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This was my first attempt at Grimdark & horror. It's what happens when you try to mix Lovecraft & G1 Ponies with G4... For those curious on whether the ponies were being turned into humans or furries, my answer will always be, "Whatever scares you more...".

Dramatic Reading by The Living Library Player Society
Aze Kahh Dramatic Reading Part One & Part Two
Ponyficreviews The Hoofwitch Horror

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Very well done story here, quite the adaptation of one of the stories i remember reading. Hope you get into more of these Lovecraftian stories!

An amazing attempt to use 'The Dunwich Horror' by H.P. Lovecraft.An amazing job dude!I give you props!:heart:

Very good story! I hope this isn't the end of all, I can see a whole universe expanded from it. Keep going! :pinkiehappy:



This was awesome :twilightblush:

this is the original fanfic that got me hooked on fanfiction! well, done, and i thank you!:scootangel:

This story did a very good job with atmosphere and in creating something truly foreboding as it moves beyond the story that inspired it (although a whippoorwill or two might have helped...). In a way, seems like poor G1 is getting buried at the feet of G4...and then dragging it down into Hell with it.

If this was inspired by Lovecraft I must begin at once. There are many books to read and there never seems to be enough time in the day. Thank you, I hope to read more of your work in the future.

Hey everybody,

we did a live reading of this story and posted the recording here:

Hope you all enjoy, we certainly did :twilightsmile:

Love and tolerance,
TheLiving Library Player Socieety

Absolutely adore this. It really feels like a Lovecraftian story. Not just for the content and plot, but in the style. It really calls to mind the regretful, retrospective voice in which he wrote, but with a refreshing hint of your own personal style.

It's been a while since i first read this, and i keep finding myself coming back to it now and again.


We only knew of Azekahhs reading, which was also quite enjoyable! :)

i liked that one, too, but a female reading mare parts does sometimes make the reading feel more real & scary... On a happier note, prepare for more Lovecraft Ponies within a fortnight...

But then, as the silence grew to maddening levels

It is at this point I realize my stupidity
Because I am reading this:
In the dark
At night
With no other sounds
It is at this point I flung my phone across the room because I heard a rustling outside my window

Good job sir, I salute you

This is a truly wonderful story. It makes a person wonder not only how disturbing another's mind may be, but also how disturbing your own might be. I have truly enjoyed this, and it makes me realize that I truly do fear something, but not this story. Rather, it is the evils that manifest themselves within one's Mind, Heart, and Soul, that allows stories such as this to exist, and it is this that I do indeed fear.

There is a saying from a game called Command and Conquer from the a faction known as he Black Hand.

"Burn them to ashes, then burn the ashes."

I'd think of applying that here thrice times over, especially for Twilight.

Anyway, I've never read a lovecraftian story...but this has given me cause enough to start reading them. Excellent atmosphere and writing.

My first time favoriting a story that was already finished. This was awesome. I love the darkness of tjis tale and I was wondering why not many dark tales centered on G 1 when it's even creepier then FIM sometimes. :twilightsmile:

Man, words cannot describe how awesome this fic was!:pinkiehappy:

can't believe i haven't read this before though...

on a side note..
the anthro tag cracked me up :rainbowlaugh:

This is way back in 2011, and the new desolation of smaug came out recently.

It was playing upstairs, I didn't even notice it.

Then I read the fire part, and at the exact moment I read it it synced with what I was thinking. Creepy, as if my damn brain was in sync with the area.

I sat for a few moments, pausing my read. And guess what, they actually paused the movie right there to get some drinks!

Way too fucking creepy. But then again, HP lovecraft.
Sincerely, the guy commenting on the oldest of anthro
Herp Derp.

"The scientists of Cloudsdale were quite overjoyed to be given this testing area. Apparently they'd been wanting to test a new form of weather that was caused by the splitting of hydrogen isotopes. They had yet to receive clearance from my sister due to their predictions of its destructive nature. But I gave it freely, as long as they kept the tests to that clearing."

Thats... not weather...
I kinda find it hard to believe that ponies made a nuke

The oldest anthro story, eh? Interesting.

is there gonna be series?

Possibly, I already wrote a sequel story in The Puppy

For those curious on whether the ponies were being turned into humans or furries, my answer will always be, "Whatever scares you more...".

Well thanks for the spoiler in the description. Asshole.

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