• Published 8th Nov 2016
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Apocalyptic Outcast - Bringiton6611

Some days are just perfect.. Some days are horrible. Lee Everett and Twilight Sparkle meet up when Lee is sent to prison for life and Twilight is taken from her world and both are thrown into the apocalypse. Will they be able to survive.?

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Ep. 1 - Chapter 5 - The Motel

Now that the talking, auguments, and roll call were finished, Lee went to check on Twilight, who was currently sitting at the snack bar beside Kenny and his family.

"Hey Twilight. How you doing?"

"I... how can anypony say that? He said it like he'd done it before."

"I don't know why. Some people are just like that. Sadly."

"To answer your question... I'm fine. We're fine,"Twilight quickly added, gestering to Spike,"or as fine as anypony can be in this position."

"Yeah... It's not so good out there. We just have to hope that Glenn can get some gas, as well as get that other guy he was talking about, so all we can do is wait.

"Yeah... what do you think caused those... things outside."

"I have no clue. To me, It's just the dead are up walking around."

Lee got up to walk away to check on someone else when Twilight stopped him.


Lee stopped walking and turned back toward Twilight."Yeah?"

"Thanks... for defending me back there. You too Kenny." Twilight said the last part to Kenny, who nodded his head at her.

Lee nodded his head to her as well for walking over to Clementine. On the way over, he grabbed a energy bar that was on the ground near an ATM machine.

"Hey there." Lee said as he kneeled down to Clem's height.


"It's not much but here ya go." Lee gave the energy bar to Clem.

"Thank you."

"Of course. Well, sit tight." Lee said as he stood up.


Lee then walked over to check on Larry.

"How's he doing?"

"I'm not sure I got your name." Lily quickly said to Lee, glaring at him.

"It's Lee."

"Lily, my dad's Larry."

Out of the corner of Lee's eye, he saw Larry casting a glare at him before looking back down at the floor.

"I was just doing what I had to earlier." Lily said, referring to when they first arrived.

"Everyone was."

"Now his heart's acting up, and I'm powerless to do anything. And that violence before with my dad. That didn't help."

"What's wrong with him." Lee asked, gesturing to Larry.

"He's got a heart condition. He takes nitroglycerin pills pretty regularly, but I've seen a few bad attacks he couldn't get over and needed to go to the hospital."

"Yeah that's... not really a option right now."

"I'm just trying to keep him clam."

"I understand... What do you think about all of this."

"What is there to think? The dead are up, walking around, eating people, and turning them into more... more of THEM. I mean Jesus."

"We need to stick together and get though this. Was there anybody here when you guys got here?" Lee wanted to receive any information he could on his families whereabouts.

"No, this place was pretty wrecked. We pulled a couple bodies out of the office."

At the of mention of this, Lee knew exactly who the bodies were, and his face went from shock to sadness.

Lily notice the look on his face."Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lee answer after a second.

"Did you know anyone here?"

"Yeah... the owners. They were... we were close."

"I'm sorry. We found a older couple in the back. Dad hauled them out incase they weren't really dead."

Lee said nothing and made a motion to leave.

"I'm going to get back to him." Lily said, crouching down to her father.

"Sounds good."

With the new information, Lee wanted to go to the office where Lily said they pulled the bodies from. He walked over to the office door. The door had a note on the front that had the words "ALIVE INSIDE" written on it. Lee doubted that was still true. He heard two sets of foot-steps behind him. Well, one set of foot-steps and a set of hoof-steps. Lee turned around to see Twilight and Clementine approaching him.

"Can we come with?"

"Sure." Lee didn't see a reason not to let them come with him.

Lee turned back around a grasped the doorknob and gave it a turn. The door slowly opened to reveal a very blood soaked sleeping bag in the middle of the room.

Lee walked over to the sleeping bag and looked over it with a sad look on his face.

"I can't... I can't think about them in here." Lee mumbled to himself.

Twilight heard what he said, but didn't say anything.

Lee noticed that the pharmacy door on the other side of the room was barricaded, and moved over to clear a path for when they found the keys for the door when Twilight spoke up from behind him.

"Lee, is this you?"

Lee turned around to see Twilight looking at a photo on the ground. Lee walked over and looked down at the photo.

Sure enough, this WAS a photo of him. Lee remembered taking this photo, out in front of the store when things were still... normal. This photo was taken when his family first opened up the drug store years ago.

