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No Mere Human - L3thAlPwnE

Celestia and Luna send Twilight and her friends deep into Everfree Forest to find the location of a fallen meteorite.

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Weaver stepped through the doors of the vessel and back out into the trenches where the downed ship laid, taking a moment to turn around and place a hand on the wreckage of the ship. Crusted in a film of minerals it sat like a rock, the sealed doors almost completely buried, deep under the wet soil.

Surviving the crash was no simple feat. A simple miscalculation, and he would have sent the ship to its doom, falling apart before it ever reached the atmosphere. If he didn't know better, he'd call it a miracle.

He dragged his hand slowly across the surface. The crust flaked away from the shIp, coating his finger in a white powder. He tried to piece together what elements that composed the dust, but the result was always the same.

"Inconclusive. Strange. These elements don't appear anywhere within my database."

As he continued examining the strange crust, Tori popped her head over the trench dug out by the crash.

“Is the ship broken” Tori asked, peering down at Weaver.

He hopped effortlessly out of the crater. Tucked under his arm a duffle bag of supplies he brought from the bowels of the ship.

“It won't be flying anytime soon,“ Weaver admitted, “but once we make contact with the others, I'm sure it can be repaired. "

“What are we having?” Tori asked as she sat down on a log, kicking her legs back and forth.

“You know that already.”

“Rice” she groaned, “bland, boring, salted rice.”

Weaver nodded, planting the canister firmly into the wood pile.

Tori found herself staring at his missing forearm. The wires were held in place with a clamp, neatly folded over and bundled with electrical tape so they don't sway in the wind.

“Can you fix it? You used to fix others like you right?”

Weaver sat down. He began to activate the heating coils in his hands, his computerized mind keeping tabs on the temperatures.

“I don't have the time or materials to reattach it alone.”

“Maybe there is someone here who can fix it for you.”

“Perhaps. After we eat I'll send the signal .”

He gripped a chunk of firewood tightly. It began to smoke as his hand radiated heat until it began to smolder. As soon as it burst into flames, he dropped the smoking tinder into the woodpile and a fire crackled to life.

“I don't want rice,” she said with a grimace,” I've eaten it forever.”

Weaver placed a metallic canister into the fire and shrugged,“It's all we have left.”

“I'm tired of rice!”

“You can have bread.”

“I don't want bread!”

“That is all we have.”

“Is that all people used to eat?”

Weaver turned the canister, the sound of its contents rattled between the popping flames.

“No. Most food was farmed. Not rations.”

“Like what they had on Earth! They raised the chickens!”

Weaver nodded, keeping his attention to the food as it cooked. Tori inched her way closer to Weaver to watch.

“What kind of plants did they grow in the labs?”

“Fruits such as apples. Cherries. Bananas-”

Tori began to snicker.



Tori tried to hold in her laughter.

“That's silly!”

Weaver flipped the canister and nodded.

“The name is quite absurd.”

Tori stopped sniggering and plucked at the grass.

“But now all we have is boring bland old rice'” she said with a scowl.


The sudden Noise made her topple over the log as the sound of popping continued to rattle in the air. She shyly peeked over, her heart racing only to find Weaver calmly holding the canister as it aggressively rumbled to life in his hand.

“Do not be afraid.”

Weaver unscrewed the top of the canister, allowing a billow of hot steam to pour out. A familiar salty sweet-scent fluttered in the air and caused her mouth to water.

“You stole this! Those are supposed to be for finishing tests!”

“I don't think that matters anymore.”

Weaver offered her the canister. Tori cup her hands as Weaver poured her a sample of the treat.She crushed the kernels against her hands, the sound making her smile.

“Can I eat it all?” she asked excitedly.

“Of course.”

She buried her mouth in the pile of crunchy kernels, fitting as many pieces as should could. Happily she chewed, coating her mouth in the nutty, salty flavor.

Taking a cloth, weaver dabbed away her face leaving behind a smile on Tori’s face. She swallowed her first mouthful and spoke.

“You said all we had was rice and bread?” She asked between licking her fingers.

“After you finish that. It will be,” Weaver said as he ladled rice with a slotted spoon into her bowl.

Tori crumbled some over her bowl of rice believing it would make it taste better, taking a spoonful she realized she was right, “What will you tell them. About the accident?”

Weaver rapped his fingers on the ground in thought. Then, without a word he snatched Tori up and twirled her around much to her delight.

“Stop!” she squealed as she spun in the air.

Weaver sat her back down, and patted her head “It was an accident.”

She reached out and tapped Weaver’s side


While Tori laughed and ran from Weaver. Her laughter filling the forest. All the while a set of eyes watched from the shadow. Hungry, feral eyes locked onto the two watching them chase each other around a tree.

Weaver’s auditory stopped picking up sound. The forest became deathly quiet, as if all life suddenly vanished from it. He stopped moving. He turned his attention to the thick underbrush.

