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i live to serve the princess of the night, aka the goddess of the moon aka princess luna...^^

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Not bad it's very good hopefully there might be more like such in the future.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: After all Anon needs a major break from all of the story Anon been in. :derpytongue2:

For Austin "Brony_Headbanger" Lanham, I'll really miss your YouTube readings of fics but I wish you luck on your new channel and hope your foray into music takes off.

Care to give me a link to those channels?

I don't know.. It just seems so hastily thrown together. Almost as if one day you were just writing down a bunch of generic ideas and situations for a really cheesy story and came up with the brilliant idea of, "Hey, why I don't I put them all together and make one giant cluster-fuck of a story."

Wow, I never knew that there would be a fic that's dedicated to me. Thanks so much for this man. It really means alot. :rainbowkiss:

This calls for a Whitechapel video. :twilightsmile:

Stolen from "You will never share an intimate moment with twilight sparkle"!

7794190 no honest to celestia its not! I...know there are some similarites like the set and the idea but honestly it really a coincidence that some thongs read the same....i...wrote this story for a good friend who needed it the most...but you just wanna accuse me of being a Charlton and a cheat by stealling? Fine im a thief, im a liar, and im nothing...just like this fandom and this site is slowly becoming

Too rushed and sex only. I dislike it!!

I concur I started out good but the love scene felt rushed to me but hey the author has room for improvement!

your not a cheat man don't listen to that jack ass

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