• Published 8th Nov 2016
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Apocalyptic Outcast - Bringiton6611

Some days are just perfect.. Some days are horrible. Lee Everett and Twilight Sparkle meet up when Lee is sent to prison for life and Twilight is taken from her world and both are thrown into the apocalypse. Will they be able to survive.?

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Ep. 1 - Chapter 4 - Welcome to Macon

It was sometime into the afternoon when the group reached Macon. Much like everywhere else, the town was completely empty and deprived of life. It seems like everyone got out in a hurry.

'The ones who were alive anyway.' Twilight thought before she was jerked out of her thoughts by the lack of movement from the truck.

"Well, this is as far as we're going." She heard Kenny say from inside the truck.

"Then it's far enough." That was Lee's voice.

Everyone started getting out of the truck. Twilight was confused.

"Hey Lee, why are we stopped?"

"Truck's out of gas. We aren't going anywhere unless we get some more."

Twilight nodded her head to show her understanding. truth be told, she didn't fully understand. Kenny could only teach her so much at the farm.

She hopped out of the bed of the truck and used her magic to lift Spike onto the ground beside her. She turned her head to see her companions getting ready to walk, so she walked over to them as they started walking.

Kenny, Katjaa, Duck, Lee, Clementine, Spike, and Twilight walked down the empty streets of Macon. As they rounded the corner Twilight saw a giant sign that read "Drugs" on the top of a building. She figured it was some kind of shop or store. She looked over to see Lee staring at the same sign with a face that showed sadness.

"Lee? You okay?" Twilight asked her friend.

"Huh? Oh, um, yeah, I'm fine."

Twilight wasn't stupid. She could tell that something was bothering Lee, but did press the issue.


Twilight turned her head to see Duck pointing down the street. He must've seen something. Twilight walked over to Duck and saw what it was that Duck saw. There was a figure crouched down behind a car.

"Hey there! You friendly? Trucks run outta gas." Kenny called out to the figure.

"Kenny, are you sure that's a good idea?" Twilight asked.

It was not a good idea. The figure turned around to reveal that the man was a walker feasting on what was a living human.

"Fuck!" Kenny shouted, realizing now how stupid his course of action was.

Soon, more walkers seemed to appear out of nowhere and soon the group was surrounded.

"We're Trapped!" Katjaa yelled.

At that moment, a scream pierced the air. Two screams.

Everyone turned their heads toward the screaming to see a walker approaching Duck and Spike.

"Spike!" Twilight used her magic to pull Spike away from the walker. Instead, the walker went for Duck.

"Duck!" Kenny yelled.

Twilight immediately jumped into action, since Duck was in danger because of her actions. She ran forward, turned, and bucked the walker with all her strength. This gave Duck enough time to run away. But this put Twilight in danger. The walker, although it stumbled back a little, quickly recovered and tackled Twilight to the ground.

"Twilight!" Spike yelled.

Twilight quickly turned over and pressed her hooves to the walker's shoulders to stop it from reaching her neck. She was keeping it at bay, but was quickly losing her strength. Just as the walker was about to reach its target, I loud bang cracked though the air and the walker's head snapped to the side before it fell limp onto Twilight. Lee ran over and pulled the body off of Twilight and helped her up. Once Twilight was standing on all four hoofs, she looked up and spotted two more humans, one of them holding what she assumed was another gun, though this one was a lot smaller.

"Run!" The other human yelled, while the other one shot at an approaching walker that got a little to close. Its head snapped back as it fell to the ground.

Twilight ran to the door where all the others were and did not hesitate to run inside with the others. One of the humans closed the gate around the doors of the store and locked it with a simple combo lock, before running inside as the first walker started banging against the gate.

Inside the store, there were three other humans, and two of them did not look happy. Twilight trotted over to a snack bar area and sat down. She noticed some paper towels on the counter and stared using some to clean all the blood that splattered onto her when the walker was killed.

She looked over to the group and found that they were in a heated argument between the other group.