The photo showed him wearing a white suit and a black tie accompanying it. On his right beside him stood his mom wearing a purplish-pink dress. Beside his mom was his dad wearing a suit as well, but his being black instead of white like Lee's. On the end was his brother, Bud Everett, wearing his pharmacy uniform.

Twilight but the pieces together quickly when Lee didn't respond.

"This is a picture of your family."

"Yeah...,' Lee said,"My parents and my brother."

Lee then looked at the sleeping bag that had a alarming amount of blood on it.

"My parents came in here hoping to survive... but it looks like one of them was hurt. Wander if it my dad, heh, probably trying to be a hero, or to protect her at least.

"Maybe they're ok?" Twilight tried to keep Lee's hope's up.

"No, they're not. I talked to Lily before we came in here. They said that they pulled a older couple of bodies from in here. They're... dead."

Twilight didn't say anything.

Lee stood up, took one look at the sleeping bag, and turned back toward the door to the pharmacy.

"We should probably clear a path to this door for when we find the keys." Lee said as he approached the door.

"Can I help?" Lee turned his head to see Clementine standing beside him.

"Sure. Just let me move this pallet."

Lee gripped the wooden pallet that was leaning against the desk in front of the door and lifted it up. When he did so, a wooden cane fell to the floor.

Lee pushed the pallet against the wall a few feet away and then moved to pick up the cane. He smiled when he did so.

"What's that?" Clem asked from beside him.

"This was my dad's cane. He'd zip around here on it from time to time."

"Was he sick?"

"Nah, he was alright. I actually saw him whoop shoplifters with it. Heh, this cane's protected this place better than any guard dog ever could. Plus, he knew how to make it look cool. Like you and your hat."

"My dad gave it to me."

"See? Dad's are smart like that. Okay, back to the desk. Clem, if you're still up for helping..."


"I can push from behind." Twilight said.

"That would be helpful. Okay Clem, here we go, watch your fingers in the drawers." Lee told Clementine.

The three of them proceeded to move the desk away from the door, leaving enough room for Twilight to squeeze in behind the desk to help push.

"Things have been scary, huh?" Lee asked.

"Yeah, It's not good." Clem responded.

"No, it's not." Lee agreed.

"Maybe things here will go back to normal?" Twilight said, trying to stay positive.

"I hope so. Okay here we go." Lee said as they began moving the desk again.

They started to move the desk further back. Once it was far enough, Lee decided to start turning the desk so he could push it against the wall to his right.

When Lee started to turn the desk around to face the wall, Clem asked,"Do you have kids?"


"You don't have a family?"

Twilight looked to Lee as soon as Clementine asked that question, and saw that Lee had a hurt look on his face.

"...Let's just move this thing." Was Lee's reply.

"Oh, Okay. i'm sorry."

"It's fine. Alright just a little further." Lee said as he, Clem, and Twilight turned the desk around so that it facing the wall they wanted to push it against.

But before they could push it to the wall, Clem asked Lee,"Why don't you want to talk about your family? Do they like, hate you?"

"Clem I-"Twilight started, but was cut off by Lee.

"Because they're dead."

"Oh... I'm sorry."

"You didn't know."

"I'm just sorry for being mean."

"Look, my family is gone and I just wish things were different."


"I'm not a bad guy, okay? Things happened and... we didn't talk much after that."

"My parents don't talk to me when I get in trouble."

"I can relate."

Clem, having been satisfied with the conversation, got back in position to finish pushing the desk. They pushed one finale time to get the desk against the wall, but when the desk hit the wall, one of the drawers of the desk cut her finger, since Clem wasn't paying attention to where her hand was like Lee had told her to.


Lee and Twilight's heads perked up when they heard Clem's cry of pain.

"Clem, are you okay?" Twilight asked her.

"I hurt my finger..."

"Is it bleeding?"

"A little."

Lee walked over and picked her up and sat her on the desk."We'll find you a bandage. Twilight, can you look in the drug store for a bandage?"

"On it." Twilight said as she raced back into the drug store.

As Twilight did this, Lee knelled down to inspect Clem's finger.

"Let's have a look at that finger,"Lee took Clementine's left hand and began inspecting the cut. The cut was on the index finger right beside her nail,"Ow..." Lee felt her pain by just looking at it.

"It hurt!" Clem said as Lee put pressure on the wound.

"Let's see If we can do something about it." Lee said as he checked the drawer of the desk. Nothing useful was in the drawer, but Lee did see something that caught his attention.

