aw, thanks Josh.

I think I've got it!

I've always loved mysteries.

Enjoyable chapter! I can wait to read more about this bird-infused town :twilightsmile:

I'm growing to like all these characters, especially 'you'. I love the atmosphere, too.

I wonder what's with the puzzles?

Current theory is that there's some kind of curse that makes people speak in riddles, but they don't realize it. So Idea thought he was writing a normal message for help, but the curse made him write some kind of cipher and he didn't realize what he'd done. Wonder where he is and if he's okay...

Please don't be dead or evil... please don't be dead or evil...

Enjoyable chapter! There are a few typos, mostly some missing or misspelled letters I can point them out in PM if you want.
Also, does the mirror have to do something with the riddle?

7718880 Pointing them out in PM would be nice.

You tell me.

I'm scared now, for 'you' and for everyone else...

If it turns out there's a cult of riddle-lovers involved, I hope Zugzwang is their god.
I thought of that possibility when I started reading, and then when I saw a pony named Honey I did a double take...

Nice chapter, I bet this mansion will play a role later...
And yay, physics! Though at first I need a rendezvous with translator to be sure I understood.

7735898 Oh, little thing: I messed up the riddle slightly. He left at 4:00, not 3:00.

Urk math... why did it have to be math...

You start to call after her, but in your bewilderment at her abrupt departure, you cannot form the words that could be used to summon her back to answer further questions.

Oh no... it's affecting "you" too...

The framed picture depicts a grand, three-story mansion, composed of gray cinders

Wait... it's made of ashes?

I'm wondering what the answer to the riddle could possibly be telling us; time for me to start solving...

The shades shift slightly and the eyes reappear, glaring at you. “I don’t know anypony by that name!” the voice replies. “Go away!” The eyes retreat and you are left standing outside.
With an irritated huff, you return to your bike.

What, you believe him? You're giving up already? Come on; what kind of private detective are you?

...I'm scared... I'm terrified... please let the plot progress to somewhere happier...

7753681 Well, to be fair, the door was locked, and "you" have no real adventure experience, or any desire to get into trouble. What were "you" supposed to do?

Also, you know me too well to know that this is going to get any better soon.

7753708 But the fact that "you're" complaining that "this lead was a dead end" makes it sound like "you" took him at his word and/or aren't planning on going back...

7753712 Just be thankful he didn't give you another puzzle.

there's a serious amount of aviary based terms used throughout this town. i find that interesting.

“Do you have a map of the area, especially around the mines?” you ask, whispering without knowing quite why.

Libraries tend to have that effect.

I'm still very scared and on edge. I'm no longer sure we'll make it out alive...

Gosh, I'm now wishing I had to leave for this week, not the previous. The tension is real!

Another math problem... wonderful T_T

Wow, I think you should add the Dark/Thriller tag. This is getting really intense as one can't trust anypony now.
I can't wait to hear what Sunrise has to say!

7786848 That's an idea, I shall consider it. I'm glad you're liking it!

...Either the Court of Ravens is amusingly sloppy with their security, or their powers of deception are stronger than I can comprehend... Either way, I'm still scared. I'm with the brick thrower; I want out!

why am i getting a vibe of the court of owls from this? you using the comic group as a basis for this fictional group of yours?

7787707 The Court of Owls was indeed a partial inspiration for the Court of Ravens. Did you read that comic series?

7787861 i read what DC ran about them within the new 52 line of batman. well, i got the jest at least.

And the best part is, you left him with the bill!

"You're" evil...

In an attempt to give yourself courage, you start singing quietly,


...I'll forgive you for this revelation if Sunrise makes it out fine...

...Or if it turns out to not actually be him...

That bill part give me a laugh... but it quickly dissipated at the next events. I expected a trip here for quite a time, but you managed to exceed it.

Also, how did Honey Roll know you need to get rid of him?

7803167 In time, my friend. In time.

Truth be told, I had to read through the whole story very carefully... Once I found the emphasize on certain aspect of the pony, it was clear... I believe that at least.
However, wouldn't the leader be angered even more upon hearing you discovered their identity? Not that there is any choice...

7818632 i would agree with you on that aspect, but i also think the whole special favor would be based on the whole "how you found out who i was?" type of dealio. the way you figured it out would curry the favor for not killing you.

7824171 Or maybe it could lead to the typical: "Have you told anypony else?"

7824635 You've been kidnapped by a secret society and for all you know, they're going to kill you and dump your body in the mines. Kind of low on options.

Ooh, nice plot twist! I wonder how this will end.
Well, need to solve some family issues first :rainbowwild:

I have not been so scared or horrified by a story in a while. But the end was well played...

I'm confused by one thing, though: So how did Idea Spark die anyway? Did they kill him and throw him into the mine, or did he die of starvation or something while in the mine? Did he die because he didn't want to/couldn't guess the answer to the crowbar puzzle? Because that would be sad...

7838448 I thought it was implied that they killed him and dropped him off in there. Guess not.

7838468 "You" didn't notice anything about how he'd been killed; "you" didn't see any wounds or anything, so I assumed he'd died of something that doesn't leave a mark... like starvation. I thought of complaining at the time that this detective didn't bother to detect how the victim died, but assumed there was an explanation...

7838471 He was a rotten corpse, and "you" are not a forensic scientist.

7838476 Hey, I'm working on it!

Do we have to answer the puzzles ourselves?

Thank you for this whole story and beautiful ending. It was an enjoyable ride and z I'll gladly wait for more :twilightsmile:

7853411 you can if you want to but each riddle is solved in the next chapter. so, if you want to fire up that brain, you can try your hand on solving the riddles. if you don't and just want to keep reading the story, you can just go to the next chapter and see how the riddle/puzzle was solved.

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