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The cutie mark crusaders get into an accident, and after a visit to the hospital, a secret that Applejack and Applebloom have been keeping comes out.

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Biggest mindfuck I've ever read.

Interesting theory.

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The above post is relatively true fax. I've read crazier things, but this ranks up there. Very well-written though, and despite the disturbing implications I got warm fuzzies. Five stars.

Very interesting. That certainly is something to think about. I could see it happening, although I'd think Applejack would be a bit more forceful in denying it. :applejackunsure:

However, for a 1-chapter fic, that certainly is a nice change of pace. I wonder if this would affect Apple Bloom getting her cutie mark. I wonder if getting the courage to admit it in public would give her the mark. :applecry:

What would the mark of courage look like?

It wasn't what i thought I would be. It's a really touching and sweet story.

even though it was short it was good, interesting, and the theory preposed is to some degree valid.
All in all good story wouldn't mind more short short stories from this author.

very interesting, very well done

There is more that you are not telling us... Perhaps you will write a sequel?

44316 I agree, it would be nice to read.

Cute short story. The ending wraps things up nicely, while still leaving room for a sequel should it be desired.

Figures. there is no canon that applebloom is not her daughter thus she is. Unlike sweetie bell who was thought to be rarity's daughter at one point until proven otherwise in the sister hooves social episode.
all in all a great fic.

Whoa... interesting development here.. very interesting... I liked it :ajsmug:

I was actually not expecting that. Great story there, great pacing, the characterization was well done, and I didn't see a single spelling mistake. You my friend, are in the 5 star club. by all means, please keep up the good work.

THis is an Appledash, isn't it?:ajbemused::rainbowderp:
cute story though. I bawled.:raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::applecry:

I hope Mac killed that uncle. As for the parts with Rainbow and AJ, am I sensing my OTP? Hope so :3

This fic might as well be mind-screwy on purpose. :ajbemused:


It'd be a medal of course

Well, that was a sweet little tale. 7 out of 10 for content! :pinkiehappy:

Please make a sequel :) this is such a beautiful story thank you.

Awww! I love it. :heart:

I like this one. There are probably hundreds of fics that take this idea (Apple Bloom being Applejacks daughter), and use it as an excuse for a clopfic or just use it to try and do something Screwball-y. But you've come up with a logical and more-or-less honorable way for that to happen, and have explored at least some of the implications of such a relationship.


....I felt like you implied RD being scootaloo's mom for a second there.
Nice story hope to see more.

“That SOB ain’t in my life anymore, and I don’ even know what happened to him.”

Big Mac tracked him down and killed him.

I remember Princess Celestia getting really upset with some of her guards

Why even TRY to stop her? I know Celestia would not normally resort to violence but she could easily destroy her own guards.

Good story, but we seriously need spaces between paragraphs. :facehoof:

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