• Published 17th Dec 2016
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The Monster of White Oak Woods - mrkillwolf666

[a Displaced story. Don't like, don't read.] A guy named jared tries out his jason voorhees part 3 halloween costume he got from ebay,but gets teleported to vanhoover in equestria.

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chapter.1: what a day

It was raining, as thunder and lightning raced across the sky, raindrops were more like teardrops with how heavy they fell to the world below. The winds whipped against the forest, the creatures dwelling in the woods raced each other in poor attempts of seeking shelter from the weeping of the sky but there was another among the wild animals in the storm, a young mint green earth pony ran. She ran as if there was a demon, or some other begotten creature of void, was chasing after her, the mint green coat she and many others of her kind adorned was filthy with the stain of mud, broken branches, and leaves, but if you looked closely you could see fine lines of reds adorning her once silky coat. Her cracked hooves matched the thunder o'er head with each crack of hard chitin against the softening earth, her blue eyes red with both tears and weariness loud sobbing competed with her already burning lungs. Yet she didn't slow down or stopped because if she did then he'll get her...he'll get her just like the rest of her friends, he'll kill her.

Celestia the goddess of the sun abandoned her, not even the foul Nightmare moon or the blissful madness of Discord would help her now though the blissfulness of madness sounded very attempting at the moment, she had to run. The love of Cadance was useless to her just as the the intelligence of Twilight Sparkle was as well... she even invoked the name of Tirek, but even his black heart refused her. Though the sounds of both storm and the woods screeching masked much of the sound... she still could hear the heavy, yet slow, footsteps just behind her each one brought dread into her racing heart.

He was coming... the monster of the White-Tail woods was coming and he wanted her too. The sound of metal in the air was singing it's song but then it was gone. The sound of slow, heavy footsteps grew quite. Silence overtook the storm and the woods, the rain had stopped and to her horror, she started to slow down.

Is he gone? Is he actually gone? She thought, and then the silence was broken by somethings heavy breathing, then she slowly looked up. Hoping it was not the monstrosity that it sounded like. And finally she saw the monster of the White-Tail woods towering over her. It was covered in the supposed blood of it’s victims, and the axe in it's meaty claw was covered entirely in a red substance. She began to hyperventilate, once again she started to run away, and before she knew it...she fell over the edge of the cliff into the abyss.

The monster looked over the edge to witness the dead anthro body, then he said “Why does every time I meet an anthropoid pony they just kill themselves LIKE...WHAT THE FUCK?!? ARE THEY JUST HERE TO KILL THEMSELVES IN THIS FOREST?!”

''Hmm, maybe that all that red paint you spilled on yourself has something to do with?" giggled another mare who was black sin dressed an equally red as the monster gown.

''... still doesn't explains why they alway killed themselves yesterday. They jumped into a manticore's mouth after seeing me trying and failing to make a pie! Today I was just trying to paint the house when the bucket decided to fail on my head...'' said the monster looking for a way down but finding none.

''And tomorrow it might be you trying to take a shower and the pony will eat C4-''

''That was last week...'' said the monster with a shake of his misshapen head while thinking how the hell he was going to get down there to least give the dead mare a decent burial, but knowing his luck he’ll probably run into another pony who will end up killing themselves...like all the others. Was this what his life had came too? sure he was living in the woods with a petty mare to keep him company but then again he hated the fact that ever since he came to this world ponies always ended up killing themselves after seeing him, except the mare that become his really only friend, Nightmare moon.

“Huh?” said Nightmare equitably and cocking her head cutely

“A stallion ate a brick of C4 after finding us last week…”

“I thought last week was that Gryphon hen who flew in the mountain head first then shot down into a hydra's throat after seeing from behind”

“...That was last night...remember? We used her remaining feathers to stuff up our pillows.'' replied the monster crestfallen.

“Oh I don't recall....blast this sun! it always ruins my timetables!!!” said Nightmare shaking her fist at the aforementioned sun. “Damn you Celestia! I will get you for th-”

“That's what you get for sleeping during the day” interrupted the monster, “if you sleep like a normal person then your inner clock wouldn't be so fucked, then again you look so cute when you’re sleeping.”

