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Apocalyptic Outcast - Bringiton6611

Some days are just perfect.. Some days are horrible. Lee Everett and Twilight Sparkle meet up when Lee is sent to prison for life and Twilight is taken from her world and both are thrown into the apocalypse. Will they be able to survive.?

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Ep. 1 - Chapter 7 - Escaping

Author's Note:

It's been way to long since I updated this -_-.

One short road trip later, and the group of 5 arrived safely back at the drug store.

They parked in the alley beside the drug store, and quickly cut the engine before any of the dead heard the car. Once they were inside, Kenny greeted them.

"Everybody all right?"

"Yeah. Had a couple of close calls, but Glenn is fine and... yeah."

"I got a couple of cans of gas in my trunk."

"And things back here?" Carly asked.

"Quite. Our 'friend' is still in and out of it. He wont survive any more stress."

"The next order of business is getting the pills out of the pharmacy."

Kenny gave a nod, and started to walk away when he noticed Bud. "Who this?"

"Kenny, this is Bud. He's actually my brother."

Kenny looked surprised. "Really? Damn. I'm glad you found him then." With that, Kenny walked back to his family, and Glenn and Carly walked back to there spots.

"Hey Lee, is that the kid you were talking about?... and what's with the... dragon?" Bud gestured to Clem and Spike, who were talking to each other.

"That's Clementine and Spike. Spike is with Twilight, and yes, that's Clementine."

"Do you have any idea where her parents are?"

"I found an answering machine in her house. They're in Savannah, but from what I heard on the messages, they didn't make it."

"Damn, does she know?"

"No, I haven't told her, and I plan to keep it that way."

"What? Why?"

"How would you tell a eight-year-old that her parents are dead?"

"... Good point, but still, that isn't something you can hide. Not for long."

"I know...."

The pair sat there in silence for a few moments before Bud spoke up again. "I think I'll go get to know your group more." After saying that, he walked of.

"Hey Lee?" Twilight said.


"Do you want to start looking for the keys?"

"I don't have anything better to do at the moment. I was going to go check with Doug, see what's been happening outside."

"Cool, You can go ahed. I need to check with Spike."

Lee and Twilight split. Twilight going to Spike, and Lee going to Doug.

"Hey Doug, see anything?"

"Nothing, luckily. Wanna step outside, have a look around?"

"Heh, I'm not suicidal yet."

"No, the gate outside is closed. We could hangout in front of the store and be fine."

"Oh, uhh... sure, lets go have a look around."

"Cool, and lets keep it down. No need to draw them back with any unnecessary noises."


Lee and Doug quietly opened the door and stepped outside. Only to be meant with about two dozen corpses shuffling around, and a few more eating what was left of a person.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Doug said, putting a hand to his mouth.

"They just..."

"Eat. As far as I can tell, that's all they care about."

"And if one gets you..."

"They eat you. And whatever's left comes back as one of them."

"...How the fuck...?" Lee said, at a loss for words.

"I think it might be more than a few days before this all gets sorted out."

"I think so too. We better keep it down out here." Lee stated, as he crouched down with Doug to lower their visibility.

Right away, Lee started looking around for anything that could give him an idea as to where the keys may be. He saw a few cars here and there, some newspaper and other junk laying around, and a broken barricade someone built to keep the walkers out.

What caught his eye though, was a walker that was trapped under a fallen telephone phone. The walker he didn't know, the drug store uniform it was wearing is what grabbed his attention. It was the same drug store uniform that Bud was wearing.

"The hell?"

Doug heard Lee and turned to him. "What? Find something?"

"Look at the trapped one over there. He has the uniform on for the drug store."

After taking a closer look, Doug spoke again. "Now that I look at him. yeah, he does. It's the same one Bud's wearing."

"He has to have the keys..."

"...Worth a shot."

At the moment, the door behind them opened slowly, reveal Twilight.

"Any luck with the keys?" She asked.

"Yeah, look over there."

