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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Rainbow Dash was just your normal every day girl. She is great at sports and has six best friends she could ask for. But, when doing extra credit for her Science Class, she is hit by an lightning bolt and is put into a coma for 9 months. When she awakes, she has super-speed and learns about others like her. She uses her newfound speed to become the Fastest Girl Alive, The Dash.

Base on CW version of the Flash.

My name is Rainbow Dash and I am the fastest girl alive. When I was a child, I saw my father killed by something impossible. My mother went to prison for his murder. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary sports girl, but secretly I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me. And one day, I'll find who killed my father and get justice for my mother. I am... The Dash.

Season 1

Rainbow Dash/The Dash as Barry Allen/The Flash
Spitfire as Dr. Caitlin Snow
Soarin as Cisco Ramon
Lightning Dust/The Reverse-Dash as Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash

Others as the Meta-humans and other allies.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 105 )

Lightning Dust/The Reverse-Dash as Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash

Dude, spoiler for those of us still living in 2014!!!

Still the choices are...interesting. I am curious as to why Twilight is not Catlin or Pinkie is Cisco.

7714274 Hey I wanted to let people who will be who. I didn't spoiler anything from the first Season. Yet,:ajsmug:

Watch out for that Death version of the Flash dude. I hear he's not nice.

I like it so far. The only thing I'd suggest is maybe getting a proof reader to clean up some of the grammatical errors.

7714384 Is it the Black Flash? (no racial discrimination intended)

There is no way Lightning Dust is cool enough to pull off Reverse-Flash.

But then again, it's hard to compare to Tom Cavanaugh.

Well this is awkward... I'm planning on doing a similar fic...

Anyway, off to an interesting start,I really like the show so I'm interested to see where you go with this.

Mind if I be your editor again? And will you be updating any of your previous stories?

7714639 Go ahead I like to read it.

7714688 Oh yeah totally, cast is going to be mostly different, though obviously still gonna have Rainbow Dash as the Flash/Dash.

The idea of having Lightning Dust as Reverse Flash isn't bad, actually I had considered her and another character for Reverse Flash when thinking on my own version, but decided on the other option for him.

How do I know this story won't die as this story did?

7714746 you don't it's kind of the risk you take with most fan-fiction lol.

Rainbow Dash was just your normal ever every day girl. She is great at sports and has the six best friends she could asked ask for. But, when doing extra credited credit for her Science Class, she is hit by an a lightning bolt and is put into a coma for 9 months. When she awakes, she has super-speed and learns about others like her. She uses her newfound speed to become the Fastest Girl Alive, The Dash.

Honestly, Sweetie Belleā€¦

Good story so far, very interesting

"Soarin, I have cyan skin and rainbow hair, red doesn't not look good on me." Rainbow said.

did you do the double negative on purpose or was it an accident I'm not entirely sure

7715410 Same here. Sometimes I don't even notice.

"I retasked S.T.A.R. Labs satellite to track meteorological abnormalities over Equestria." Soarin said as a ping was heard.


OK I'm watching this. I wonder who Zoom will be

7721217 I won't tell until I get to season two. I just need a Meta-human for the next chapter. Not all Meta-Humans will be off the show.

A good story, but you should consider proofreading and getting a beta-reader since I saw 'him' when it should be 'her' 'STAR LABS' instead of STORM LABS' and also Luna saying, "We're cops." You gotta check after you write.

But I like this as an alternate to Multiplex. And Blaster Master is dead.

Well, at one point you said S.T.A.R. Labs instead of S.T.O.R.M., but other than that good chapter.

7761528 7761513 Fix them. Sorry sometimes I over look things.

7761546 I don't really know who Zoom will be, the best guess I have is maybe Wind Rider.

Now who I'm curious to see is Kid Flash and Captain Cold.

KO awesome chapter, looks like Rainbow Dash will be a super hero longer to see her ultimate enemy and find who's the fastest in the world! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

7761546 Okay that was creepy at the end but I like it.

S.T.O.R.M. Labs

Scientific and Technological Organic Research and Magic (or Mystery).

The Scientific and Technological Organization of Research and Magic (or Mystery).

(The second one is better, please consider it, and if you use it, mention me please.)

7778565 Nice choices, I think I will go with the second one. That one more problem outta the way.

7782893 One more thing I need is a Meta-Human for the chapter. Ideas are welcome you know.

How about the iron guy?