"It's the remote to me dad's TV." Lee said as he picked it up. He tried to turn on the TV in the office, but it was nothing but static."That's what I figured." He turned it back off and went back to looking for a bandage, but he did keep the remote.

Lee was about to walk into the drug store to help Twilight look for a bandage when he spotted a first aid kit on another desk. He smiled to himself. He felt stupid for missing that and was sure that Twilight would feel stupid as well.

He walked over to it, opened the lid and started to search the contents of the box when he heard Clem talk form behind him.



"What if my parents come home and I'm not there?"

"They'll... track as down. Don't worry."

"Okay, I've got my walkie-talkie in case they try that way."

"Stay close to me or Twilight until then, okay?"

Clem nodded her head. Lee found a bandage in the kit and closed the lid of it and before walking back over to Clem.

"Let's get this cut covered up."

"Yes please."

Lee proceeded to bandage the finger of Clementine. She only winced once to pain because Lee had to wrap the cut tightly to stop the bleeding.

Once done, Clem and Lee smiled at each other. Lee walked toward the door to tell Twilight he had found a bandage when he noticed the picture of his family from before. He walked over and picked up the photo from the broken photo stand and lifted it up to his face. He smiled when he remembered the old times, but the smile vanish when he remembered the fate of his family and he tore the photo down so that he was removed from the photo. He put the half that had his family in his pocket when he heard a voice behind him.

"Find anything?"

Lee turned around to find Carly starting at him. He drop the photo that had him on it and said,"Just a photo of whoever was here."

"I know who you are." Carly said without miss a beat. Lee give her a look."You're Lee Everett. You're a professor at Athens who killed a state senator who was sleeping with your wife. This is your parent's store. People around here knew the owners son got himself a life sentence, But I'm a reporter for WABE in Atlanta. I paid attention to that trail. Maybe you're murderer, but I don't really care. Frankly that's a skill that might come in handy."


"Did you tell anyone out there who you were, or that your tied to this place?"

"No, I've been sticking to first names for a reason."

"What about the pony you have with you?"

"She knows that I'm tied to this place, but not about my past."

"Well, good. You seem like an okay guy, and the last thing we need is drama out there. You've got this little girl to take care of, and I guess since the pony isn't from around here, you're taking care of her too, and... look, don't make me wrong on this."

Lee took a step closer to Carly,"I don't plan to."

"Good, cause if this last longer that a few days, and you're a detriment to the group, then we'd have a problem."

"I hear you."

"I'll just keep it to myself."


Carly looked away for a moment before turning back to Lee."Don't worry about it."

Carly left the room and Lee decided to follow her. He walked to the door before turning to Clem,"Wanna head back into the drugstore with me?"

"Okay... Lee?"

Lee stopped and turned back to Clem."Yeah?"

"You're not bad, right?"

That caught Lee off guard."I, uh... why are you asking me that?"

"That lady said you killed someone. Was that because he was one of the things trying to eat you?"

"No, he wasn't"

"Oh... was he bad?"

"He was."

Lee turn back toward the door and opened it. He walked out and almost walked right into Twilight, who was talking to Lily.

"Lee, you okay? Did you find a bandage?"

"Yeah I did. There was a first aid in there that we both missed somehow."

Lee chuckled when Twilight face-hoofed."Really?"

"Heheh, yeah."

Before anyone could say anything else, Clem's radio buzzed to life.

"Hey there... this is Glenn and, I'm ... kind of in a jam here. Uh, little girl? If you're there, can you put your daddy on the phone... ot the talkie or whatever?"

Clem handed the radio over to Lee who crouched down so Twilight could hear clearly as well. "This is Lee and Twilight here, what's up?"

"So... I'm down out that moter inn and well... I'm stuck."

"Stuck?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, I saw a chance to get some supplies for the group and a bunch of the raoming ones got the jump on me. I'm hiding over here but they wont leave."

"What's up?" Kenny asked from the other side of the store.

"Glenn's trapped down at the motor inn." Twilight informed him.

"Alright Glenn, we'll talk it out and send a group to come and get you." Lee said into the radio.

"Awsome, I'll sit tight 'till then."

"What do you think?" Twilight asked Lee.

"I don't think Doug is to good with those things outside. Kenny has a family here. I'll take Carly and her dead-eye down there, get Glenn and his friend out of there, and get back here. You can come if you want, snice you have Spike I'll let you make that desision."