Twilight followed Lee's finger to the trapped walker."That's the same clothing that Bud has on."

"It's the store's uniform, at least it is for the pharmacy. Bud doesn't have the keys, he would've opened the door already. The keys have to be on him."

"Good job.... how are we going to get them?"

"Um.... what about your magic? Can't you use that to search him?"

"I have to be able to see what I'm grabbing."

"Crap... okay...." Lee looked around the area, looking for anything that can be used as a distraction. He spotted a brick at his feet, just outside the gate. He looked up and saw a TV store with a big window, displaying more TV's.

"Twilight, can you use your magic to pick about that brick and smash that window?"

Twilight looked at the brick, then to the TV's, then to Lee. "Yeah, I can."

"Good. Just be quick. I don't know if they'll get mad from seeing the light your magic gives off."

Twilight gave a nod and in one quick motion, picked up the brick and smashed the window. The glass let out a loud noise as the glass shattered from the pressure the brick put on it.

"Vandalism, nice." Doug said as a few walkers looked to the source of the noise, before quickly losing interest and continued wandering around.

"It got a few of them to take notice, but not enough." Twilight thought out loud.

Lee was staring at the TV's for a moment, before saying, "I have an idea." He pulled out the TV remote he found from the desk in the office, and point it towards the TV's and clicked the power button.


"Think you could do something with this?" Lee asked to Doug.

"You know what I could do..." He said as he grabbed the remote and started pressing buttons.


"...It's universal, I can program to work with those TV's across the street."

"You can just do that?"

"I memorized all the codes when I was in AV. Let's just hope the power's still on." As he finished that sentence, he point the remote to the TV's once again, and pressed the power button.

All of the TV's in the window lit up, showing static, and making a loud, constant buzzing sound.

"Nice, Doug!" Twilight praised. Lee followed up shortly after.

"Well fucking done Doug! All that dork nonsense might save a life."

"Who's to say it already hasn't?"

The walkers slowly started to shamble to the noise, and within a few moments, and the walkers were up against the wall the TV's, leaving the street completely empty of them.

Save for one.

Lee stood up and took out his axe. After a quick strike to the padlock holding the gate closed, the lock broke and fell to the ground. Now able to exit, Lee push the gate open and walked outside, heading to the trapped walker in hopes of finding the keys.

"Keep an eye out, will ya?"

"We got your back." Twilight responded.

Doug and Twilight watched as Lee walked across the street, when he got close enough, the walker noticed him and started growling. It didn't growl for long as lee quickly brought the axe down on the top of it's head. Once the walker stopped moving, Lee crouched down and started searching the fresh kill.

A few seconds passed, and Lee stood back up with a grin on his face. He lifted up his hand to revel a set of keys.

"Nice! He got them!" Doug said.

Twilight was about to praise Lee, until the sound of growling caused her to stop and turn her head.

The walkers has lost interest in the TV's and were heading for Lee.

"Lee! They're headed for you!" She shouted.

Lee turned his head and his eyes widened as he saw about 25 walkers coming right for him.

He broke off in a run across the street while Twilight held the door for him. Once he was in, Twilight closed the gate as well as she could without the lock, and headed inside herself.

"Man, that was close!" Doug stated.

"Yeah, but we got the keys." Lee said as he walked over to Lily. "I've got the keys."

"Great! God you're amazing. Lets get in there."

Lilly followed Lee into the office and went over to the pharmacy door. Lee put the key in the lock and turned it, and the door clicked opened. Lee walked in to start searching for the pills, when a loud ringing noise started.

'How could I have forgotten the alarm!?'

"Oh no, we gotta hurry!" Shouted Lily as they both took off in search for the pills. They found what they were looking for a few minutes later, and ran back out to the main store, where everyone was in a panic.

"Lee, what's happening!?" Clem said.

"Me and Lilly triggered the alarm in the drug store. We have to get out of here quick, walkers are going to swarm the place soon."

