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I enjoy MLP, and Spike is my favorite character

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Yes!! Your back i Love you

hand Toni's groin where she saw that his member was beginning to

How's Toni:applejackconfused:
Great work as always do.

I probably say this term too much, but sincerely this is a refreshing twist on the Spike harem.
We have seen:
-- the Mane 6 (I'm pretty sure everyone should know who they are at this point)
-- the Canterlot 6 (Moondancer, Lyra, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Minuette/Colgate, and obviously Twilight)
-- The Crystal Prep Cuties (basically the girls from EG: The Friendship Games, and yes, this includes Sci-Twi)
-- The Royal Harem (Celestia, Luna, Cadence; sometimes there are joined by a reformed Chrysalis. Usually Spike's royalty too)
-- The Filly 6 (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Babs Seed, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon)

Not to mention that there are literally loads and loads of other characters, Spike could hook up with anyone.

But I say refreshing because I haven't seen a setup where Spike could get down with the major Celebrities of Equestria, like Sapphire Shores, Photo Finish, Fleur-de-Lis, and recently Countess Coloratura. Yes, there have been stories with Spike and one, or maybe two, but not an actual harem with that.

Of course once I've posted this, I'm pretty sure there is gonna be a bunch of you replying that there are stories with that scenario. Please put that out there, I can't really remember the names of those fics.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you take it Winter Soldier!!! :twilightsmile:

This is already pretty good nice job.also Maby at some point later on you could write a flurry heart x spike fic I can't seen to find one.still nice job with this.

Ok, Celestia and Luna all in one chapter. Now, who's next?

There's Fleur De Lis, Photo Finish, Sapphire Shores, and Rara.

Downvoting for this horribly-written synopsis. No doubt the prose within is just as repellent.

Awesome job. I can't wait to see Spike running into those other hot celebs.

What a kinky way to kickoff Spike's vacation retrieval.

Anyway Twilight, I'll send you a few letters to let you know how I'm doing.

Why not just tell her from your cellphone?

Would have been better without breasts as big as those pumpkins you see at fair contests.

7720554 doud that would be a minimum of a L cup breast:facehoof:.

We need MORE.

The idea is interesting but the execution is poor. You story has very major syntax errors, also typos run rampant through out the entire story.
I offer my service as an editor PM me if you are interested.

7718720 I admit it's not exactly stellar writing, but you could at least try to help the author improve with a constructive critique.:eeyup:

The concept of the story is sound. I like a refreshing new spike harem that isn't some exclusive group of ponies. However there's still a lot of work needed in your writing. You have a lot of tense changes all over the place, the dialogue is kinda rigid and forced at times, and lots of lazy narration spots. I'd give more details but I'm on my phone now. Long story short, it's a mess but with a good rewrite you can make it into a good story.

I'll see if I can help edit later. No promises though.:twilightsmile:

huge H cup breasts

And that's the point where I stopped reading your honor. There isn't a supermodel in the world who could move with tits like that.

7726600 At least read the rest of it, besides need I remind you that this is pure fiction?

7726756 No can do Captain. The suspension of disbelief can't take that much strain. I gave it all she had, but the old girl just couldn't hold up to the pressure of that much horror. The sight of a woman with a waist smaller than me wee finger and tits the size of whiskey barrels was a terror too great behold. The libido blew out entirely.

7726933 Wait, are you saying that it was too sexy for you? Or am I misinterpreting it?

7726934 Nobody remembers the classics anymore. And no, no I am not. I'm saying that I am utterly disgusted by that mental image and it murdered my libido.

7726966 You know their hips are just about the right size as you think they would. I just didn't describd it because I was kinda in a rush because I wanted to get to another one of my stories pronto. Should probably get to the hips thing later. Anyway, I pray your libido gets better soon.

Another amazing story in the works!

I love where you're going with this and I'm really excited, knowing that you added Celestia and Luna to this.

Another chapter please! :pinkiehappy:

ween I read this all I see is you dangling poor spike on the end of a fish hook to a pack of wolfs, now I'm not saying I hate it,:ajsleepy: but you have to feel sorry for the poor boy.

will their be a new chapter before christmas?

Just out of couriosity and from the suspenses but, how's the next chapter coming? And who's the next celebrity Spike will run into?

One question: Why is Spike in a Hotel instead in the castle with Celestia and Luna?

7718437 Diamond Tiara and Sliver Spoon? Those fillies are an rarity when is come to Spike shipping and that includes clop fics

7905683 You're right that shipfics with Spike and Diamond Tiara and/or Silver Spoon are quite a rarity, but when I wrote the comment, I was aware of this being somewhat after 'Crusaders of the Lost Mark', and I could see those two with Apple Bloom and her friends. So I put two and two together, and though of a scenario where Spike's the eye of all six of those fillies. Not to mention the story About Last Month kinda hints on that where Spike's in a proverbial tug-of-war between the Crusaders, Tiara, and Silver Spoon.

Gotta admit, I wonder why something like that hasn't been done yet, must less often.

7905857 Because they ether lazy or chose the lazy way out.

Nope, nope, noooooo....I like a lot of things but one thing I'll always hate is Spike/Rarity and Spike/Celestia, he's her son for gods sake....sorry but no, if it was about Spike getting other mares then sure, but this is just...no.

7905683 Answer tot he first question. Because conveniently, the celebrities also live there.

7938240 Kind of weird for them to be living I a hotel but alright I guess

7938269 A five star hotel. It's one if those hotels that have fancy rooms with ample space.

Hey! If you're having writers block with this, then would you like so help on the next chapters? Or are you good?

Guess Fleur's the leader of the celebrity groups.

KO awesome chapter, Spike has walk into another sexy trap like his mom and Luna did and he'll soon enjoy of what's he getting. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

finally..I have been waiting for this update

So do the maids like Spike more than the princesses?

Breast sizes are just too ridiculous and not needed. Do you even know what those sizes realistically look like?

7975178 I know what they look like in an anime.

This was nice. We have all four major celebrities available, and happen to run into a dragon that stated that he's been to Canterlot previous times before, and that he used to live here as a youth.

....and well done with the surprise that Fleur, Photo, Sapphire, and Rara don't realize that Spike is really a Prince...I can't wait for when that's revealed. That was close--Spike almost gave it away when he just said "I'm staying at a hotel near the salon"...I'm pretty sure that at least Fleur knows Canterlot enough to know what hotels are there, and whether they are high-end or otherwise, and by deduction Spike's a pretty well-off dragon to be able to say there...

...all we need now is to have one of the Mane 6 show up or bump into Spike and one of the celebrity ponies, or even better-- somepony from the Crystal Empire visiting Canterlot and seeing their hero Spike the Brave and Glorious in the flesh...

Whatever happens going forward, it's gonna be really hard for Spike to keep his secret status just that...one of them will find out though. Maybe it would even take Celestia and Luna showing up and calling Spike 'Son' or 'Nephew' in front of everypony, but it will get out....Like I said it's gonna be fun to watch. :moustache:


Oh, this is so awesome. I eagerly wait to see how Spike does with each of the celebs.

At first I was "awwww so sweet"...Then the incest kink happened....lol

Jet set and Uppercrust? those two are really in everyone assumption on high class society.

Spike are so lucky i want to date fluer de lis or rara.

A lot of guys probably wish they could pick up girls that easily.

Looks like they just made the List of Spike.

I would love to see more of Celestia, Luna and the maids.

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