"Okay. If that's what you want to do."

"Someone has to."

"Yeah, I'm in. Let me know when you want to head out."

"I can go now. Just let me talk to Clem."

Carly nodded her head and walked in the office to wait for Lee.

Lee talked to Clem and Twilight talked to Spike. Twilight decided if see was going to be staying in this world for a while, she'd better get used to it. Who knows when she'll be able to get home? If she was going to get used to this world, she would have to get used to the walkers. Of course, Spike wanted to stay with Twilight, but she didn't want him to be in danger. And if something were to happen to her, Spike would have to see. She convinced Spike to stay at the store and asked Kenny to look after him.

Lee and Twilight walked into the office to meet Carly. They walked out the door to the back ally and started to make their way to the motor inn to get Glenn back.

Lee, Carly, and Twilight walked down the empty streets of Macon to the motor inn. They were approching it when Lee heard a sound he didn't want to. It was the growling of a walking corpse.

"Shit! Get down!" Lee quietly yelled.

Carly and Twilight quickly understood why he had yelled and ducked down without hesitation Just as a walker stood up on the other side of the wall they had hid behind. The walker stood there for a moment before quickly losing interest in the noise it had heard and walked back into the parking lot. The group of three quickly heard another noise. They all looked at the ice-machine in front of them. The lid of the ice-machine kept opening and closing.

"Did you see that?" Twilight asked.

"Sure did." Lee answered.

Carly stood up and aimed her gun at the machine.

"Be ready to shoot."

The ice-machine's open all the way to reveal Glenn hiding inside. "Guys! Aw man. I'm glad you're here."

"Jesus, Glenn!" Carly scolded Glenn.

Glenn hopped over the wall and crouched down with the group.

"That was surprisingly easy." Twilight whispered.

"Can we get out of here before any of these thing notice us?" Carly asked.

"Not yet. There's a survivor trapped up there." Glenn said, pointing to a room on the second floor of the motel that had two walker pounding on the door.

"No way, we gotta go. NOW."

"Listen, I was out here looking for gas and I heard crying from the room."

"Who is it?" Lee questioned.

"It's a girl. We talked and she got frighten. I tried to get in there, but she started yelling a saying I was bitten. I tried to convince her I wasn't, and that's when all these guys came out of the forest. A couple almost got me, and I ended hiding in the ice-machine."

"Lucky you, now lets go!" Carly said again.

"We can't just leave somepony here without even trying to help!" Twilight said.

"Damn right we can't." Lee agreed.

"You guys are suicidal! Over a girl." Carly couldn't believe her ears.

"I'm saving her, with or without you." Glenn said, not backing down.

"Think about if it was you." Lee said to Carly.

Carly, seeing that she was out numbered three to one, agreed."Fine, let's go save Glenn's dam-"

"Carly! This is not a joking time!" Twilight whispered.


The four of them took cover behind a wall closer to the parking lot.

"Okay, this is the plan. We don't know how hard it's going to be to get her out of that room." Lee started

"Yeah, it's boarded up." Glenn pointed out.

"So we have kill everyone of them in here." Lee said, referring to the multiple walkers around the parking lot.

He heard Carly cock her gun. "QUIETLY. Noise attracts these things. Now, let's have a look around."

Lee decided to first see how many walkers they would have to kill. He peaked his head over the wall they were hiding behind to see a walker eating what was left of a body. Lee quickly ducked back behind the wall when he noticed it's head starting to turn in his direction.

"There's one by that wall over there. Looks like he's trying to get in." Twilight pointed out.

"That's probably where our guy is. The one I mentioned before." Glenn said.

Lee wasn't sure why he saw Carly sneak a glace over at him.

"There's also one behind the RV, and one by the car further down."

Lee had added up the total number of walkers they would have to deal with. There was one in front of them, one behind the RV, one trying to get in the room Twilight pointed out, One by the car further down the parking lot, and two on the second floor. There were six walkers they needed to kill before they could help the girl. Next order of business, finding a way to kill them all quietly.

Lee look down the wall and saw a pick-up truck similar to Kenny's.

"We can hid behind that pick-up." Lee said as he started moving over there. The others followed him.

Now they were here, Lee could see the walker that Glenn mentioned sitting against the front of the car that was on some ramps. "I bet we could do something with that car, if it weren't for the fella lurking near the front."

"Can we use this?" Twilight asked, show Lee a pillow on her back.