“S-shut up Jared!” stammered a slightly blushing Nightmare moon.

“Jason...it's Jason not Jared, I'm Jason the main character from Friday the 13th franchise, one of most iconic killers from the 80s slashers films...'' replied Jason finally giving up on trying to get her to remember who he looks like.

“Oh yes the oh so famous killer who just so happens to have half naked mares as victims” said Nightmare with a cold hearted glare.

“Is that jealousy I hear Nightmare? Did ever mention just how hot some of those girls are?”

“Me? jealous you must be joking Jared.”

“Says the spirit born from jealousy” shot the famous monster from the 80s.

“Touche, Jared touche.” said Nightmare before pointing down at the dead mare, ''now just how are you going to get her? I'm not staining my coat!''

Jared gives a long drawn out sigh “Can we play rock paper scissors for it?''

“Jared.” the mare deadpans staring at him with a small frown.

“Alright I'm going” went the great monster of the white tail woods “just get the bath running”

"That's a good stallion” smirks nightmare triumphantly.

“Don't push it Nightmare moon.” said the monster of the wood with a slight snarl before setting out to find a way down to the dead body. Despite not having any luck finding a path down earlier he somehow finds a narrow trail to the side of the chiff that wasn't there the first time he looked. He glanced back at the dark mare with a glare knowing that she must of had something to with it.

She flashed him a knowing smile which proved his suspicions, “Damn ponies and their tricky magic, cheaters the lot of 'em.” he mumbled under his breath.

“I heard that Jared, you oaf!!” shouts the nightmare.

The monster sighed and started down the path. As he walked the oddly thing came to him...a memory.

Flash back

Jared beamed with excitement as he eagerly waited on his latest requisition to arrive, a Friday the 13 part 3 Jason Voorhees costume with a matching (fake) machete, it only a few days until the greatest holiday ever (in his opinion) Halloween. It had taken him weeks to find the right costume, but the wait was worth it. As it would be at his home at any moment, Thief his pet raccoon was sleeping the day away on the bed curled up with her favorite jar of peanut butter that she somehow stole from a locked chest.

“Thief how d-... I'm not going to even ask.” he asked with a curious shake of his head before returning to his watch for the mailman, otherwise known as Jacks. Jacks was a strange guy that popped up during the strangest of times, but had been a good friend over the years always bringing Jared interesting objects. Like one time he somehow managed to get his hands on a signed first edition of the original Friday the 13th, Thief herself was a gift from Jacks and he always insisted that Jared to try his Eel flavored candies. And of course Jared would never take up Jacks' offer of the candies since he didn't knew if they were actually made out of Eel or not so he didn't risked the chance, then again Jacks was a questionable fellow, yes a good friend but still quite questionably sane to this day Jared had never figured out how the mailman was able to get that copy of the original movie that started it all.

Suddenly and so faintly there came tapping, tapping at my chamber door, at the sound Thief opened one eye before nuzzling the jar in his paws and went back to her blissful nap. Jared felt himself falling into ever growing excitement...it was here, the costume of the world's great monster was at his doorstep. And he wondered if Jacks had yet another find for him to look at, perhaps the complete collection of Friday the 13th movies. Possibly including Freddy vs Jason crossover, as well as the original comic book series that somehow was still in mint condition? Very unlikely but this is Jacks after all.

“Oh Jared~!” sang Jacks tapping at the door again, his tan uniform was barely indistinguishable from his skin...unless that was his skin, could be so since Jared had never seen Jacks without that uniform on even when they had that Halloween party last year where Jared learned that Jacks actually slept in that uniform of his...strange guy but a pretty good friend “Your home? It seems that I got something for you buddy!”

“Coming!” called Jared after taking one more look at Thief and again wonder just how she kept finding that jar of hers...it was a pain in the ass just to get the thing away from her paws in the first place and another to simply hid it, at times it seemed to Jared Thief loves this game and actual thought he heard her laugh at him once, but that might be the beer talking. It was an short trip to the door where the first time that he met Jared was Jacks abnormally pink eyes... which according to the man was a result 'from getting ran over by an runaway lawnmower that was married to a lady in an fish suit with horde of cats chasing her while the cow jump over the moon and tapped dance on the sheriff's head. Jared probably should of had known better to ask Jacks to explain something…

“Wow bro took you long enough, what was you doing in there? scuba diving?” asked Jacks with a large grin on his face.

