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This is a story about thoughts of a rainbow colored pony. Story about her past and her emotions. How was she feeling? How she managed this? Who knows?

There are two chapters. First is about Rainbow's thoughts. Which means there is no dialogues. Only narrations.
And the second chapter is just a happy ending to this first chapter. Something like sequel but not entirely. Also in this second chapter are dialogues and narrations like in normal stories.

There is no need to read that second chapter, because it's optional, but if you want to you can.

Cover art by Miupoke from Deviant Art.

Proofreader - LoneUnicornWriter check out his amazing work. He know what he's doing!

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Still no comment? A shame!


I liked the story. Though fluttershy embarassing Rd like that maaay be a bit ooc...
And it maaaayyy be a bit far fetched with that returning from the dead if your heart is... Well went splat...

Other than that... Have my upvote.

7692402 Like I wrote second chapter was optional. It have been written to just fill up the stoty with happy ending or something like that but maybe I went with that Fluttershy thing-y a little bit too far :twilightblush:

Still thanks for commenting accually. Comments are much better and funnier than likes. :)

7693563 well, true...

I like sad stories... Sometimes. But most of the times i need fluff :p

I tried to weite a story once as well..and it even is.. Well sorta finished but in no way a final draft.

And if i would read it now, there probaly would be countless of places where i'd have to rewirte and such.
But i don't think i'd ever release it... Especially because i don't want to put anyone through correcting it.
My english is decent i guess, but i bet there are toooonnns of places where i goofed...

Soooo kudos to you for writing something worthy of publication :D tis a lot more than i can say about me....

7695031 Well ... when I first published this story it haven't approved to be published so I searched for Proofreader or someone like that and when I fount LoneUnicornWriter I gave him this story and he made magic and now you can see it on Fimfiction. So don't go that hard on yourself. There always is a way. You can publish some of your stories and if they won't be good who cares? English isn't my main language as well so I have some sort of problems too but I'm writing stories anyway.
I was editing my first story twelve times so magic happens my friend :twilightblush:


Yeah maybe... But tbh i feel it's more of a riugh draft and i dunno if it's even worth reading...
I had a look at it and ... Welll so ver cliche... And many things in that story just don't really follow anymore... Sounded better in my head xP

7700318 If you want I can help you, someway. I don't know how I can or if you want my help but I can if you want. PM me if you would want my help in something I'll be more than happy.

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