“Why'd you'd stop playing?” Tori asked him stopping to catch her breath.

Her eyes stopped on His hand, raised aggressively, it began to fizzle like water on cast iron, heating his hand to a vibrant orange.

“What's wrong?” She asked worriedly.
“Tori. I need you to-”

Before could finish, a beast lunged from the underbrush, its snapping jaws at Weaver’s leg, catching it between a vice of gnarled fangs.

Tori shrieked, running away from the struggle.

A swift blow from Weaver’s metallic hands clubbed the beast in the head, leaving its head smoldering.

Five more emerged from the bush trying to chase down Tori, only for Weaver to pick one up by the scruff of its neck and throw it into its packmates bowling them over. Weaver turned his head, the wolves keeping a distance away from the machine, plotting their attack.

The animals creaked as they moved, like the groan of a falling tree. They circled their prey, eager to take another bite but afraid of the flaming hand Weaver put between them. Weaver tried to think of a way to avoid the animals without violence, but memories of his past failures, the screams. Never again would he take the chance.

One then lunged with lightning speed directly at Weaver’s throat. But Weaver’s mechanical mind had no trouble tracking the movement this time. With cold precision he snatched the yipping hunter by the neck, squeezing tightly in hopes it would pass out from lack of oxygen.

But it only continued snapping its jaws.

The others attacked Weaver’s legs, bringing him down to his knees, freeing their friend. It was here Weaver made a strange discovery about his attackers.

The animal was covered in plant matter. Their manes and bodies were comprised not of fur, but thick, knotted bark. It narrowed it’s glowing emerald eyes, blazed with murderous intent at Weaver. With a snarl it charged the machine, mouth gaping with thorned teeth.

“Arm Decontamination device, Code: Brightflower.”

The locks in weaver's wrist came undone as he approached the creature, producing a metallic cylinder. He jammed the business end of the object into the chest of the wolf, bathing it in chemical fire.

While some of the creatures backed away snarling, one of the hybrids slipped past Weaver’s flames, and bounded toward Tori. Weaver turned to readjust his aim only for the wolves to snap at his arm, dragging him to the ground.

Tori ran as fast as she could, screaming. It's jaws clamped down on her, catching her parka and tore it away from her tiny body leaving her down to her navy colored jumpsuit. She fell to the ground while the rabid, wolf-like monster shredded her parka. She quickly crawled away from the monster, screaming for help.

“Weavah!” she wailed as the wolf closed in on her.

He threw the animals off of his body. His flamethrower roared spewing a cone of flames over the strange beasts, buying precious time to rush to Tori's side.

“Climb onto me.”

Weaver knelt down, letting Tori hoist herself onto him. He nudged her along with an elbow, urging her to climb up into the branches of a tree.

“Stay there. ”


A howl came bursting through the forests that caused the wolves to halt their advance on Weaver.

Tori’s heart thundered against her as she watched a massive shadow push its way past the branches beneath her.

It emerged from the forest, a larger version of the monsters before it. It's mane was gnarled, thick brambles covered in hundreds of thick thorns. It's gaping maw filled with splinter like teeth fitted sloppily from a grinning, sap dripping mouthThe monstrous thing towered over Weaver, growling at the machine with hatred and hunger.

He knew he had no chance of killing it. His flamethrower would never burn through the thick hide. Even so, he stoically faced the beast. But no sooner had the sparks the ignitor flashed did the monster bring down a mighty paw into his side, his arm crushed, and the tubes that fed the gas into his flamethrower were suddenly pinned down by bent metal.

A single warning flashed before his eyes, but he never got time to read it.


The resulting explosion was like thunder against a tin roof.

Weaver’s exoskeleton crumpled under the force of the blast. His body was sent flying with debris made of dirt, splinters, and chipped metal of his own cracked body. He slammed into the side of the ship, becoming pinned into the metal indentation he left behind.

“S-s-systems c-c-check,” he muttered with garbled words.

Sensory systems: critical.

Visual systems: critical

Auditory systems: critical

Mobility: severely damaged.

His Vision faded. His hearing faltered, he struggled to hear Tori scream at him, unable to tell what she was saying, nor from where. He raised his head. Trapped between the cracked lenses of his eyes was the image of the angry behemoth, its face shredded by shrapnel and singed with embers approached him, eyes burning with emerald rage.

He began to reach under the plate of his chest, turning a small dial where his heart should be clockwise. It stopped when it locked in place.

“Warning: Overloading reactor will result in self termination. Do not proceed unless other options have been exhausted, ” his systems warned him.

“There are no more options. Override.”

He prepared to turn the dial one final time as the timberwolves that began to surround him, nipping at his mangled legs.

