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When Princess Celestia puts away her crown for the night, her dreaming mind escapes into a secret world. A world of adventure, in which the rules are different and everything is possible.

Usually, those dreams pass by without affecting her daily life. But they usually don't involve kissing her sister, either.

Cover by me.
Proofread by Algorth Ironstone.

Chapters (9)
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is there any chance you could put up the next chapter early? :twilightsheepish:

Oh hello.

More princest.

Although, that cover art... not personally a fan, no offense. I think it's the tongues, they seem off to me.

Even though I do not like this ship one bit, what I can say though is it well written with good pacing and overall good all round.

I can't promise I will follow the progress of this but all I will say is good luck.

7668089 You think so? :trollestia:

7667901 I know, right? There wasn't even cake at the oasis ... wild.

7668510 I'm afraid you'll have to be patient for just a few more days :derpytongue2:

7668540 Hello yourself! :pinkiesmile: Hm, that's interesting. I wonder ... does anybody else feel that way?

7668572 Could this be the story that changes your mind about the ship, then? Not saying that it is, I wouldn't know that. You decide :twilightsmile:. Thank you for the praise though, I appreciate it.

October 28? But I want it now!:applecry:

7670017 There you go. Starting next week, I'll pick up the pace with the updates a little bit, I promise.

They both lit up their horns in order to see where they were going. The narrow ceiling spanning a good thirty feet from one side to the other, glistening in the light of their magic


Wait, I thought Luna was a Pegasus when they talked about her wings in the oasis?

Now I'm getting confused about everything

That ended up catching me... Off guard? Eh? :rainbowwild:

7679795 Well, it appears she is not :raritywink:

7687719 That's okay.

7687748 So was Celestia :trollestia:

Are the dreams memories or just dreams?

And..? That's it? Well, that was short... Also, TY for uploading chapters everyday.

So... in the end Luna always knew what her sister's heart yearned for? Oh well, anyhow this was a good tale. :twilightsmile:

7695917 Well, the update should answer that.

7704313 Yep, that's all. It's been a pleasure :twilightsmile:

7706260 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

So Luna is an alicorn and Celestia a unicorn?

This was a really enjoyable read, I liked it.

“The usual: making some appearances, negotiating with the supreme court, feeding Blueblood in the dungeon …”

Celestia snickered. “I wish.”

So do the rest of us...

Of course they would not be stripped of their special day. She would never allow for that. She remembered once marrying a couple under siege, a young general and a Wonderbolt. They died two days later as enemy reinforcements arrived and overrun the gates.

Okay, NOW I'm wondering just how many adventures Celestia's had in her long life and how many books they will fill in total. A library?

“It is losing you again,” Celestia said. “I am not saying what you did wasn’t wrong, but I could never hate you. If anything, I am sorry that the only way for you to spend time with me was to sneak into my dreams.”

It WAS wrong? She SAVED your LIFE in that dream, keep you reassured.

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