“scuba diving? Jacks...you know I can't swim, why in Jason's name do you think I'll go scuba diving?” replied Jared.

“Hey-hey now you'll never know what could happen until it happens” smirked Jacks taking a moment to pop open one of his ever present candies.

“Candy?” he offers.

“No sorry I just ate.” lied Jared not daring to even try food from his strange friend, “You said you had something for me?'' he said hoping to redirect the conversation.

“I did?” asked Jacks perplexed scratching his head, “I don't think I did...oh wait a second I did, one order from eBay; and ransom letter from a Mister Khan...crap that was from yesterday, oh well probably too late to save the guy's wife from his mistress; subscription for Eel candies oh that's mine; then one Equestria Girl's doll with matching panties...whoops sorry wrong story!”

“Huh? Equestria Girls?” asked Jared feeling a headache coming on.

“Don't ask about it bro your mind won't be able to exist if I explain that one” said Jacks with a nod before handing over a large box to Jared whose questioning graze did little to the strange man who just smiled in response.

“Jacks...did I ever told you that you’re one strange person?” questioned Jared as he took the box from Jacks, and smile at the weight of the aforementioned box.

“yes- yes I am insane I know that this makes me sane.'' said Jacks giddy ''well what’re we waiting for let’s open this puppy up and watch a marathon of Friday the 13th movies.''

Jared nodded while giving his two bits, the two companions enter the home and open the box revealing the costume, even the sleeping Thief saw it fit to take on look at the costume before nuzzling both Jared's and Jacks' arms. Jared chuckled at the raccoon antics before scratching her ears causing a purring like sound to escaped for her throat, and of course she still had her jar but instead of it being in her paws it was wrapped up in her tail which caused him to rise an eyebrow once more, and for Jacks laughter to rise in the air. After spell of Jacks laughter Jared relevantly lifts the mask...the hockey goalie mask from the box as if it was a sacred relic yet to him it might as well be one.

“What are you waiting for try it on bro, come on, come on, let’s see Jason.'' said Jacks his smile burning itself on his face making it look like it was permanent.

Without another word Jared puts on the mask “How do I look?” he asks as he pulled the rest of the costume from the box. he slowly dressed himself snapping the snappers, tiring all, the ties strapping all the straps and made sure that everything was tight and in placed.

“goodbye.” says Jacks suddenly in an ominous monotone voice, caching Jared off guard with the out of character outburst.

“What?” asked Jared tiling his head at his friend confused.

Without sound Jacks snaps his fingers, a snap that echos all round them sounding from everywhere yet nowhere. Jacks disappears from the room leaving both Jared and Thief in a woodland clearing they had seen before. Jacks sudden laughter soon reached their ears yet they could not see the strange, yet ominous man.

“Jacks! What the hell is going on?!” shouts Jared who finds that his voice sounds like it was not his own.

“Jacks? Jacks? Ah yes Jacks...that was the name I gave you when we first met, but that isn't my name oh no I had many names o'er the years I had haunted the world, so many names Slenderman; the green man in the woods to name a few but you can call me Loki!”

“Loki...you mean as in Loki from Norse mythology?'' asked Jared while trying to recall what he knew about the ancient myths, but he found very little information outside the comic books which mostly had gotten most of the myths wrong. Then there was that change in his voice...
“but how-”

“the one and the same, though you may not want to go over old history when instead you should asking whats going on..” interrupted Jacks, or rather Loki.

“It would certainly help.” mumbled Jared while Thief hissed at something in the bushes before climbing onto Jared's shoulder and still she had her jar of peanut butter in her tail tightening her grip on it. Fearing that she was going to lose it just like her nice warm bed.

“I'm here to make your dreams, or nightmares if you prefer them over sweet dreams, to come true. I had s- OUCH who throw that acorn!?!?”

“What acorn?” asked Jared unsure of what just happened.

