• Published 13th Oct 2016
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Of Stallions and Mares - Michael Hudson

With this ring, you shall become a king. For three stallions, this promise is a chance to change everything. To turn their lives around, and have the fun they've always dreamed of, and much more.

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Will this took a turn, and I cannot say I'm disappointed. I shall patiently sit and watch for more.

I'm waiting on the line for one of their friends say you become worse than your brother

I see the ring and think of this


Hey, I've been enjoying reading this story over the last two days and I have to say I can't wait for more. My only question is really more of an observation, but it seems as if rumble is the main character who will inherit the rings power while feather and button will get occasional use, and if so will this lead to an equestria under a male's rule? If so very interesting

8874241 You're actually absolutely right for your observations! Unfortunately, I also should have put this as cancelled awhile ago, and I no longer am being commissioned for this fic, nor have an interest in continuing this. I'm sorry.

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