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A hard reset hn? Well, maybe it is for the best.^^ Must say, I quite like the little bit with Patty talking about a Deja-Vu expierience.


Yeah, kinda just lost control of everything at one point and lost where I was going with it, so I thought I'd start again -w-
The old Zinnia still existed, her universe just ceased to exist. In the grand scheme of things you could pretty much refer to her as Dead, but everything she did and went through is still technically canon/real.

(Also long time no see :twilightblush:)

Ya, indeed, long no see. Partialy my own fault though, stooped RL and all.^^°

Well, guess I gonna have a Hard Reset waiting for my own story then too, an opportunity to tie up some ends. Not to say that it was not extremly fun to write what we did, cause that would be a big, fat lie. But you are not the only one who lost quite some control there.

I mean I'd still be interested in that if you are but this time we could try and structure it a bit better :twilightsheepish: I mean the relationship was a bit... well, to use a common word, "rushed"

Call the child by it´s proper name Hon, what we did there was more rushed than a god damn Blitzkrieg!*laughs* Still gonna Hard Reset too, if only for a clean restart in that departement. Time for some wibley wobley, timey wimmey stuff.
But ya, I think I would very much like it if our girls where to cross paths again, one day.:twilightsmile:

Faved and tracked. Glad to see Zinnia is still here and I can't wait to hopefully work with you in the near future

All in all, pretty good reboot. I'll keep track of this.

A Major-Rewrite huh? What difference's are gonna happen in this Story?


Well, you'll just have to read and find out, won't you? :moustache:

Well, this time, there is no "Sex" tag, so propably a lot less smut than in the previous version. Plus you can tell Gale´s style of writing improved quite a bit, so there is that too.^^

It's good. Even for a Displaced story...

Wait, what am I saying? Why is there even a feud between HiE and Displaced? They're the same thing!
Your story is great.

7711839 I don't know whether or not to agree with you about that but one thing is for sure it'll turn out better than the New 52.
I expect many characters will be experiencing Deja-Vu as time goes on.

“Y’know a guy in that asylum thought he was being raised by a bunch of sentient gemstones with bodies made of light?”


Hey, you should know me a bit.^^ I´m a oportunistic optimist. The glass is allways halfway full and if not, Imma gonna steal your glass and pour its contents into my own.

Oh ya, funny headache times ahead.:applejackconfused:

7714466 Hah! You got me there.

I just hope it doesn't become a trend.

Heh, the more that I learn about that chubby little freak, the happier it makes me to think that, somewhere out there, Steven is suffering.
Nice to see this again.

As good as always, friend. Cheers, and well wishes for this new beginning!

In all honesty, I saw little problem with the old version, it may have been passionate, but I didn't really find it rushed. Probably just me being inexperienced, but I guess that's how it is. Anyway, cheers to a new beginning.

So.. is Rita still going going to be a thing?


Yeah, about that... we're gonna have to talk about her

So you redoing this story cool

7711839 True enough, but we must say farewell to the good ship OverZin
Let us hope she shall sail again.

Chat with Rayquaza?

Zinnia is taking this waking next to an anthro-pony a little too much in stride I think, unless she's still going to be on about how she thinks she's still drugged.


Simple answer: I refer you to the chapter titled thusly

1 - The Story Truly Begins

Specifically, the Dream Sequence area.

Works for me (read faster than I can comprehend sometimes too :twilightsheepish:).

Zoey blinked, looking over Trixie for a moment before her gaze landed on the mare’s chest. “Oh!” she cried in realisation, slamming a fist into her open palm. “Right, gotcha. My tits are bigger.”


You're missing a sentence right there.

Nope, just something I forgot to take out. Thanks for spotting that.


Well ok then. You're welcome.

Liking the reboot so far!

Not sure if this is something you're going to be doing or not, but you should only write the crossover chapters in your story if it happens in your world. If it's in another displaced's world, just leave a link somewhere to the chapter and story that it happens. It's what I'm going to be doing. (Once I get through this last chapter)

Comment posted by Falx_of_Lume deleted Jan 13th, 2017

What is this a crossover of?

Any way to read the original? I read a chapter in someone else's displaced story,but the link was password locked.:fluttershyouch:


when are you going to update?

Imma tell you the same thing I tell everyone else that asks.
I update when a chapter is done. I don't work to a schedule. I have two jobs and college to write around, and I'm also currently making a full-fledged GAME. The only thing that's less likely to make me update is people asking me when I'm gonna update.

I like your story so far hope to see more one day and I also hope life gets a bit easier for you

How the heck do you function on your schedule? That doesn’t sound like you have time to sleep. I congratulate you, because there is no way in hell I could do what you do


What's sleep? Is that a new kind of coffee?

It’s actually this thing where you willingly go unconscious for about eight hours

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