"We can't take risk like this!" Said a women in a black tank top.

"And we can't let people die either!" said the woman with the gun.

"When I say "that door stays no matter what" I fucking mean it! We don't who these people are! They could dangerous!"

"Or worse, they could've led them right them us!" said an older man.

"Where the hell is your humanity? They would've died out there!" The women with the gun yelled at the older man.

"Then we let them."

"We're not dangerous. We're just regular folks." Lee spoke up.

"What's DANGEROUS is a bunch of people running outside and drawing their attention!" The women the black shot back.

"Lee's right, we're just regular folks, but we actually like helping people." Kenny spoke up this time, defending Lee.

"You'll have to excuse her." The women with the gun said to the new people.

"The hell he, or anyone will. This is about SURVIVAL. Do you guys not see whats happening?!"

Lee felt something grab his hand, he looked down to see Clementine had grabbed it.

"What is it?"

"I... I have to pee."

"Then just go!" Lee said to Clem, a bit harsher then he intended it to be.

Clem looked down and started walking toward the bathroom.

"They have kids Lily!" An asian man said.

"Those things outside don't care!" The women named Lily said.

"Maybe you should go join them, you'll have something in common!" Kenny said to Lily.

"God damnit Lily, you have to control these people!" The old man said.

"Carley and Glenn just ran out there!"Lily shot back.

"She's not wrong, they took a risk." Lee added.

"Yes, we did."

"And we appreciate it. Now lets settle down."

"Holy shit. Son of a bitch. That thing they had with them is bitten!" The old man said, pointing to Twilight.

"She wasn't bitten!" Lee defended Twilight.

"Hell it wasn't! We have to end this now." The man said, moving over to Twilight.

"No! Stop! You can't!" Spike yelled, getting in front of Twilight.

The man wasn't even fazed by the fact that there was a talking dragon in front of him. Unlike everyone else, who didn't move. Lee and Kenny, who already knew Twilight and Spike, rushed in to help. They both owed her. Lee owed her for saving his life at Clem's house and Kenny owed her for saving Duck a few minutes ago.

"You're not touching her." Lee stated, stepping in front of Twilight, as did Kenny.

Twilight looked up at them with thankful eyes before saying,"I'm not bitten. I'm fine."

"Don't you fucking people get it!? We've already seen this happen! We let someone with a bite stay and we all end up bitten!"

"Shut up! We already told you she's not bitten!" Kenny yelled at the man while glaring daggers him.

"We gotta throw it out, or smash its head in!" The man said like it was no big deal, ignoring Lee and Kenny.

"NO!" Twilight yelled, absolutely terrified that someone would even suggest that.

"Lee, what do we do about this guy?" Kenny asked his friend.

"We reason with him."

"There's no reasoning with this asshole."

"Everyone CHILL THE FUCK OUT!" Carly shouted at the top of his lugs.

"Nobody's doing anything!" Lily shot back at Carley.

"Shut up Lily! And YOU,"He turned to Carley," shut the fuck up. They will find us and they will get in here and none of this will FUCKING matter. But right now, we're about to be trapped in her with one of those things!" The man shouted.

"The hell you talking about?" Kenny asked, already know the answer.

"It's bitten! That's how you turn!"

"I'm not bitten! Twilight shouted. Everyone ignored her.

"She's not even human! Even if she was bitten, which she's not, how do you if she'll even turn?"

"I'm not taking chances!"

"Your not touching her!" Spike yelled, hugging Twilight.

"And your gonna stop me?"

"Lee?" Lee heard Clementine called his name.


"There's someone in there."

"it's just locked, keys behind the counter. Probably."

"Hey, I'm not the bad guy here. I'm just looking out for my daughter." The man tried to defend himself.

"No, you're just the guy arguing over killing an innocent girl."

"That GIRL isn't even a GIRL! And like it or not that thing is bitten!"

"She isn't!"

"It is! And we're tossing it out NOW!"