“Somebody just threw one at me! And I just started my monologue. Ahem, now as I was saying I had sent you t- OUCH what another one? who keeps on doing that? oh when I find you bastard I’m going to- OUCH MY BALLS they got me in the balls w-wwwhy??"

Jared gave a sympathetic smile, before holding his own groin in hopes of whatever is going on that at least his balls would be safe from harm and waited for Jac- Loki to finally tell him what the hell was going...he hoped that all of this was some sort of dream or he finally tried Jacks Eel candy and was giving him an acid trip...he should know better than to try them if that was the case. “Jacks, Loki? Whoever the fuck you are! What the hell is going on where are we!?!”

“That's what I -Ouch you bitch, I'll be feeling that one in the morning- trying to tell you!! I’m sending you to another w- OOOUCH where’d that crowbar come from??? What in my name is going here! this has never happened before- to take revenge on an former student of mine Discord but know...- who brought the chainsaw? oh no not Thor's favorite dress he'll kill me if the family saw it!!!”

“Dress?” said Jared flatly remembering the story where Thor the god of thunder lost his iconic hammer and had to wear a dress in order to get it back, “he likes that shit?”

“Unfortunately…” sighed Loki with an uncomfortable shiver, “Odin would die of a heart attack if he found out...I think that whoever is throwing things at me is gone, better make this quick, I sent you sent to take vengeance on Discord, my old student for me, and since I know you can't hurt a fly I decide to turn you into the one thing you wanted the most Jason voorhees but there is an slight side effect for humans in this realm... magical poisoning you see since humans aren't technically meant to be here so the longer you're there the faster your body will fall apart yet there is a way. The more that you would kill...to kill in my name, and you might last long enough to- HOLY FUCK NOPE NOPE YOU PUT THAT DILDO AWAY NOW YOU AIN"T GETTING MY A- AAAAAHHHHH HOW SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE I FINALLY FOUND YOU!!”



“Um Loki???” asked Jared but when he heard no sign of the old Norse god he looked to Thief who blinked and he returned said blink, “Well Thief what should we do now?” he felt silly for saying that the last time he checked animals don't talk, but since this day has been trippy he thought it couldn't hurt.

“How should I know I'm just an racoon?”

“Ehhhh” went the ionic 80s monster was he felled backward passed out leaving the racoon alone stunned at what just happened before passing out herself, and strangely enough the jar in her tail open and a tiny man ran out of the jar while being chased by a lubed up six foot python of an dildo.

“THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER! THE NEXT TIME I'LL JUST GET AN- AHHH NOPE YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY SWEET ASS!” the tiny man screamed at the top of his lungs as another python dildo this one with hot pink fluffy handcuffs joined the chase “WAHHH MOMMY ANYBODY HELP!!!!”

One year later

With an mighty chop Jared cut down another great tree for both his half built home and fireplace, Thief was simply watching her owner move to and flow stripping down the once great tree of its limbs and bark, but of course she still had her jar wrapped in her tail despite everything that had happen and to this day they still didn't get what the lunatic Norse god Loki wanted them to do. Kill? Kill who? Loki was the last person they had seen, or rather heard, since being dumped like trash in the woods. Wiping the sweat from his brow Jared sighed heavily the excitement of being Jason himself had long since past though Jason's many abilities could still get a giggle out of him now and then. Once he felt he was done with the stripping of the massive 20ft tree he used only one hand to lift the entire tree as if it were effortless.

“Thief! you think this is enough wood to last us through winter?...” He asked his only companion.

“Yeah, anymore then you be making two houses.” said the little raccoon who still was bothered by the fact that she could talk.

Jared hummed at Thief's reply but suddenly he saw a flash of pink in browns and greens of the wood. Pink? He thought, since when was there pink in the woods? In the year that Jared had been in the woods he had seen many the animals, but none of them was pink.

“Thief...did you…”

''Yes...go check it out J.” replied the little raccoon before disappearing from sight, or she would of had but Jared still could see the jar in her tail sticking out like a sore thumb. Rolling his eyes Jared slung his woodcutting axe unto his shoulder and lightly jogged towards the flashes of pink amongst the darker colors of the woods, it was not long until Jared found himself quickly gaining on the pink thing then he heard a gasp and the sound of what seemed to be a pair of hooves thundering across the ground snapping sticks and other things of the woods the flash of pink that he been seeking started moving away from him.

