• Published 8th Nov 2016
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Apocalyptic Outcast - Bringiton6611

Some days are just perfect.. Some days are horrible. Lee Everett and Twilight Sparkle meet up when Lee is sent to prison for life and Twilight is taken from her world and both are thrown into the apocalypse. Will they be able to survive.?

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Ep. 1 - A New Kind Of Day - Chapter 1 - The Long Ride Home

Some days in the world, they're great days. BBQs, days with family, those days are just perfect.

Today was not one of those days for a named Lee Everett. This man was currently on his way to jail for murder. The look on his face was one of regret. He didn't mean for it to turn out the way it did. He was just so angry... felt betrayed.

Oh well, the past is the past, and there is no changing it. What's done is done.

He was lost in his thoughts when a voice brought him back to earth. The voice belonged to the police officer that was currently driving him to the jail he was going to be spending the rest of his life in.

"Well, I reckon you didn't do it then."

Lee was confused by the sudden question.

"Why do you say that?"

"I've driven a bunch of fellas down to this prison, lord knows how many, seems 'bout now I get the "I didn't do it.""

"Not from me."

"Because people in your position all ready said it enough?"

There was a pause for a few seconds until the officer decided to continue the conversation.

"I followed your case a little bit. You being a Macon boy and all."

Lee picked up on the comment,"You're from Macon then."

"Yep, and up to Atlanta to be a city cop in the 70's, always wanted to work a murder case. Looks like you got yourself in quite the mess, with all due respect. A shame that is."

At this time, a few cop cars with sirens blaring traveling toward the city of Atlanta in the opposite direction.

"Hell, all my folks used to be regulars at your folks store, still there?"

"Sure is."


There was another pause until the cop started taking again.

"I got a nephew up in UGA, you teach there long?"

"Going on my sixth year."

"You meet your wife in Athens?"

The mention of his wife caused Lee's face to drop fall to one of sadness, recalling memories from that night he came home. The same night that he made the biggest mistake in his life.

"You wanna know how I see it?"

The moment he said that, Lee saw more police cars as well as one or two SWAT vans following the group of cop cars he saw earlier.

'What's happening?' Lee thought.

He remembered the officer's question and replied,"Sure", he didn't see any point to object.

The officer opened his opened his mouth to talk, but stopped when he saw the glare Lee was giving him and closed his mouth. Only to opened it again.

"Regruadless, it could be you just married the wrong women."

Lee felt his anger rise with that foment the cop made. He was going to respond to the comment, but decided against it, settling with a low growl instead.

He looked out the window hopped to get his mind off of his wife, yet again he saw police cars with SWAT vans, only this time there was a helicopter flying behind them, following them to the city.

The cop started to talk again,"I'm driving this man once, he was the worse one. He wouldn't stop going on about how he didn't do it. He was a older fella, big soft eyes behind a pair of smart folk glasses and he's just wailing on back there about he didn't do it. Crying and snotting all over right where you're sitting."

He takes a brake in speaking to turn off his radio.

"Before long he starts kicking the back of the seat, li-like a fussy baby on a airplane. I told him to stop, that's government property, or I'll be forced to zap him otherwise. So he stops and haven't exhausted all of his options, he starts crying out for his mama."Mama, It's all a big mistake! It wasn't me!

Lee was interested. "So, did he do it?"

"They caught the fucker red headed! Stabbin' his wife, cutting her up as the boys come through the door. He sits in my car scearming "bloody murder!" that it wasn't him. I think he actually believed it him self. It just goes to show. People will often go mad when they believe their life is over.

The officer was starting to talk about another story about a experience he had, when Lee spotted someone walking the middle of the road. The worse part was that neither the cop nor the person on the road noticed the danger that was fast approaching.

Without thinking, Lee shouted at the officer, trying to warn him about the person in the road, but it was to late.

The car hit the person head on and started to swerve off the road, though the gaurdrail, and started to roll down a very steep hill.

Due to there being no seatbelt in the back of the car, Lee was flying around in the back until he hit his head hard enough to knock him out cold.

Author's Note:

Yep, I have decided to write a walking dead and mlp crossover. I made this decision because I love the game game they're only 3 other crossover stories in this on the site. One of them is kind of cringe, one has not been updated in months, and the other one is freshy started.
So I'm making my own. Plz tell me what you think!