• Published 17th Oct 2016
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The Night To Last Forever - Mackstack

After 1000 years, Nightmare Moon is free from her prison, and plotting to exact revenge. Enslaving the entirety of Equestria is her sinful mission, and she will stop at nothing to do it.

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Comments ( 8 )

this was great

When the "bad end" is really the best end

Felt like the ending was a tad rushed, lacked a little description when they really got deep in Celestia but overall pretty damn good dude.


7796370 so will there be a sequel? One where the rebellion takes place? One where Blueblood dies and Moondancer takes charge like she was supposed to?

8093283 You know, maybe some day. There are a lot of other things in the pipeline at the moment, so this isn't a fic world I'd be returning to in the immediate future. I enjoyed writing this though, so it might come back eventually.

Could always get someone else to something around it like maybe with Chryssie if you gave permission.

Well this story was fun..and gave me a scary thought...A Nightmare Moon who returns after 1000 years...with friends that crawl in the darkness and void... Lovecraft crossover...:coolphoto:

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