Much like the primal instinct of a predator to chase it's fleeing prey, Jared's body starting chasing the pink prey without his 'upstairs' giving him the 'green light' to do so. His heavy footsteps crushing everything in his path, the thrill of the chase reminding him of who he was Jason Voorhees the legendarily killer from 80's slasher films, the unstoppable and unkillable monster that eats nukes for breakfast and makes butter out of the likes of Freddy Krueger from the nightmare on elm street films. The chase was nothing for the likes of him or so the labored breathing of the pink thing up ahead told him so yet he was still unable to make out what the pink flash was, no matter he will figure it out once he had his hands on the pink thing.
Then the screams started.

The screams of an young female, to some the screams was like bloody murder, but to Jared thanks to him being Jason the screams were like music to his misshapen ears. Memories of watching Jason’s kills play in the forefront of his mind making him run faster but he quickly shakes his head, he could never do any of that...the brutal kill scenes, he was a gentle soul (unless somebody kicked Thief then they’d be in a world of pain). No the least he could do was help the poor pink thing find the way out of the woods he had found such an path months ago and the only reason why he hadn't used it is because he didn't seen any signs of civilization when he popped of the woodlands for a moment. So with that resolve in his misshapen heart of hearts, he decide to be an abridged version of Jason, a good Jason for the lack of a better term.
It wasn't long until both he and the pink thing ran out of woodlands and onto one of the nearby cliffs, allowing for the first thing since the chase began a good look at the....

Anthropomorphic horse human Lady?

She was about...5 foot 4 give or take and of course pink all over her hair, eyes even her clothes were bright girly pink. She was dressed in a torn blouse and muddy pants adding some brown to her overly pink self. Her back was to the cliff itself almost on the edge staring and whimpering at the sight of him, Jared didn't knew why she was in the woods because it could be almost anything jealous b- colt friend to just being lost but what Jared did knew if she felled then she would be an goner because this specific cliff Thief nicknamed 'the hell hole' because even on the brightest day you could not see the bottom.

Jared reached out his hand in an attempt to warn her but at the moment she fearfully took a step back... and then air was filled with what will become her death scream as she fell. Jared just stood there stunned, his hand still reaching for the horse lady grasping only air before falling to his side uselessly.. that was the first real death he had ever seen with his own eyes, he like everyone knew that people die everyday but to see it in person was different.

“M-murder.” a new sudden voice said cause Jared's eyes to widen, like in an whirlwind his head snaps towards the diction of the new voice find another horse human creature this one like the dead nameless one from before was female but unlike the first one this one was blue with an dash of orange tints on the edges of her body but more importantly she had wings..... and Jared wonder if that deer he had earlier was bad.. An flying horse human thing, what was next? two headed dragons?

“MURDER!!!” shirks the blue winged her red eyes leaking tears as she flew off leaving Jared standing there his mind struggling the sheer impossibility of something at size could fly on such small wings. It was only till she was long gone Jared eyes widen..

“OH SHITTTT!” he went before running back in the safety of the woods, something saw him and she saw him there standing on the cliff when the first one felled to her death. Jared wasn't an idiot he knew if there was two there was more of the horse human things and he was only one but he was Jason so he was comfortably sure he could take anything they could throw at him. In the movies Jason had been shot; hanged; drowned; burnt; chop into bits; beheaded; took an missile to the face; fought heavily armed soldiers; nuked; hunted by Freddy there was nothing Jason couldn't handle but still that doesn't mean he always won no it was just by mere luck or being overwhelmed he lost in the end of the film despite coming back in the next movie. Unfortunately this wasn't a movie.

He had to get to the cabin to not only hid Thief, but the gather some things he’d need if he was to survive the coming storm on his forest and what he needed was his machete. It was time for Jason to make his come back, his real comeback, not that reboot from a few years ago but an real come back

Then an acorn hit him in the eye.

“Son of Bitch!! Who threw that?”

