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Horse words are the best words.

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Nothing more sexy than a corrupted Twilight broken by the shear lust of a cock wielding Nightmare Moon. The sexual punishment and pleasure Twilight's body receives, while also being stretched and inflated is my favorite part.

Along with her internal battle as she tries to ignore her deep down debaucherous ways. So looking forward to the next chapter when the rest of the mane six can see Twilight's true self...and maybe show how *pleasant* it can be, being nothing more than Nightmare Moons broodmares, especially in her now ravished cum soaked form...

i hate celestia right now because of her spell.I can t even how much 1000 years of blueballs feel like , 1000 years of heat without release , it s the most cruellest thing i have read (yes this is worse than "Cupcake")

Not saying anything bad, cause i loved this, but doesn't Nightmare Moon/Luna normally get a member because of the 'Nightmare' not something Celestia does?

7649741 I guess that's a fairly common way people write her. "She's a corrupt villain, so of course she has a cock."

I just thought that presenting Celi as needlessly cruel would be an interesting angle. The idea that not only did she trap Luna/NM on the moon on the one hand, but she also gave her the anguish of having this chained member and not be able to satisfy its needs. And it also gave Luna/NM extra incentive to seek revenge against Celi, which I'm sure will happen with time ;)

i like it thought i kind of expcet twilight to see nightmare cock and make comment about she has one as well and then break down cry about being freak cause of what the princess said to her long ago.

but this is good sotry

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Love it. Please keep this going. I love mind-break stories.

I very much enjoyed this! I can't wait for more!

Really liked your first chapter, hits a lot of notes I enjoy.
Can't wait for more, and curious if you'll do a picture to go along every chapter?

7651107 In an ideal world, yes, there will be art for each chapter. There will probably be three chapters in all to this story, the second two of which will come out eventually.

I’ve been hard for a 1000 years

She should see her doctor.

'normally get a member because of the 'Nightmare' not something Celestia does?'
and? its a story and from the way he talks about celestia in the story she seems to sound more like molestia then celestia and giving luna/nmm a cock just to blue ball her for 1000 years sounds like the kinda thing molestia would do. besides dude its a story theres no one way for anything to happen as long as its believable its valid and if you base this off the possibility of the celesti in the story bein molestia or somethin similar to that then its very believable lol

Porn was my favorite subject in school it still is especially pony porn like this.

Fan wait for updates man it seems amazing so far best one ive read of Nmm.

Finally got around to reading this, very well done! It's a noticeable improvement over your last story! :pinkiehappy: I especially loved the descriptions of how nightmare's cock was bulging twilight's throat out~

If I could give a point to improve on tho, you don't really describe just how incredibly bloated with jizz that twilight is! you just say she looks like she's has a baby dragon in her womb and that it! I want to hear about how she can't wrap her hooves around her belly for how bi it is, or even walk anymore because her gut is so stuffed full of jizz that her legs non longer reach the floor!

of course, this is largely personal preference. I just love some belly focus~

"Hey doc, I've had an erection for longer than 4 hours."
"How much longer?"
"A little over 8 million 850 thousand hours."

So, how the hell did Twilight breathe with a +2 foot long +9 inch thick dick down her esophagus?
(Do ponies have freaking cloaca in this fic or something?!) :ajbemused:

Mmmmmmmmagic *snort-snort*
The is a princess with 1000 years of magical blueballs...... No one cares about esophagus.
Magically-oxygen rich pre? I don't know. Something.

Damn. Ya got me right in the breeding fetish.

7653218 I dunno, out of reading, writing, meth, and porn, the third one was my favorite - although, porn followed not too far behind...

So is Spike going to starve in the wardrobe? :twilightoops:

... So spike won't be given the chance to join in the action?

7778678 I'm sure he'll find his way out somehow. Who knows, he might even appear in the final confrontation somewhere?

Good chapter keep it up

Spike... In a wooden wardrobe...

Interesting chapter. It makes me wonder if Applejack is completely gone or will still appeal to Luna's side of things. Though I don't see why Nightmare wouldn't want a dragon on her side. Surely he can be of use? *Cough* Double Dick *Cough* :trollestia: :moustache:

I like how you're not backing out of the corruption. Lots of stories would make Nightmare more compassionate, or have one or more of the characters escape. So I appreciate that actually, Nightmare is super powerful and everyone's fucked.

Why get an Image in my head that Chrysalis will Show up at one point and "Team" up with Nightmear? :unsuresweetie:
That would be interesting...... Oh my brain you evil ting you... :pinkiecrazy:

I'm so conflicted about this story. I really don't like Futa-stuff, but I absolutely love the way you're writing dark mind- and body control.
Is there any chance we'll see more of the MC-stuff without Futa-stuff in the future, maybe in another story?

7795991 The villains in this show are great, but Nightmare Moon & Chrysalis are easily my favorites! So don't worry, I most certainly will be featuring Nightmare Moon in future stories!

When the "bad end" is really the best end

Felt like the ending was a tad rushed, lacked a little description when they really got deep in Celestia but overall pretty damn good dude.


7796370 so will there be a sequel? One where the rebellion takes place? One where Blueblood dies and Moondancer takes charge like she was supposed to?

8093283 You know, maybe some day. There are a lot of other things in the pipeline at the moment, so this isn't a fic world I'd be returning to in the immediate future. I enjoyed writing this though, so it might come back eventually.

Absolutely amazing.

Could always get someone else to something around it like maybe with Chryssie if you gave permission.

Well this story was fun..and gave me a scary thought...A Nightmare Moon who returns after 1000 years...with friends that crawl in the darkness and void... Lovecraft crossover...:coolphoto:

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