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Through the power of my imagination only, I created all you see before you. Everything and everyone is a part of my story, of which I am its only Author. Behold, as I bestow you portions of my mind.


Requested by mrkillwolf:

" Hollow Shades. A famous mystical place that's filled with bat ponies, living under Princess Luna's moon, know for the famous Rumors of mysterious and mythical creatures who live there. Examples are the so called Headless horse and notorious Slendermane who haunt the dreams of many ponies. Many others are said to be there, but with the speculations rumors of its location and fake leads/rumors, it's become a cold, lost rut. But a new rumor has come up of a creature, no, a monster in Hollow Shades that stands high as if it was a minotaur,with metal protruding out of its back and arms like a dragon. The locals say it has a face of a demented, cracked faced porcelain doll with a stare that will make even King Sombra get a shiver down his spine. They say It carries a gaint, rusted meat cleaver and carries a bear trap which spikes resemble a manticore's teeth. Some ponies say that its 'real' face is distorted and scarred, as if the wounds are old. It wears an outfit that represents a butcher, but is made of some old, green material. The name the locals have given to this thing is, The Trapper..."

MLP/Dead by daylight crossover


Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 22 )

i really like how this is going keep up the good work man this is really good

Dude i barely find 2 or more stories thst i like that are are made by the author please keep going

We like this start, though we hope to continue such reading joy.

It's good and all, but... I think it needs more explosions.

7655317 After some chapters

The Trapper vs The Predator

This is a pretty good start if I say so myself!

(I should get back to writing my fic...)

this story is vert instersting to read it has my full atition now keep up the good work update soon :twilightsmile:

Yes, yes... Dead By Daylight. One of my favorite games.

But the real question is: When will Michael come?

not enough Dwight

More please?

I love where this is going.:heart:

Please continue

7985234 Yes please do so

so the entity brought the trapper to equestria huh welp there fucked because if the trapper is there than most likely the wraith and the hag and the hillbilly and the doctor and the nurse and now for the biggest one of them all michale Alex Myers know as the shape wouldn't be to far behind. Let's just hope the entity doesn't bring the rest of em there too because if it does than equestria is gonna be on the hooks literally be on the HOOKS heh get it because most of the time the killers oh forget it 😑

A shame for it to be cancelled

If often saddens me to see such a story such as this to have such potential of being a fantastic story only to be canceled. It is often hard to find great stories of your favorite game.


But... This story is marked as complete. What makes you so sure that this story was cancelled?

It was cancelled, until I decided it is better as a one-shot and marked it as completed.

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