Later that day

Jared watched the large party of horse humans from the safety of the his camouflaged hunting perch one that was more designed for deer hunting than hiding from his own hunters but for the strangest reason the horses never bother to look up even the ones with wings there was times where the winged ones were so close he could reach out and simply grab (or grope them if he wanted too since almost of them were female) them and they would never see him. The horse humans were even dumber than some of the girls in the films in his opinion if the real Jason was here then all he had to do was let out an hook and they would walk straight into them, but what did worried him was the two with both wings and a horn. They unlike the others were amazonian sized women each had an foot on him and he was Jason a giant of a man, by the jewels and clothes they had on told him that he had royalty for guests, they wore long flowing dresses with the sigils of both the sun and moon, the symbols gave Jared a bad feeling about them almost like they were an warning. But wasn't the only problem Jared had that moment...

Jared hissed in both pain and at his rotten luck today.... he was stuck in an tree. But fortunately he was dealing with a group that eerily reminded him of 'Star Trek Red Shirts' basically the guys who always gets killed or for the life of them do their jobs. Which in itself unfortunate because that meant the giant women was the Captain Kurt and Captain Picard of the group, in layman terms that meant he was beyond fucked more fucked than a Klingon surrounded by Borg who so happens to misplace his weapon and Data was going Terminator on everyone's ass. From his tree he watched 'the red shirts' ran (or would the word rather be gallop in this case) like headless chickens in their attempts to find him they looked behind bushes before turning away screaming as skunks decide they wanted to be the face grabbers from Alien, they looked under rocks as small of his fingers thinking he was under them while others got their heads stuck in logs causing for the two royals to face palm at the 'red shirts' stupidly. If it wasn't for the pain he was in, or the fact that Thief's tail which still wrapped up her jar kept on going up his nose he would of laughed at the red shirts antics. He watch them dance on their heads and he watched them looking in an nearby gators mouth think he jump down the beast gullet before jumping back as the gator tried to bite their heads off.

The Royals started yelling at the red shirts tell them to stop fooling around and find the monster or they was before to Thief's horror her beloved jar sipped out of her tail and clonked the white royal in the head cause her to fall over unconscious.

“SISTER!!!” cried the blue royal as she went down to cradle her sister's head being careful of the growing lump she set the white mare's head down on her lap before picking up the jar and gave it a death glare “and what pray tell is this....thing that hurt thy sister so?”

“A jar milady, a flying jar.” said one of the nameless and useless 'red shirts' her nasally voice grating on Jared ears. he looked at his dear pet Thief whose lip was quivering and her little arms being stretched out much like a baby wanting to be picked up.

“A jar.... A flying jar???” said the blue royal slowly “A JAR HARM THY SISTER!!!!” a series of cracks sounded off in the woods as the blue crushed the jar in her grip. “yo-”

She never got to finish her sentence before an very pissed racoon jump out of the tree and latched itself on her face and started clawing and biting. Causing her to jump from the ground which in turn caused her sister's head to crack against the rocky ground growing even more lumps and (for Jared to wonder if she was going to get brain damage from all of this) to run about blindly, tramping her red shirts that dumbly stood in her way.

“AH GET IT OFFFF!!!!!!!!!!” she cried her hands ripping chunks of fur from the attacking raccoon's back, her screams ringing throughout the woods the red shirts ( the ones she yet to trample) rushed to herself and attempted to pry the angry coon away quickly found themselves sailing through the air almost if they were weightless thanks to the blue royal's bucking legs and whinnies. unfortunately one of the flying horse humans slams into the very tree Jared was stuck in, the force of the blow knocked the ionic 80's killer loose and soon the horse human was thanked by having an massive ass land on their now crushed ( and very dead) face.

At Jared's sudden appearance and him sitting on an copse, the red shirts screamed before running away then very very peculiarly they ran off the nearby cliff and ran on the very air itself or they did until they looked down then right back up to the blue royal that somehow just at that moment pulled the angry coon off of her face and Jared, whimpering pitifully each of the red shirts out of nowhere pulled out signs that said HELP before falling like sacks of potatoes. The trio just blinked and cocked their heads.

