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Aspiring writer who likes to combine historical weaponry with MLP, ecentric in a good way and always trying to be happpy. Like to write about characters being redeemed and war stories



When Discord senses a magical disturbance unlike any he has felt before, little does he or the princesses know just how much a disturbance has occurred. A displaced and under-manned crew aboard a recently captured battleship arrives, and Princess Luna develops feelings for one of them. Meanwhile an ancient and forgotten evil has awaken. War is coming...
(Also can be seen on my account on FanFiciton.net) Also this takes place in 1942! So this is historical only until April 1942!

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Comment posted by Admiral Q Ponyform deleted Oct 19th, 2016

7653853 I do know the Fuso, along with her sister ship the Yamashiro went down in October 1944 in the Philipines. This is alternate timeline, however as this is taking place in 1942
Also, read the story beyond the first chapter!

..should I read this??????????? Y3A I11 G1V3 1T A TRY :)

7653853 Really?

can i get more info? you seem like you know this subject well.

I'm bit of an odd person, just suddenly gained an interest in getting to know a bit more about that:twilightblush:

just randomly gained an interest, and i don't know why:applejackconfused:

I had to reread some parts because I'm mental and my brain is too dumb to register what's going on. Otherwise good chapter.

7654927 Fusō was part of Vice-Admiral Shōji Nishimura's Southern Force at the Battle of Leyte Gulf. She was sunk in the early hours of 25 October 1944 by torpedoes and naval gunfire during the Battle of Surigao Strait. Some reports claimed that Fusō broke in half, and that both halves remained afloat and burning for an hour, but according to survivors' accounts, the ship sank after 40 minutes of flooding. Of the few dozen crewmen who escaped, only 10 survived to return to Japan.

7654869 Thanks, I take it you like it?

Quite a few spelling mistakes along with punctuation errors . Although this is a good story to my understanding. Also I see what you're doing there Lulu O.o

'Jacob, you really are lucky to have such a wonderful person as a friend.'

You mean mare friend right :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Sunny Starscout deleted Oct 20th, 2016

Tis a nice chapter. We hope to see more. CONTINUE!

Comment posted by Sunny Starscout deleted Oct 20th, 2016

Thosee Fillies wanted To See Some Action :rainbowkiss:

Where's discord eating his popcorn?

Sadly. I skipped most of the chapter. It was rather uninteresting and I just read the important plot and few details. I don't know what I say half of the time

I wonder what happens next.

One Shall Stand, and one shall fall

...Transformers anyone? Or is it just me

This Is Just a Comment :)

Ya kidding me. That was like the best 10 hours of isolation and reading :rainbowlaugh: anyways great storie hope to see more content from you

Grammar and spelling could use some work. But aside from that it's fine.

Woah woah woah... din't I see a 300 spartan the 1st movie reference? Nice touch still... king Leonidas wins you know...

7666674 Thank you. I have two models of her and I carry one of them around me in my pocket. In fact I have it in my hand right now :rainbowlaugh:

7666876 Again thanks. It actually caused me less of a headache selecting her as a basis of the Royal Equestrian Navy's ironclad fleet than finding out how many guns the USS Constitution-based sailing frigates had because the results varied :P

I enjoyed it and will there be a sequel? Cause at the end the SS or more correctly the Germans.... and let me guess they will be in peace then later war... right?

7670209 Correct! Already posted the first chapter of the sequel and also started an inter-sequel on Fanfiction.net. Waiting a bit before posting on here cause the rules can be a tad bit confusing to me tbh :facehoof:

7670231 I can wait... still one question... WHY MUST YOU MAKE DERPY DIED :raritydespair: she's one of my favourite mare in the show....

7670231 still is a nice story for me after playing World Of Warships though...

7670236 TO create strong emotions for both the readers and the Mane 6

I'll be honest here, the story doesn't work for me.
I think a major point is that I am not really that much of a fan of the Fuso itself. :trixieshiftright:

It's not perfectly written but far from unreadeble. But overall, even though I didn't enjoy it all that much I'll leave you a like, make good use of it. :raritywink:
The main reason for the like however is that the idea of a famous warship in Equestria. I instantly liked the concept of that and you gave me the idea to do something based on the same principle. But I wont copy your story, so no need to scream bloody murder for copyright reasons at me :derpytongue2:
Maybe it will never see the light of day, but that's beside tha point, You inspired me to at least try to place my favorite Ship in Equestria and I thought I'd let you know that. Maybe you're proud of yourself :twilightsmile:

And before anybody guesses, no It's not the Yamato :pinkiegasp:

7670677 I respect your opinion and thank you for at least taking the time to read it. I picked the Fuso for personal reasons and I am glad it gave you your own ideas

Wait wait .. we already saw the Japanese, Americans, Germans And Russian... Where's France and UK?

I have spent almost a week reading this, well I'm not really sure if it has been a week but, since Tuesday, I think. I love this and will look forward to more from you. ALot of people don't like military in equestria due to the common similarities between the stories, but this is unique and is definitely different, in a good way.

7684516 Thank you. I try my best to make decent stories. Glad you enjoyed it and I am already working on the sequel! :pinkiehappy:

Great story! I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.

7704951 Awesome! :pinkiehappy: Glad to hear it! Started the sequel in fact

The pacing is way too fast. Unless I missed a massive amt of the story, this all happened in one day... Have a very hard time swallowing that. Perhaps the former humans could learn to walk on four legs in a day, especially with help from the benevolent pony nation... but they seem to have woken up and shrugged off turning into a new species, some of which are mythical, and transported to a new world of talking ponies! The whole bit about asylum and assisting a new ally is totally believable, but again pacing is way fast. Day one new world, new bodies, and new friends... Day two, back to war! Spread things out, enjoy em! If ya ever go back to re-edit the few spelling and grammar errors, consider altering the timeline just a tad. Other than that seems OK, but I do hope that other humans get some character development. Would be nice to see interactions with Burns, Fuji, and the ponies and all the culture clashes!


Other than what I have already mentioned, the only thing that I felt lacking here was during the beach rescue scene. I thought that the Fuso would add its awesome firepower there, but didn't... I mean according to Wikipedia the Fuso was equipped with 95 of these...


Now I know that they are evenly spaced around the ship and less than 1/2 could possibly fire toward the beach landing area... but imagine apx 40 of these buggers pounding the baddies following the refugees... I seriously doubt that many would have made it off the beach with hundreds of these shells cutting into 'em.


I added the pic to show folks the size of the shells fired by the smallest weapons mounted on the Fuso. The are 25×163 mm :) mmmm firepower

In any event, onward!

8091515 The n umber of 25mm cannons varied from the years, this is the year 1942, so it didn't have all of the twenty-five guns it had when it was sunk just yet. And there is a spacing, as I have placed dates at the top of each chapter, but in a way I do agree that it is way too close timing

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