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Welcome, i dabble in a bit of everything, as long as i get to flex some creative muscle i think i can write it.


On a mission from Princesses Celestia and Luna, Twilight and her friends are tasked with an expedition into unexplored regions of Everfree Forest in search of what is thought to be a large meteorite. While Luna was quick to rationalize the falling star, she felt a strange presence as the object passed over Equestrian airspace, so accompanies them on their journey. The girls follow a trail of scorched earth to the crash site. What they find is far more than mere space debris.

Jarvey Jared

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congrats on the upload you deleted a post on warmth? :coolphoto:

I almost want to say that this is a crossover with something, but I don't even know the supposed crossed-over topic.

In the meantime, I'll leave a few tidbits of grammatical brush-ups for you to consider.

The low and vexatious screeching raised

"raised" should be "rose"

Soon the noise stirred into a wild roar, the screech succeeded into a groan of metal

I get what you're trying to say, but for the sake of the present progressive following a complete clause, "succeeded" should be "succeeding."

"You there, awake my sister and inform her of the situation, sunrise approaches so it is best we confer with her,"

After "situation," there should be a period. Then "sunrise" should be capitalized.


Within the realm of My Little Pony, that is supposed to be spelled as "Everfree."

I did, I didn't mean to though. I must of forgot to put the comment back.

Lemme fix that. Apologies.

Thanks man, I'll be sure to fix that. Let me know what you think of it

I thought the crossover tag was for things from other tv shows and stuff?

Editing notes:
Javi's recommendations.

Readers feel free to also do so, the help is apricated!

7653811 TV shows, movies, games, other franchises... basically, the crossover tag is used when a story uses MLP elements in conjunction to other sources of media.

That being said, is this, then, a crossover? And if so, with what?

It's not actually! It started out as pencil drawings before I made the cover art.

Had to shorten my original answer.

How is it so far? It's far less messy than Finding my muse when I started it.

7654116 I can't quite say whether or not it will keep my attention, but I do like the premise. So far, it seems to be moving at a good pace.

More is on the way for both of my stories, friend.

Thank you, any feed back is appreciated!

aw that so cute tori!

Honestly i don't know if I should add the Gore tag since weaver's arm is kaput, but since he's a robot, should it count?

I don't think gore should be added because the definition of gore is blood that's been shed. Since he's a robot that doesn't really count unless you count robots as having humanity in them. It's kind of a you opinion.

Thanks man, I assumed no one would give an an opinion. I completely forgot about that comment

Your welcome. Well the comment was 12 weeks ago so ya lol. Happy I could help

Pardon my asking, but don't robots usually have a self-repair matrix? If so then say a spark of power hit him, not enough to turn him on, but enough to turn his subroutines on, wouldn't he begin to repair himself?

He can't fix himself without proper tools. He's more of an AI in a shell than a robot

8194017 Ahh, thank you for clarifying that. I was actually kind of confused.

8194017 oh hey, you're alive!
Is this a crossover or unique? If a crossover, with what?

I made it up. I drew a picture of a android carrying a little girl through the Ruins of London and made a story about it.

8195784 how very creative, I also have a new work of fanfiction of fanfiction.net.
The parts that were not Zootopia, are entirely made up. If you wish to see, PM me and I will send a link.

Can you do more please

I am. Glad you liked it, lets see if anyone can piece together what mystery before it's revealed!

Well, damn. I took a long time coming back to this story--as of right now, I have over 300 unread chapters in my library--but I'm kinda glad I waited to re-immerse myself in it. So far, it has aged well; it has kept my interest despite the lull in updates, and I definitely look forward to more!

Heck,mi figured no one would comeback at all when I posted the second chapter, but I was wrong. You and others have been adding, commenting and upvoting the story so I'm gonna keep going and hopefully have a proper schedule for writing, thanks man.

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