“Um whaaat???” said the blue royal with the look of 'the hell just happen' on her face. While others just slapped their foreheads before pulling their hand/paws down their face. Once again the woods grew silent as the trio just stared at each other forgotten why their were doing there thanks to the unbelievable stupidity of the 'red shirt' horse humans... the quiet lasted for the strangest time until the racoon saw the remains for her jar and again attacked the blue royal but this time blue was ready for the angry coon and recited an blue color shield which the poor coon made an impression on it in the shape of an racoon and slowly slid down it, filling the air with an the sound the sounded like nails on an check broad.

“Huzzah I finally got you foul little demon!” Cheered the Blue royal before an massive meaty fist sends her flying, her back landing roughly against the rough tree bark. For a moment she saw hunky naked stallions prancing about her with long glasses of moonshine in hand before she shake her head and her eyes narrowed on the masked giant cradling the evil raccoon in his arms. He hit her... HE HIT HER!!!

“Thief! THIEF SPEAK TO ME!!!” cried Jared.

“Mommy! the dog ate my dollies” mummer the dizzy racoon before passing out with an 'baka'
Suddenly a massive blue energy beam hits Jared square in the nose causing him to drop the poor little raccoon onto the unforgiving ground causing a massive dust cloud to conceal the ionic monster. The blue royal cheered in triumph that she had punished the foolish naive that dare to hit her, a mad smile upon her lips she puts her hands on her hips striking a victory pose, but then to her horror the monster walks out of the dust cloud naught an even scratch on him.

“Oh you shouldn't have done that girly,” growled Jared knock back his massive fist “I'm a fucking Scotsmen!” and with that Blue was once again sent flying while the white one mumbled something about cakes and a cheating frog prince.

With an blue flash of light, the blue royal reappeared above Jared and did a hammer arm strike which he was too slow to block. Jared felt the ground breath him creak loudly from the force of the strike. With an stomp Jared send himself into the air before the ground opened up in an fissure landing far enough where the gasping open couldn't catch him, again Blue came after him but this time he was ready. He did an roundhouse kick that caught Blue by the waist sending her spinning like a child's spinning top toy before giving her another taste of his fist. Her head snaps back and she stumble dizzily almost stepping into the fissure before disappearing in blue light.

Jared's eyes narrowed as he strengths his guard, he feel like what he assumed the real Jason felt when he fought Freddy in the dream world. Blue whoever she was, was able to take his hits something he thought wasn’t possible giving Jason's superhuman strength but then again that was movie logic. With blue ability to teleport and her own 'superhuman' strength it might as well be a movie, nevertheless he knew that he had to end this before Blue reveal even more her abilities, that's amusing she was running by movie logic.

In one swift movement he unsheathe his or rather Jason's trusty machete, thinking that based off of this world's logic he should get an power boost from the weapon or he was reading manga logic too deeply again. Then again he could be right given what he had see so far.

Out of the corner of his saw Blue reappear out of thin air, her dress was torn in quite a few places thanks to the battle thus far but the same couldn't be said for the lower parts of the dress, it had a long rip into that shown off her left leg yet it gave her an classy feel. She glared at the old slasher film star with the same fury as Ash from the evil dead movies did. “Thou have some skill monster but thy will lose this fight.''

“We shall see Blue, but dose thy mother knowst that you wear her drapes??”

“Thy dare insult the Princess of the Night, Luna Țepeș the daughter of the vampony king!!'' Screeched Luna with all of a woman's fury in her teal eyes. ''I'll have your head Monster!!'' her horn burst in flaming blue light creating mini storm clouds around her '' Storm Art: Thunder Dragon's Roar!!!”

A massive and seemingly undodgeable shock wave of magical lightning washes over Jared filling the air with the smell of burnt flesh and cloth. Luna vents her mirth at crushing one that dare to mock her and her power cackling madly, but as the clouds and dust settle down for their rest revealed the monster not harmed in anyway outside of his body lightly smoking, seeing this Luna felt like weeping one of her strongest attacks was shrugged off like her mighty power was nothing.

''Heh, is that it? I know smoking can kill you, but I expected something more?'' mocked Jared heartily, though with no idea how he was left unharmed, but he just sumed it up to him being Jason and anime logic.

“B-b-b- but how?!?” Luna lamented “that was an finishing move!! Even a elder dragon couldn't survive that attack! you should be dea-”

Then an acorn hit her in the nose.

