• Published 26th Oct 2016
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Cold Nights And Cute Pajamas - Enigmatic Otaku

Twilight and Rainbow Dash have a sleepover at Rarity's. However, once the bitter winter chill sets in at night, Rarity unveils to her friends her new line of sleepwear fashion that she's sure to keep them warm.

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No, Seriously...Where Do You Keep The Extra Blankets?

"And then I told her: 'A polyester blend? Oh darling, in that outfit, she might as well strut down that stage in nothing but handkerchiefs!" Rarity finished, giggling very lady-like into her hoof.

"Oh Rarity, I can't believe you said that. And in front of her other models, no less!" Twilight said, setting her cup down onto its saucer so she may laugh along with the fashionista.

Due to their own conflicting schedules--Twilight with her princessly duties and Rarity working on her winter line up--the two hadn't been able to see each other for a good two weeks. A span of time much longer than what she had with her other friends. However, once her itinerary finally allowed it, Twilight exchanged letters with her and confirmed a date for the two to meet at Rarity's and catch up over tea.

Once the date arrived, though, Rarity didn't expect Twilight to show up with a guest, least of all Rainbow Dash. Twilight had ran into the pegasus on her way to the boutique, and Dash, not having anything else better to do, decided to tag along. She even brought her own energy drinks, seeing as she wasn't much of a tea kind of pony.

"Well, better she hear it from me than the headlines," Rarity continued, wearing a proud smile on her face before puffing up her chest. "The fashion world is ruthless, Twilight; never forget that. My, one faux pas can be disastrous to one's career in the industry. Luckily for her, though, she took my advice and had her model switch into a less gaudy outfit at the last minute. Fashion career saved by yours truly."

Beaming, Twilight clopped her hooves together excitedly.

"Wow Rarity, that was really nice of you! Very generous, if I do say so myself. Isn't that right, Rainbow?"

Lying on her belly, and kicking her emptied can back and forth between her forelegs for Opal to try and catch, Dash stopped and looked to the two. The prismatic mare had long grown disinterested with the conversation when the topic shifted towards Rarity's fashion escapades, and as such, she earlier excused herself from the table and soon found herself playing with Opalescence at the other side of the room.

"Eh, yeah...that's great," Rainbow replied, only having half--okay, one fourth--listened to their exchange before pouncing onto Opal. She rolled along with her, then landed on her back, with the white cat trying to wrestle her into submission, despite its smaller size.

Looking at Rainbow kick her rear legs up into the air, Rarity smirked.

"My, with the way you two are getting along, why don't I just give you Opal?"

Reacting to that, Rainbow immediately separated herself from the feline, then sat up and shook her head.

"What? No! She's your cat! I'm just playing with her because...well, Tank's great and all, but he lacks that certain friskiness that I enjoy. Plus, Opal's soft and furry."

"She is pretty soft and furry, but that was a joke, darling," Rarity said, scoffing in amusement. "Why, I'd never part with my sweet wittle baby. Never ever. Come here, Sweetness, give mama some sugar." Right as Opal began licking her paw, Rarity enveloped her in her magic, lifted her up and off the floor, then brought her towards her. If the cat's legs flailing desperately for the carpeting were anything to go by, this was much to her dismay.

However, once Rarity had set her down besides herself, instead of purring into her like she usually did, she ran through the open door and into the other rooms, clearly wanting time to herself.

"Uhp, Momma's sorry Opal!" Rarity called out to her. "I forgot that you don't like to be picked up like that!"

"Yup, she's gone," Rainbow commented with a shrug. Staring at the open doorway, and her expression apologetic, Rarity tilted her head to the side.

"Oooh, she's probably going to stay in Sweetie's room for the rest of the day. She knows she's not there, seeing as she's staying at our parents' this weekend."

After finishing off the last of her tea with one long sip, Twilight rose from her seat.

"Well, it was fun catching up, Rarity," she said, her wings flaring as she turned and twisted her head to get rid of the stiffness in her neck, "but I think it's about time for us to go."

"Really, so soon?" replied, Rarity. She was hoping to chat a little while longer, but if they had to go, then there was no helping it.

Rising onto her legs, then following Twilight to the front door, Rainbow spoke.

"Yeah, well, somepony's got to feed Tank. I'll see you later, Rares. Maybe we'll discuss that cool aviator's scarf I've been itching for you to make for me."

Smiling graciously, Rarity nodded.

"Alright, sounds positively delightful. I'm looking forward to it. I'll be sure to come up with a design and...perhaps even a matching color scheme for later, then."

"Gotcha," Rainbow said as she nodded back. "But uh, remember: Cool, not frilly. Don't want a repeat of last time."

"Aw, but you looked so chic in armure."