The familiar shrill beep pierced Tori’s ears. She covered them, looking toward Weaver ‘s broken form with sheer panic. She knew what he was going to do. She wanted to yell for him to stop, but her voice ended up caught in her throat. Tori shut her eyes and waited for the tell tale click and the flash of hot white light.

Instead. a brilliant blue enclosed the large timberwolf, leaving it howling in confusion.

It was sent careening off into the sky, while its lackeys let go of Weaver and scattered out of fear with vibrant beams of purple and teal laser chasing after them. Four strange, horse like creatures moved quickly out of the forest as his vision completely failed, leaving Weaver in a pitch dark void.

“Are we too late Princess?” Asked one of them, weaver unable to make out who as his camera’s were cracked.

“I think it's still moving, Twilight.” said another, “but barely.”

She lowered herself closer to Weaver’s face, placing a hoof gently on Weaver’s face,“it’s ok, you’re safe now”

Weaver heard it. A familiar, friendly voice. One he hasn't heard in years. He reached up for it, desperate to find the source.

“D-doctor. It's- been *zzt* it's been so long.”

Before his hand could touch Twilight cheek, he collapsed, arm and all. Weaver’s mind went to a place. A place where no one could reach him.

Rainbow Dash's eyes fluttered as the bright rays of sunlight blinded her for a Moment. She could barely make out the two familiar silhouettes that hovered over her.

“Oh! Oh! Applejack! She's awake!”

Rainbow Dash tried sitting up. As she raised her head, a buzzing pain shot there her thighs and upper spine.

“Slow down sugar cube, ya landed on yer hip. Don't push yourself.”

Rainbow Dash bit down on her lip and tried again, “I'm f-fine.”

Scrunching her face, she forced herself up, swearing under her breath. But once again the familiar burn pulsed through her hips.


Gently, Applejack settled Rainbow Dash down onto the soft grass. Beads of sweat poured down her brow as she tried her best to endure the pain.

“We gotta find the others,” Rainbow Dash muttered between gritted teeth.

“We ain't going nowhere with you hurt,” Applejack said, “Now just hold still.”

Rainbow Dash shielded her eyes from the sun with her hoof, “Any ideas on where we are?”

Applejack shook her head. “No. No pony’s been this far out. Wait!”

Applejack stuffed her face into her saddle bag, retrieving a compass that she spat into her hoof.

“We still have- A broken compass. Well shoot,” she said throwing the useless device away.

Suddenly Pinkie Pie’s nose began to twitch.

“Guys GUYS! I smell smoke!”

The others sniffed the air.

“That's gotta be the others! A campfire!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Stay here, y'all”

Before Rainbow Dash could protest, Applejack started to gallop. Following her nose through thick brush, she hopped over moss covered stones, weaving between weeping willows and leaping over a creek. She emerged into a clearing where she could only gape in awe at what she found.

The thing was massive. It jutted awkwardly out of the ground like a mountain of metal on the edge of the clearing. Or rather what was left of the clearing. The entire place looked as though it had been bathed in dragon fire.

Applejack eased her way into the clearing, the smell of burnt, wet wood hung in the air like a fog. The closer she got to the strange machine the more details she could make out. Along the sides of the contraption were several thick, cracked windows that she couldn't see inside of.

Some kinda house? Applejack assumed as she reached a hoof to touch the massive letters printed below

“London? What's a London?”

“Applejack! Applejack you're okay!”

Fluttershy zipped past the others and wrapped her hooves around Applejack’s neck squeezing tightly, sobbing into her chest

“You're ok! Oh thank Celestia you're ok!”

“Applejack! We need your help hurry!”

“Twi? What's goin’ on? Did someone get. . .”

Her words trailed of as she saw Luna and aRarity struggled to pry a strange suit of armor from the metallic object.

It's head was crushed, three marble like eyes shattered with bits of glass falling from the lenses. It had only one arm, but the other was twisted and bent, leaking a grey viscous fluid. It kept trying to move but couldn't. It's legs bent, chest completely crushed in leaving a paw like indent. The eyes flicked as it tried to turn its head, stuck in the metal of whatever object held it in place.

“What happened!?” Applejack said softly, moving to the side of the creature. With one final tug it was pulled free and gently lowered to the ground.

“They were ambushed by timberwolves” Rarity explained, dragging a branch under the poor things head,”what is it?”

“Some kind of golem? I've never seen them this complex.” Twilight said, examining closer.

Luna shook her head, “Whatever it is, it's in great pain, I don't think it will survive this.”

The golem twitched its hand, raising it up suddenly and startlingly the ponies. It reached to the side of its head, gripping the side of its head and pulling on a circular object.

The part came off with a click, a medallion like device plugged into it's head. It offered it to anyone, hand shaking as it struggled to hold it's arm up.

“T-take it doctor. If you are there.”