“ouch who threw that!!” screamed Luna rubbing her poor nose.

“I’ve been trying to figure that one out myself.” shrugged Jason his mask hiding his twitching eye, his grip on his iconic weaponry tightening, “nevertheless it's time to end this.” with a mighty step he charges the questioning night princess with a blade shining in the failing sun light, the glare of sun on metal caught her in the eyes effectively blinding her from the monster's attack. As his blade neared the blind princess he tripped over a root and crashed into the royal sending them into the hard ground with a loud grunt of pain but unfortunately for Luna, the monster ended up on top of her and used her as a cushion.

At that moment the great white royal dizzily woke up from her unexpected nap. For a moment she stared dumbly at the downed couple, not understanding why the fluffy blob of limbs were laying there when they could be making her a forty two course meal of cakes until her eye refocused and her pale white cheeks burst with red “LUNA!!! What's going on here!!!”

“It's not what it looks like!!” shirked Jared in attempt remove himself from his very unconsenting feminine 'bed' but his massive hands unintentional groped the fruits of Eros causing the penned mare to half moan/shirk at the very clearing unwanted and rough contact.

“TIA HELP!!! OH SWEET FAUST SOMETHING POKING ME!!!!!! NOPE NOPE!!!! AH~” screamed Luna her limbs struggling to free herself or at least free her girls from their rough treatment. Yet due the the monster's shear bulk each movement on her part just made things worse.

“Oh fuck stop moving PLEASE!! YOU’Re MAKING IT WORSE!!” moaned Jared who just realized that since he was not truly Jason there were somethings that.. well for the lack of a better work gave him 'complications' he lacked Jason's stoic denial of man’s love for the female body. “This was never in the movies~”

“GET OFF OF HER YOU BEAST!!!!” screeched the great white lady her hair erupting with all the might of a supernova, the dreaded feminine fury from anime and the duty of an extremely protective sister... in other words Jared was an deadman. From her ivory white horn a beam of equally white energy slams into him knocking Jared off of the downed mare but in doing so torn the front of Luna's dress revealing her fruits of Eros for all of the woodland to see.

The white energy kept pushing the massive bulk of Jared with both his machete and bit of dress in hand as well pushing Thief's prone form towards the thickest of trees. He felt invisible chains dance his form as he found that even with Jason's monstrous strength he could not break the enchantment it was not long till he felt the magic chaining him to the tree binding his body to the point it hurt to breathe. Straining himself he tried to rip the tree itself away from his body...it didn't move the white was joined of that of blue keeping the tree from failing. With the light of recognition and unexplainable dread he looked to the two royals... and what he saw made his heart quicken he struggles grow more intense.

Around the two royals was glistening gem stones floating in the air circling the two and their faces was something monstrous and that was the last thing he saw...

With an great sigh of relief and unsteady legs due to the great drain of using their secret weapon of the elements of harmony, the two royals almost slump to the ground marveling for a moment at the crystal coffin they made, seal inside of the coffin lay the monster and his demon rat frozen in what seemed like a sleeping death. As they marveled the coffin was magically buried into the great white oak the same that helped them in the sealing of the monster. The magic left little sign of the crystal of the coffin. Luna the blue one attempted to shield her chest from the world with her arms since she lacked the necessities to repair her dress, but her sister quickly pulled her arms away causing the apple like fruits of Eros to slightly bounce.

“Come on dear sister let's where us an nice lake to clean you up in” said Celestia her multicolored hair to shine in an light pink. “we'll cleanse of that beastly monster…”

“sister... can we cuddle?” said Luna in an small almost heartbreaking tears licking the corner of her eyes.

Celestia pulls her in close and rest her baby sister's head on her own fruits of Eros and her wings shielding the smaller mare from the cruel world and light kisses her, “Of course Lulu we cuddle all you want.”

Author's Note:

a big thank you to Lord Despair helping me to make this real and Gypsybard help me to make the editor for this story and also I am using this guy headcanons for this story

(and btw the story is not dead... I need to re-make/re-fix this.)

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Comment posted by Sk1Tz deleted Dec 17th, 2016

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