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BEHOLD, THE POWER OF THE NIGHdaaaaaaaawwwww...


Member when the Elements of Harmony defeated Nightmare Moon?

Member Winter Wrap-up?

Member Trixie? I member!

Does the world just keep getting crazier? New civilizations appearing out of nowhere, ancient villains rampaging through your quiet little corner of Equestria? Do you sometimes hide under your covers and wish everything could go back to the way it was?

You're not alone. You don't need to fear what tomorrow may bring when you can reminisce about yesterday. Buy Member BerriesTM today! Available at your local produce stand or Barnyard Bargains!

A shameless crossover with the 20th season of South Park.

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This was brilliant, and worked far better than it had any right to! I especially appreciated the explanation for their origin.

So if this is post-season 6, there are suddenly changelings everywhere at peace with Equestria, who might well be intermingling among ponies more in future. There will be a backlash. Sooner or later, will Nightmare Moon have to buck them 'til they're dead?

Well, I predicted pretty easily that the Member Berries will backfire on the ponies, mostly since I've actually watched South Park this season. A nice little conceptual crossover, though. Interesting for Discord to use them as a memory aid.

Poor Double Diamond. I'm sure Trixiecorn and Starlightcorn are enjoying their new wings, though.


Yes, she will. With all the damn yaks, griffons, and changelings sneaking through our unsecured borders, it's up to her to Make 'Questria Great Again!

I just had an awesome...ly horrifying thought: Nightmare Garrison.


Poor Double Diamond. Problem with slapstick humor is somepony's gotta be the butt monkey. I picked him cause his voice sounds kinda weird and I wanted to make the dumb 'little hoarse' pun.

Trixie definitely is. Starlight's had an up-and-down kinda day, she ascended but she also found out Twilight's cheating on her with another friendship student. I'm thinking of an epilogue to show the (barely) logical conclusion of a pissed-off Starlight with alicorn powers.


Thanks! Hope you like it.

7737098 He could have a Princess Celestia plushie as Mr. Hat?


Yes. YES!

"Okay children, take your seats. We've got a lot to learn today, isn't that right Ms. Princess?"

7737201 That would be superb! Now I just want to hear Zecora say 'Mmkay?'

I knew I had to read this as soon as I found out it involved member berries. :rainbowlaugh:


With the fic over, I've nothing to say
Except for this aesop: Drugs are bad, mkay?

And that, there, is why I am terrified of writing Zecora. Rhyming's hard.

Brb gotta figure out what a member berry is

’member, ’member…

’member, ’member, the fifth of November? :pinkiehappy:

7737558 South park and trump

I'd just like to draw your attention to this screenshot from Rainbow Rocks, and what Rarity appears to have on her tray:



Huh, you'd think I would've membered a thing like that. *cue sunglasses*

:rainbowlaugh: Fantastic. I regret not reading it earlier.

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