"Kenny still needs to get his truck filled!" Twilight said from her spot nearby.

Meanwhile, everyone else was busy scrambling around before Kenny started giving out orders.

"Duck, come on baby time to go." Katjaa told her son.

"I'm going to get the truck pulled up around back!" Kenny shouted, running to the office.

"Do it fast, I need to get my dad out of here!" Lilly yelled at Kenny.

"I don't plan on dilly-dallyin!" Kenny shouted back. "Honey, take Duck into the office and barricade the living hell of the door behind me. Twilight, can you give them a hand?"

"Sure. Spike, stay close to Lee." Twilight said as she ran into the office.

"Glenn, when you hear me honking in the alley, start getting people out of here!"

"You got it!"

"Bud, you're coming with me to help fill up my truck!"

"Got it!" Bud said, loading his gun.

"Doug, Carly, and Lee, you make sure our defenses stay up till then! And Lee, I better take that axe incase we run into any of them on the way to the truck! I don't want Bud using to many bullets!"

"Hey you go!" Lee said, tossing Kenny the axe when suddenly, the sound of a gate opening made itself known.

"That door's not locked anymore!" Doug announced.

"Shit! You three, get on it. We'll be back as soon as we can!" With that, Kenny and Bud ran off.

"You two, stay away from the windows." Lee told Spike and Clem, who both nodded.

Lee ran for the front door, and singled for Glenn to move so that he could take over, which he did.

Lee could hear Katjaa yelling from the office."Glenn, we need your help, please hurry!"

"Lee, if we don't make it through this, I want you know that I think your a great guy." Doug said.

"We WILL make it through this!" Lee said back.

Now it was Carly's turn to speak. "Doug, if we don't make it through this, you sure kno-" Carly was cut off from her sentence when a sudden push from the walkers outside made the doors fly open, but Lee and other managed to push them closed again.

"I should know what!?" Doug asked.


"You said I should kno-" A window breaking and a shelf falling beside him cut Doug off.

"Shit!" Carly swore as walkers started getting in. "On it!" She said as she took out her glock 17 and started shooting at the approaching walkers, before running off for a better view and better shots.

"Alright then." Lee mumbled, before turning to Clem and Spike."Clem, Spike, look for something to stick in between the handles! Something REAL strong ok?!"

"Okay!" They both said, as they ran off to look.

Another push from the walkers outside sent the door flying open again. Luckily, Doug and Lee were able to close it again, although with some difficulty.

"Did either of you find anything!?"

"Nothing!.... oh wait!" Clem said as she ran off.

Just then, a window broke of the side of the store.

"That window's screwed!" Doug shouted.

"GO!" Lee shouted back at Doug, who hesitated for a moment before running to the window to keep the boards nailed on.

The instate Doug left the door, it flew open yet again. This time, with no help from the other two, Lee had great difficulty closing the door again. After a few seconds, he pushed the door closed yet again with one mighty push. Around that time was the same time that Clem came running back with something that Lee recognized. His dad's cane.

"I found something!" Clem said while holding the cane out to Lee.

Lee quickly took the cane and shoved it in between the handles of the door when the walkers weren't pushing against it so much.

Right after, he heard screaming.

"Ahh! Get them- get them off! Get them off me!"

He turned to see Doug pinned against the window, the walkers outside trying to pull him out. Lee was about to run and help when he heard more screaming, this time, on the opposite side of the store.

"Shit! I'm out! I'm out!

It was Carly. She had run out of ammo and had walkers closing in on her. A walker holding her ankle prevented her from moving.

"Lee! Ammo! In my purse!"

"Please, get them off!"

Time seemed to slow down for Lee. He had two people that needed help, fast. But at the rate the walkers were coming, he wouldn't have time to save both of them.

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Are you gonna have us vote for who to save? Because I vote Carly as Doug is kinda useless down the line

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I would like to, if time would be on my side. qwq

Once I'm finished with NJAB 2, I'll see if I can revisit this :rainbowdetermined2:

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