"No! You don't touch her! You don't touch anybody! I've got a little girl i'm trying to protect, Kenny has his son, and Twilight has her friend! We all have people we're trying to protect. You want to get violet you old fuck? WELL COME ON! YOU BETTER HAVE A PLAN TO KILL ME THOUGH, BECAUSE IT'S ME! BEFORE ANYONE ELSE IN HERE!" Lee shouted as he got right in front of the man.

Twilight could not be more thankful that her friend had her back.

Not a second later, there was a scream broke though the air. Everyone turned their heads to see a walker jump out from the bathroom in front of Clem, who was the one who scearmed.

"Jesus!" The old man screamed.

"CLEMENTINE!" Lee yelled as he rushed though the crowd of people, but bumped into Lily, which caused him to fall to the ground and hit his head on the ground rather harshly. It took him a second to get his senses back. When he did, he ran toward Clem and grabbed the walker.

"Get away from her you son of a bitch!" Lee yelled as he threw the walker off of Clem. Unfortunately, the walker spun around and attacked Lee. Lee would've been dead If Carley hadn't shot the walker on top of Lee.

"You okay?"

"Just fine thanks."

"Uh, guys?" Glenn said as the walkers outside started banging on the walls, desperately trying to get to their next meal.

"Everybody get down! Stay down!" Lily ordered. The group didn't hesitant to follow her orders.

The old man peaked over the counter,"There gotta get in."

"Shut up!" Kenny shushed the man.

At the moment, there were a series of gunshots outside. The banging on the walls slowly ceased.

"Is that the military?" Lee asked while Clem was griping is pants leg.

"I don't know." Lily answered truthfully.

"Thank god for whatever it is." Glenn added.

The old man was not happy.

"We almost died because of this bitch and her itchy trigger finger. That was stupid! That wa- AHHHHHHH!" The man scearmed as he fell to the ground. His hand was gripped over is heart.

"Dad!" Lily yelled, running over to her father.

"What's wrong with him!?" Lee asked.

"It's his heart."

"My pills..." The man groaned.

"Oh, uhh... Nitroglycerin pills?" Katjaa asked.

"Yes, we're out. We've been trying to get into the pharmacy since we got here. Please get in there. Behind the counter where the pills are!"

"We'll get in there somehow." Lee reassured her.

"Thank you so much. We need Nitroglycerin pills. PLease get in there. I'll keep an eye on my dad." Lily said, thankful.

"Every else should get comfy and look for anything useful. We could be here for a while." Kenny announced.

"I'm starting to think that this drug store isn't a permanent solution." Glenn said.

"You're right. This ain't exactly Fort Knox."

"What do you suggest?" Lee asked Glenn.

"We need as much gas as possible so we can all get out of downtown Macon, fast."


"Then I'll head out and get gas. There's a motel not far from here. We had a guy go down there to look for stuff we could use before you all showed up, but he hasn't come back. So, I'll go get him and look for gas on the way."

"Damn, that'd be great."

"Well its gotta get done. Plus, I'm quick, and I know Macon."

"You local?"

Glenn smiled,"Born and raised."

"If you're gonna do that, here's a walkie-talkie in case you get in a tight spot. Hopefully, you won't need it."


"Clementine has the other one. Check in with her and get back here as soon has you can."

"And you, what's your name?" Kenny spoke to Lily.

"Lily, my dad's Larry."

"Keep an eye on him. These boys will work on getting you your medicine."

''That's right." Lee confirmed.

"And you keep an eye on that front door, you're our look-out."

"It's Doug, you got it."

"And I'm Carley."

"Okay Carley, you'll shift in with Doug when he needs it. For now get some rest. You're a good shot, I'd like to keep it that way."

"You got it boss."

"Twilight, you can take watch if you're up for it, but just take it easy for now."


"Now get him those pills..."

Author's Note:

Before you start asking why there is a shining amour tag, He will be introduced in the later chapters. Very later chapters.