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Shining Armor would not call his current life too complicated or stressful. But during one of Cadance and Chrysalis' arguments, the question "who has the sexiest rear?" was brought into question. Both mares, unwilling to let the other lose, it now falls to Armor to decide who has the most attractive rear. Hopefully Armor can find a way to get out of this with his own parts still intact.

This story was inspired by a comic found online. PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE AND CONTENT! :twilightsmile:

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Umm I would ask but heheh but....

I'm more amazed this went through. I was half afraid of it being rejected.

7652840 First "Rainy Days" gets a fanfic adaptation and now this?:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::heart::rainbowlaugh:

Wouldn't it be a better idea to link the actual comic the story is based off of, instead of a video dub with a link in it as well?

Corrected, thank you

I just saw it and thought it would be funny

Similar to this.

That was the direct inspiration

"who has the sexiest rear?"

THAT IS A LOADED QUESTION! There is no good answer.

7653198 What if the Mane 7 walked in and saw Spike.......

How did this succeed?! :twilightblush:

7653275 not just from looking. Shining should have done proper testing. Such as softness (kissing), toughness (biting), and -- most importantly -- resiliency (spanking). Only after exhaustive testing could a best butt be decided.

:facehoof: Poor Shining.

7653099 Well clearly you were right:raritywink:

Luna and Molestia are tied for best butt from my point of view.

Oh look, Bendy submitted a new story...wait, what!?

I have been in a similar situation. Only it wasn't butts but home cooking between two sisters. Sadly the result was almost the same. One thew a punch at the other and decked me in the face. But I vote Chrysalis... or Twilight.

7652840 All tiny horse fans harbor one small, deep, dark secret.

At the end of the day, we're all a little, just a tad bit, completely understandably perverted.

There is no way to answer this question that leaves him on top. You go with one or the other, the one you pick becomes an insufferable bitch and rubs it in the face of the angry and rejected girl (who blames you). Pick neither and both are on you like white on rice. Pick both and they call it a cop out and will either force you to decide or return to fighting. Pick someone else and it's basically the same as picking none.

7655885 Yeah... Hehe, just a little.....
*whistles innocently and slides clop folder out of sight*

7952653 It's fine.

THere's an entire hidden section of clop on this site.

7953420 Except it's not hidden that well...
How I know this is unimportant:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

7954768 Its not 'fine'
Its 'A damn good addiction':ajsleepy:

7956827 How did we get to this?

I've been reading each comment thinking the same thing. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn, that was a good story, let me just put a comment here.....
*end flashback*
And that's the answer to life...

7957123 You were reading this?! :rainbowderp:
*points randomly*

:rainbowlaugh: You didn't know? As the writer, I get notifications when anyone comments on the story. So I see everything. :twilightsmile:

7957996 :rainbowhuh: ....... Buck.....
*hides under pile of clop*
Oh hey, haven't seen this one before...


Yup that's how I typically feel.


I am fully aware when anyone comments on the story, so I was curious and read everything you've all been writing. :twilightsmile:


7963734 1F Y0n ©4N R34D TH15 Y0n R ©00|_

7963734 It is a very good story.

No idea how horse porn got here.

Honest to god, no idea.

7963809 I'm sure we'll survive. Hopefully.

7963820 If I don't make it...
*cough, wheeze*
I just want you to know...
*slow breathing*
I always... loved Luna as best princess

7963819 It is indeed a very good story, and it includes two horses (not whorses, two very different things) doing some booty shaking, which is kinda porn. Hence, horse porn arrived

7963734 On the topic of horsing around (:trollestia:lulz)...
What is the difference between a horse, and a whorse?
There is none, calling a mare either gets you killed :rainbowlaugh:

"If you can read this, you are cool"
It's no problem, and I had no idea where it came from either. If anything, it's nice to see how you all enjoyed the story.

7963955 Welcome to the cool club, good sir. A jolly good story this is.

Acl zmw pgxf rjgu?


Acl zmw pgxf rjgu?

Little more difficult. I'll take a swing and say "Can you read this?"
If I'm right, you used a Caesar cipher.

7964016 Yes you are correct, no clue what that is, all I did was take the letter and change it three back, three forward, three back, etc.

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