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Clare Gundersen

Hello! My name is Clare Ruth Gundersen, and I am a 15 year old shy, autistic catgirl who loves cats, candy, anime, manga, cosplaying, acting, singing, dancing, reading, and writing very much! <3



A strange animal has shown up in the Everfree Forest- an animal the ponies said will bring doom and agony upon each and every one of them and needs to be avoided at all cost. However, Fluttershy sees past this animals teeth and claws, and understands that it needs help. However, knowing that it would surely be killed if found, Fluttershy takes the ultimate challenge- to raise the dangerous animal herself.
Coverart By Watercolor The Pegasus (Christmas Name: Watercolor The Elf)

Chapters (5)
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Comment posted by Ericcartmanlikescheese deleted Oct 17th, 2016

7744020 He insulted my story using a clip from an episode from South Park.

before I read the story. what is the Dark and Gore tag for ?

7744180 I'll use the spoiler tag. Later in the story, a character ends up eaten.

It's sounds like a great storyline hope to see it extended sorta rushed thou. Wish you would have expanded more. But I'll mark and follow for updates!! And a like for you.:pinkiesmile:

7903918 I rush a little when I write due to hating slow paced stories. Thank you for commenting! :pinkiehappy:

May I ask why you put a good fic in the badfics bin? It was in the self submissions folder.

8089120 After reading it, I believe that my fic was pretty bad, so I put it there. Please don't be mad. :fluttershysad:

8099706 It deserves to be in the good fics group! Don't bring yourself down! :twilightsmile:

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