Also did you say meta human?

(And also is this in Equestria MLP World or Human EQG World?)

7794109 I do plan on making Human Rainbow Dash travel to the MLP world as a special chapter. Only thing is Human Rainbow is going to become an earth pony to avoid confusion with the Pegasus Rainbow Dash.

nicely done; also, curious question: if Shining Armor is your Oliver Queen/(Green) Arrow proxy, does that technically make Twilight...er, Sci-Twi and Cadence variations of Thea/Speedy and Felecity/Overwatch?

7795242 You're right about Cadence role. But Sci-Twilight isn't Speedy, but I will have her visit the (Green) Arrow/Shining Armor once I got more of the idea plan.

So when does this take place exactly?

Before EQG Movies, in between, or after?

Because I was thinking/ planning to use (with your permission of course) Rainbow 'Flash' Dash from the EQG Universe.

[And in case you don't know I was thinking/ planning to use her in my Flash Crossover, link down below, but since my Crossover takes place after Season 2 of Flash and since all universes move at a rate constant to another (in other words no universe will suddenly stop, slow down, or speed up without a good reason/ logical explanation), that means that if your Crossover takes place before EQG movies, then it can work out, or even in between, or even after, in fact I think that maybe we might need to collaborate on this, and this is my first time actually asking an author for permission on somethin, and I ask it out of respect, I mean I don't know if I would use your exact Rainbow Dash, but the idea to use a Human Rainbow 'Flash' Dash did come from you, so... yeah.]

(P. S. I am a discovery writer, so while I have an idea of the general plot of a story, I have no idea where it will go unless I write it, and the middle can change a lot, for example, I only planned on him meeting the pony 'Flash'/ 'Dash', but now... well... that's changed now)

'The Flash' meets 'The Dash'

7800780 Well, I have stated that Sunset went crazy after getting to many crowns so it take place after the first movie. But before the fourth movie. And I don't mind you using my version of Human Rainbow "Flash" Dash.

Well thanks, and now with your info I can make the timeline work out!

(Crossover takes place after EQG movie 2)

7800802 OK, let me know when it up. I like to read it.

What if Celestia became a good Dr.Light?
And what if Luna became Meta too? (Nightmare Moon/ Night?)

Even more meta human ideas.
Octavia/ Vinyl/ Noteworthy as Sound Wave/ Hartley
Bulk Biceps as (Tony) The Iron Guy
Blackout as Blackout
Big Mac and Professor Stein as FIRESTORM

7802862 Lot of ideas, not sure if Celestia and Luna will become Metas. And I already have the first half of Firestorm.

You inspired me to write two stories.
One about The Dazzlings
And one with the Dash.

Keep the story goin. I own two seasons on blu ray. Kno i wanna see where The Dash will go in her story. Two Speedster Thumbs Up

I'm really liking the idea of this story. Since I myself am writing a story where human Rainbow Dash is Spider-Girl, I can definitively relate. Rainbow Dash is also very fitting as the Flash and Lightning Dust as Reverse is an excellent choice in my opinion.

However...as for the writing itself...it could use some serious improvements. The main problem is that the pacing is waaaaaay too fast. You skip from scene to scene so fast that I feel stressed while reading it. I had the same problem once before, and one of my favourite fanfic authors told me that to make a text feel more alive and substantial, whenever you see any place where you think more text could be added, add it! Write how the characters feel, add metaphors to describe what they're doing, and most important of all: don't rush! That's very important, far more important than getting the chapter done fast enough.

Also, having the (Rainbow said) (Twilight asked) at the end of every sentence gets repetitive very fast. My advice: do some different versions to it, ( Rainbow noted) (Twilight wondered) or don't have them at all in some places. When only two characters are speaking for example, we know who are talking, no need to clarify it all the time. And sometimes, the whole (he said), (she asked) isn't exactly necessary to understand that they're talking either, you can just have a sentence that goes (Applejack raised an eyebrow, "What are ya talking about?"), even without saying that Applejack specifically said it, it is still obvious that she was the one who spoke.

I'm giving you some of the same tips that people have once been given to me, and they helped a lot. Hope you can get some use out of them too.

"It's about the night that Ronnie died. I..." Soarin try to say.

RONNIE... Just saying, you would like to change that. Also, great chapter! :pinkiehappy:

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