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Dark Nightshade

I like to do occasional crossoves, and I can now draw. Just PM me if you want me to draw or wright something! I'm on Wattpad, check me out: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Dark-Nightshade


Thousands of years ago, a super intelligent species created a beast of ultimate destruction. In the modern day, the beast and the last of that species wake up, but the beast escapes. This is the story of the last Morphoyd.

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Comments ( 4 )

More context please.
Know should be now.
I suggest grammerly as an add on for the browser and a proofreader. This looks interesting but who is who and why is it EQG. i dont get it

7688265 The EQG tag is there because 5,000 years later, the last morphoyd and the beast wake up in the modern EQG world. 'He' usually refers to the leader of the high council, because I didn't give him a name, the beast (for now) is simply known as the beast, and then there's the main character. And thanks!

What are those things??!!

7688457 Morphoyd's. They are a little bit like the Skylanders Imagenator crystals.

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