All eyes fell on Twilight, who enveloped the object in her shimmering aura, she looked at the strange device gently . It was round, fitting in the palm of her hoof. With a uncertain look, she pocketed the object as Weaver laid his hand on her face.

"I brought her home doctor. I brought her-”

His voice ceased suddenly. The machine’s arm slipped off Rarity’s face and thudded onto the ground at its side, the light of its eyes flicked one last time. Soon all movement ended and Weaver laid still.

“Was there anything we could have done, Twilight?” Applejack asked.

“I've read that golems are powered by magic, maybe we could try and fix it?”

“I’m afraid there isn't anything we can do here,” Luna said solemnly as she conjured a blue blanket, resting over Weaver’s motionless body.

“Applejack, are Pinkie and Rainbow ok?’ Twilight asked hopefully,

“Yeah, but we need to get Rainbow a doctor.”

“Lets pack up then, I think we found our meteorite.”

“Let go of me!”

“Please don't squirm! I don't want to drop you!”

They were interrupted by Fluttershy, trying to calm the little girl down, but try as she might, Tori flailed in her grasp. Kicking and screaming as she tried to gently float back to the ground. She spotted the ponies surrounding a broken, unmoving Weaver, his hand poking from under the sheet.

Memory of countless people being placed under blue tarps flashed into Tori’s head like a nightmare. Overwhelmed with emotion, she struggled harder, causing Fluttershy almost fell out the air.


With a final tug she slipped free of Fluttershy’s hold. She tumbled to the ground, jumped to her feet and pushed past the ponies to get to her her friend. Applejack stepped forward in hopes of stopping her, only to be held back by Luna.

“Let her grieve,” Luna told her.

Tori’s eyes stung. She wiped away burning tears as she tried to wake him up. She didn't know how. She never learned how. But she had to. Shaky hands threw blanket off so she could see his face.

“Weaver! Wake up!”

No response.

“We’re home! You can't! We just got home!”

She tugged on his shoulders harder as Tears fell from her eyes.

“You were going to show me! You promised!”

The ponies watched in unbearable silence. Rarity looked to Luna, who was unable to say anything in comfort . Slowly Rarity approached the little girl placing a gentle hoof on her shoulder.

“Darling, he's gone.p,” Rarity said softly

Tori’s shrugged her off,” No he's not! Some one can fix him!”

Rarity Shook her head, “this isn't something you fix dear.”

Tori flamed her arms at the creature, “GO AWAY YOU FREAK! Go away! You can't bury him! He's my friend!”

Tori collapsed onto Weaver’s chest, bawling.

She didn't care what they were, they weren't touching him, Weaver was always her friend. In times like this he would hold her till the nightmares go away.

He would tell her that home was just a little further, all she had to do was be patient. A promise. They'd make it back to Earth, they'd come back and he would bring her not to the labs, or an office building, but straight back into the arms of her mother. And he would stay by her side.

He’s supposed to show her all the things she never got to see. A Zoo with monkeys and penguins. Riding in a real car. Holding a real book, color with actual crayons on real paper. But if he's gone, who would show her now? Who would take her home? Who would be her friend?

She continued to sob. Yelling at the strange little horses to keep away. She kept this up for what felt like an eternity. By the time her arms felt heavy, the sun was ducking behind the tree tops, but still she battled drowsiness. Until finally, her eyelids were too heavy and her eyes hurt too much to keep them open. She slept and hoped to hear his voice ask her to start a new day by his side, a dream so pleasant that she almost couldn't feel a familiar hand wrap around her own.

Author's Note:

A long wait I know! Special Thanks to Link4 for editing this for me.

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Pardon my asking, but don't robots usually have a self-repair matrix? If so then say a spark of power hit him, not enough to turn him on, but enough to turn his subroutines on, wouldn't he begin to repair himself?

He can't fix himself without proper tools. He's more of an AI in a shell than a robot

8194017 Ahh, thank you for clarifying that. I was actually kind of confused.

8194017 oh hey, you're alive!
Is this a crossover or unique? If a crossover, with what?

I made it up. I drew a picture of a android carrying a little girl through the Ruins of London and made a story about it.

8195784 how very creative, I also have a new work of fanfiction of fanfiction.net.
The parts that were not Zootopia, are entirely made up. If you wish to see, PM me and I will send a link.

Can you do more please

I am. Glad you liked it, lets see if anyone can piece together what mystery before it's revealed!

Well, damn. I took a long time coming back to this story--as of right now, I have over 300 unread chapters in my library--but I'm kinda glad I waited to re-immerse myself in it. So far, it has aged well; it has kept my interest despite the lull in updates, and I definitely look forward to more!

Heck,mi figured no one would comeback at all when I posted the second chapter, but I was wrong. You and others have been adding, commenting and upvoting the story so I'm gonna keep going and hopefully have a proper schedule for writing, thanks man.

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