"Ahem," Twilight loudly sounded, clearing her throat to get their attention. Once the two mares turned to her, Twilight then pointed to the imaginary watch on her wrist, signifying that Dash and herself were overstaying their welcome.

"Right, well I suppose I should walk you two out, then."

And with that, Rarity walked alongside the girls towards the front door of the boutique. However, once they opened said door, the three were surprised by what they saw outside.

"Oh wow, how long were we in there? Like, it's already dark out," Rainbow said, noticing that the street lamps had already been lit.

"Not to mention snowing," Twilight added, sticking her hoof out the doorway to catch a falling snowflake. Once the flake melted into her fur, Twilight turned to the pegaus with a raised brow. "Rainbow, shouldn't you have given us a little heads up that the first snows of winter was scheduled for this evening?"

Taken back by that, Rainbow placed a hoof to her chest.

"Me!? Uh, hello...I'm a wonderbolt now; I'm not in the weather team anymore. I'm just as surprised by this as you are." Glancing out the open door, she then gave the falling snow a scrutinizing look. "Got to say, though, this is some pretty shoddy work they're doing without me." Shaking her head, she then tsked in a disapproving manner. "The spread pattern's pretty uneven, a lot of the snow clouds are bunched together, and everything should have been covered in a white sheet at least an inch thick by now."

"Well they got the cold wind part right, that's for sure," Twilight said, wrapping herself in her wings as she shook with a 'Brrr'.

Standing just before her door, Rarity watched as her two friends stepped out into the cold, their manes whipping with the direction of the howling wind. It really was such a cold and windy night out, and Rarity dreaded the idea of her friends trudging through the elements on their way home. Of course, they wouldn't, seeing as Twilight could just teleport home, and the wind wouldn't put a damper on Rainbow's wingpower, but that was besides the point.

Just then, an idea came to her.

"Eh, girls," Rarity voiced, getting Twilight's and Rainbow's attention before they could leave. "We've been having such a wonderful time so far, and the night sure is ghastly out, so, I was thinking...why not spend the night here?"

This piqued the mares' curiosity, which was made apparent by the action of their ears perking. Seeing that, Rarity continued.

"We can make a night of it--a sleepover, if you will. Besides, like I mentioned earlier, Sweetie Belle's at our parents', so I wouldn't mind the company for tonight."

Honestly, the idea was very tempting to the two. It's been ages since Twilight last had a sleep over with Rarity, and Rainbow had been put through the wringer with her new wonderbolt drills. The prismatic-maned mare supposed she was due for a little R&R. For Twilight, however, it didn't take her very long before coming to a decision.

"Yes, Rarity! Of course I'll join you for a slumber party!" Twilight exclaimed, her legs prancing excitedly in place. After her and Rarity pressed fore hooves together and squealed giddily, they then turned to Rainbow, who was rubbing her chin as if in thought.

"I don't know..." Rainbow said. "I still have to feed Tank." Suddenly, and before Twilight and Rarity could even register what happened, Rainbow took off in an insane speed, leaving only a rainbow contrail in her wake. Seconds later, she zoomed back, saying, "K, Tank's bowl has been filled and I brought him up to speed. He's cool with it; agreed to hold down the fort while I'm gone."

"Oh, excellent!" Rarity declared enthusiastically, clopping her hooves together. "And you, Twilight? Isn't there something you should take care of first?"

Rolling her eyes mirthfully, Twilight waved dismissively.

"Spike's a big dragon now and Owlowiscious can take care of himself. I'm sure they'll understand when I return in the morning."

Holding a stoic stance and her mouth formed into an eager smirk, Rarity nodded.

"Then it's settled, then. Ladies, I now commence this sleep over: officially started!"

The night went rather swimmingly for Rarity, Twilight and Rainbow Dash. They spent the majority of the night in Rarity's room, playing board games, helping themselves to the snacks in Rarity's pantry that were normally reserved for Sweetie Bell, and even shared in a bit of gossip. Yes, even Rainbow Dash this time around, which came as a surprise to the other two. All in all, they were enjoying their time together.

However, like at all sleepovers, there came the one activity that was staved off by all participants.

"Hey, you're hogging all of the blanket!"

The actual sleep portion of the sleepover...

It was nearing midnight, and their attempts to achieve slumber were futile at most. Rarity's house lacked a furnace, so the bitter winter chill crept into her house though the very walls themselves. Additionally, her inviting Rainbow and Twilight to stay the night was rather spontaneous, so she didn't have time to prepare or purchase extra sheets. Sadly, the only one that was available to them was Rarity's, which was much too thin and much too small to keep all three of their huddled bodies warm from the cold. They couldn't just go into Sweetie Belle's empty room and grab her blankets, seeing as the young unicorn always packed her bedding with her whenever she went to her parents' and vice versa.

She really did like that bed set with the musical note design...

