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I adopted the name of my most beloved creation and have gone about spreading the word of the Illogic. Tell me, are Illogic and chaos the same thing?


This story is a sequel to Took things too far

No matter which way you take and no matter the mistake, there is no way to switch back.

Thorax and the new changelings, lovingly dubbed 'Abstergo Species' by themselves, had trouble adjusting to their new forms and societal impacts, but that was in the past. Now they even have some younglings going to a school of friendship, proving that changelings HAVE changed and for the better.

Well, Chrysalis' brood, at least. They weren't aware of other hives, and with the rumors created by an old fool, many adventurers went on to discover potential new hives...they never came back. Chrysalis is now in a precarious situation where she will be aided with her vengeance, but have dire consequences should they fail again. The other queens aren't too pleased, and with such aggression and potential bloodshed, the red hive isn't too far off.

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The other hives might do well to not support Chyrsalis' vengeance and not be hostile toward Thorax's new brood. As well Chrysalis was foolish enough to lose control of her hive and Thorax's brood being in the open means attacking them means fighting their allies as well. Why risk full scale war with Thorax's Brood, The Dragon Lord, Equestria, Yayyakastan and Hippogriffa/Seaquestria for a lunatic like her? Of course lots of chances for drama between the hives if the point becomes contentious :p

Do the other hives feed on love because if they don’t; Thorax's way would only piss them off.

Not unless they use Changeling laws. I mean all different races have their own laws.

While they may look down on the Abstergo changelings, outright conflict with them would be foolish. If anything they should be attempting to make sure they don't expose other Hives.

It's more a matter of the Changeling MO is to be secretive. Chyrsalisis already broken that rule, rising exposing them all. There is no way to eliminate Thorax with out his allies noticing, which would confirm their existence and mark them as hostile. Assisting Chryssi means exposing their existence and the other races activity hunting them. Some Queens might insist that eliminating the "fallen" must happen, while others would refuse to bear the consequences and others might insist on allying with Thorax. The story will basically be the choice made and the fall out.

You want to kill me, right?

There's gonna be a very bad ending to all of this, am I right? c:

No, Blueberry Saoda. WHo knows what the ending will be like, though?

Y u always assume?! You know what they say about assuming.

I'm liking that they’re finding a way to destroy Thorax but I think they should focus on a more serious fact. Finding a flaw on their new forms, I mean new transformations should have a price. Nothing in life has its ups and downs.

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