"Where'd you get that?"

"It was to the side of the wall we just come came from. Left side."

Lee continued looking at the pillow. Suddenly, Lee had an idea."Can I see that?"

Twilight turn around so that Lee could grab the pillow. "Get out your gun." He said to Carly.

"But the noise."

"Just follow my lead. stay right behind me." Lee stood up and walked over to the walker. The walker noticed him and started growling and snarling right away, but it only did so for a second, as Lee slam the pillow on it's face. Carly quickly realized what Lee was doing and quickly moved over and placed the barrel of the gun on the pillow and pulled the trigger. All the cotton and fluff of the pillow acted as a sound muffler, so the shot barley made any noise as the walker fell to the ground with a hole where it's eye used to be.

"That was sick!" Glenn said from the truck. Twilight was busy trying to keep herself from throwing up.

Lee proceeded to search the car. He found nothing besides spark plug that he called a 'sparky thing' by accident. Before he left the car, Twilight saw Lee push the car off the ramp and the car was set rolling toward the wall, luckily for them, The walker by the wall had lost interest in the room it was trying to break into before and wandered right into the path of the car. The car hit the walker in the legs and the walker was set with the car into the wall. The walker was not dead, but was pinned to the wall.

Lee went back to the pickup since he had pushed his cover away.

"Lee, I found a way to kill the rest of these thing quietly." Twilight told Lee.


"Look." Twilight took Lee to the window of the pickup. Lee looked in the window and saw what looked like a screwdriver in the truck.

"Oh, yeah. That would work. Nice find." Lee praised.

"Thanks. Of course, we still need to get it."

Lee tried the door, but was meant with a locked door."Of course, It wasn't going to be that easy."

"Do you have anything you can use to break the window?"

"...I do have that spark plug I picked up." Lee said he show Twilight the spark plug.

"Wait!" Glenn said."Let me see the spark plug." Lee handed him the plug.

Twilight watched on as Glenn explained to them how something in the spark plug could easy break a window. Glenn then handed Lee a little piece of the plug that broke of when Glenn stepped on it. Lee threw it at the window, and sure enough, the window broke with barley any noise. Lee looked up to make sure the walkers above them didn't hear. When he was sure they didn't, Lee picked up the awl.

"That could scramble a brain pretty good." Glenn commented.

"That's exactly what I was thinking." Lee said.

"Gross..." Twilight mumbled.

Lee began to move back to the wall where they started at. Once their, Lee moved to take out the walker eating. He sneaked up behind it and went to kill it. The walker heard a noise behind it and started to turn around to the noise, but before it could, Lee brought the awl down to the walkers head. The awl went though the back of it's head. Lee pulled it out and the walker shot up before falling back down as it's brain shut off.

Lee moved to the RV with Glenn in tow and Lee look around the corner of the RV to see a walker looking at the RV. Lee whistled to get its attention. The walker heard the noise and started limping toward Lee. When it was close enough, Lee came out of cover and stabbed the walker in the chest. The walker wasn't even fazed as it went to attack Lee, but Lee pulled the awl out and stabbed it again, this time, in the head. The walker started to fall back and landed on the ground with a thump. With those two taken care off the four of them walked over to the trapped walker, who started to growl and wave its arms around to get the meal it saw before him. It saw no more when Lee jammed the awl into the walkers forehead. The walker's head fell back on the car. When it did so, the awl was moved further in the head of the walker until it was all the way in.

Glenn walked up to Lee and noticed his lack of a weapon."Dude, where'd your weapon go?"

"Into that eye-pick sized hole." Lee said without missing a beat.

"Ha, holy shit. It's okay. Now we have THIS." Glenn pointed to a fire axe in a broken case behind Lee.

"Are you to done?" Carly asked, getting impatient.

Lee grabbed the axe and turn to the walkers on the second floor."Two left."

"That should help." Glenn said.

"But before we go up there, I want to go get that guy you were talking about Glenn."

"What? What bout the girl?"

"We'll get her after."


Lee moved to the door that the walker was beating on and slowly open the door. He was meant with a empty room.

He walked in to get a better look in case he couldn't see anything from outside. When he found nothing, he turned around to exit the dark room when he heard a voice from behind him.

"Who the hell are you." He heard a gun cock with the voice.

Lee found the voice to be familiar. He turned around to see the last person he expected to see, and his jaw dropped. So did the other man's, who was wearing a very familiar pharmacy uniform.