Eventually, after tugging the blanket towards her and failing to cover more of her legs, Rainbow was fed up.

"Ok, that's it!" Rainbow exclaimed, sitting upright. Rubbing her sides with her wings, she began to shiver. "R-Rarity...you make clothes here, for Pete's sake! T-Tell me you got something that'll h-help!"

Sitting upright as well, Rarity placed her hoof to her chin and thought it over. She supposed that she did have the materials needed to make a new blanket or two in her sewing room, but with how particularly bone-chilling the air there was, she didn't think she could take the time to stand there and craft one without some risk to her health. No, there had to be something that was readily available to them; heaven's forbid they wrap themselves in her latest garments, though, lest they...crease them...

Actually, now that she recalled, there was something else they could use.

"Don't wait up, girls, I'll be right back," Rarity said, hopping off the bed before stepping out into the hallway. A minute later, she returned, pulling with her via her magic a wheeled clothes rack covered with a drape. As to what was hidden beneath the drape, Rainbow and Twilight hadn't the foggiest idea.

"Ladies and gentle--" Rarity started, only to pause when she quickly realized her error. "Uhp...heh, there are no gentlestallions. Just ladies, then. Ahem; lady and lady, I present to you, a creation of my own design...Pajanimals!"

And with that proclamation, Rarity pulled the sheet off the rack in a quick flourish, revealing a set of outfits Rainbow and Twilight had never seen before. Hanging off the rack were what appeared to be onesie pajamas, about half a dozen of them. Each one was of a different color, as well as a design that was reminiscent of a different furry animal, with respectively matching ears to boot.

After a moment of silence had gone by, Twilight was the first to speak.

"Rarity...are those..."

"Mhmm!" hummed Rarity gleefully with a curt nod. "Just like the name implies, darling, they're pajamas modeled after animals! I got the idea when I made a bunny one for Fluttershy on her birthday. After that, well, inspiration struck, and I couldn't just settle with making one." With a glow of her horn, Rarity zapped the tan cat pajanimal off the rack, then had it materialize around herself.

"I'm thinking that these would make for an excellent line of sleepwear. If not for the adults, then at least for the foals," she then said, striking up various poses for the two in her new outfit. "They're formfitting, so one size fits all--oh, and they all come with wing slits for pegasi--they're snug, durable, and--most important of all--warm! It's almost as if I'm wearing a blanket!"

Suddenly, as if to check what all the ruckus was about, Opal stuck her head in through the hallway door.

"Ooh, ooh!" Rarity exclaimed excitedly once she saw her, moving to lay before in a manner similar to a feline. "Look, sweetums, momma's a cat--just like you! Meow!"

By the lack of an initial reaction, Opal clearly wasn't impressed. Instead, she merely rolled her eyes before calmly turning tail and walking away. She wasn't interested in having a cat for an owner, as only ponies could open her beloved cans of tuna.

"Huh, well...I'm sure the excitement is mutual," Rarity said, turning back to her friends. To her confusion, Twilight was just staring at her with her mouth agape and Rainbow was averting her gaze, rubbing at the back of her head with an embarrassed red tint on her face.

Rainbow wanted to tell her that the whole ensemble seemed a little too childish for her--or anypony their age, really--but, for lack of less blunt words, she hoped Twilight would do it. To the pegasus mare's relief, she then heard Twilight take in air before speaking.

"Rarity..." she said before pausing.

"Yes, Twilight...?"

"That's...so adorable! Here, let me see!"

Crossing her hooves over her chest, Rainbow nodded.

"Yeah, I kind of have to agree with Egghead here. The thing's a little on the--wait, what?"

Rainbow didn't know what just happened. Suddenly Twilight was looking through the pajamas with Rarity, the two giggling like school fillies as they picked one out. Next thing she knew, the alicorn princess was fitting her wings through the back slits of a blonde dog pajanimal.

"Wow Rarity, you were right!" Twilight said giddily, moving her hooves through the onesie's sleeves. "These are pretty comfy and warm! And...what's this?" Raising the bottom part of her covered hoof to her sights, Twilight gasped. "Aw...you added little rubber paw pads to the bottom! Now that's some precision to detail right there!" Rubbing the pads against her cheek, Twilight then turned to Rainbow, who was still seated on the bed.

"Come on Rainbow, you got to try this! It's fun!"

Grabbing the blanket, Rainbow covered herself up to her muzzle.

"Eh...no thanks. I think I'm good."

"Are you sure, Rainbow Dash?" Rarity asked. "You're still shivering."

The cyan mare shook her head.

"Not shivering, just...p-pre-night jitters. And yeah, I'm positive."

"Oh, um...alright then."

Just then, as Twilight and Rarity began to playfully wrestle, pressing their paw pads against the other's face, Rainbow was forced to watch while enduring the cold. She was Rainbow Dash--THE Rainbow Dash. She wouldn't be caught dead wearing something as silly as a 'Pajaminal'. No, she'd just stick with the blanket she now had to herself, seeing as the other two were no longer interested in using it. So what if it was too thin and did a poor job at insulating her body heat? She'd manage.

Soon enough, though, one particular shiver her body gave had her reconsidering her decision...

"Comfy?" Rarity asked, lying huddled on her bed between Twilight and Rainbow Dash.

After giving a hearty yawn, Twilight answered sleepily. "Mmm...yep. Boy, it's a good thing you brought out the pajaminals when you did, Rarity. Isn't that right, Rainbow?"

Lying with her hooves crossed and her back facing the two, as well as dressed in a brown bear onsie, Rainbow grumbled indignity.

"Heh," sounded Twilight humorously. "You know, Rainbow, you look just like an ursus arctos; adorable."

"Yeah, and you're a-dork-able," Rainbow countered, growing ever redder in the face. "Can we, like, just go to sleep already? I'm tired."

"Alright, alright," Rarity said. "I suppose it is rather late now. Right, I'll get the lights. Goodnight you two."

"Goodnight," replied Twilight, followed by Rainbow's dismissive "Night".

Once the lights were out, Twilight curled up to Rarity, who returned the gesture in kind.

Minutes later, once she was sure they had to be deeply asleep by now, Rainbow turned to Rarity, then snuggled into her for the extra warmth. Unfortunately for her, however, Twilight had noticed what she had done, as Rainbow could hear a light and contained cackle from her.

"I swear," Rainbow whispered, the blood rushing to her cheeks, "if you tell anypony about this, I'll--"

"Relax, Rainbow Dash, your secret's safe with me."

Author's Note:

Here's my patreon. Come on guys, I'd really like to go to my first ever convention. Babscon.

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Comments ( 38 )

Completely adorable. And don't worry Rainbow, you secret's safe with all of us as well.:raritywink:

Very good, but you'd THINK that all the citizens of Ponyville would have a copy of the week's weather schedule...

This story sounds funny, hilarious, cute and adorable!
Will certainly read this!:twilightsmile:

Adorable. But I do wonder how the rest of the gang will react if they did see the three of them in...Pajanimals. :heart:

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This was a nice little bit of sweetness, I enjoyed it greatly. As it is perfect for someone who just wants to get a little perking up with cuteness. Well done.

Snuggling ponies in animal pajamas! Awww, just what I needed! This made my day, I have the biggest smile on my face! :rainbowwild:

That cover art is just way to cute. Good story I loved every bit of it.

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And then Princess Luna shows up.

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Oh, this was adorable! Will there be a sequel?

Not sure. This was a commission.
Someone would have to hire me for a sequel.

This is adorable. :rainbowkiss: :heart:

Though, one note:

pulling with her via her magic a wheeled clothes rack

I'd suggest rewording this, it seems a little clumsy.

whoops, missing a word there. :twilightblush:
Eh, second thought, I'll leave it as it is.

I know that feel, bro. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder how many people gave this a like before actually reading it?

Cute and fun. Can't expect less from a slice of life story. And that covert art :pinkiehappy:

7674688 While a skunk Starlight and a black cat Spike are quietly banging in the next room.

Considering how many times the J.Animals and Zippy Sacks commercials run during and between MLP episodes, I'm surprised it took this long for this fic to exist. No more freezing at night!

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

...isn't rainbow dash in charge of the weather?

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I retract my previous statement.


Very cute fic! Thank you for sharing it with us :pinkiehappy:

Oh my gosh! This story was just so cute! :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::raritywink::heart:

This is a very good one-shot.

7678518 "Hmm, I better send this to Fourths and Mono-*Sees Comment*:derpytongue2:
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7673108 As Rainbow said, the weather team is getting sloppy without her.

"Ooh, ooh!" Rarity exclaimed excitedly once she saw her, moving to lay before in a manner similar to a feline. "Look, sweetums, momma's a cat--just like you! Meow!"

Cat owners in a nutshell.
Also, somebody take a picture of Rainbow in that thing and send it to Applejack!

I was hesitant to read this, because of the following phrase in the description:

What started off as a fun night for the three will soon spiral into an embarrassing evening for Rainbow Dash, especially after Rarity unveils to them her newest line of animal-inspired sleepwear.

But, I'll have to admit, the story WAS pretty adorable.
And the fact that Twilight promised to keep it a secret helps too.

Another thing I like about this fic is that I could easily imagine this being the beginning of an actual episode.
Not sure what the plot of the episode would be, though it would probably focus on RD.

Well that was adorable.

"They're formfitting, so one size fits all

I'd like to see Celestia fit in one of them.

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