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The mane 6 have grown up, found their special someponie's and had beautiful children. These children of the elements of harmony are far more special than they realise however. When an old evil comes to haunt the land once again, they must embark on their own adventure, Thor, Apple Seed, Archimedes, Sweetness, Ruby and Angelica are the elements of Salvation!

A huge thank you to Inoeitall for creating the picture for this story!

Chapters (29)
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Apologies for everyone, this will take a couple of days to get all the introductions to characters out of the way, but after that it all gets good fast!

Not bad. A little short, but whatevs.

You're off to a good start but I don't know if I'd go so far as to call Applejack the most popular pony in all of ponyvillie, I think that title might go to either Pinkie Pie or Twilight. :applejackunsure:

ALL RIGHT SPIKE! Or spikes kid? Spike better have hooked up with Rarity! Honest its the only guy I see for her. Of corse he would have to growen a bit first.

Im liking this story so far.

Well, it's off a promising start, at least. I don't quite think the names are quite right for ponies, but what do I know?

I'll be waiting to see what you make of this, good sir.

NOOOOO! GRANNY SMITH PASSED AWAY? NOOOOOOO! (If you read the "NOOOO's" in Spikes voice then you're a boss) Par that whole-sob-Granny Smith passing away I enjoyed it; keep at it!:raritystarry:

very good...very good, but please do continue my main man...:twilightsmile:

Thats the intro to reunion right?

So Fluttershy ended up with Big Mac. I always perferd FlutterDash but that wouldn't work for this story at all. I like how on the pic you could tell who kid is who's. Looking forward to more:pinkiehappy:

845167 why yes it is! :pinkiesmile: i was saying from the begining of that the story it was to test the intro to this story :derpytongue2:

845298 glad you are enjoying it :pinkiesmile: and yes i do quite like flutterdash too but i do prefer straight dash :derpytongue2:

Slight problem... Equestrian naming convention would require them to have two-part names. Am I correct in assuming this translates to them having larger names more aligned with canon naming style, such as "Archimede's Screw" and "Ruby Carbuncle," or did you just not bother?

woo hooo, new story to wait for, its been a while since I have had one of those

847586 full names will be explained later in story, when all intro chapters are done gimme a comment if you still think they're week :pinkiehappy: just don't wanna give away spoilers :derpytongue2:

847816 that's cool. I'll get to this when I feel like reading MLP again. currently perusing the stockpile of How to Train Your Dragon fanfics I've amased on FFN.


Ruby must be an interesting sight.:moustache:

So Ruby is still a baby huh? :trixieshiftleft:

852054 interested as to how this will develop now? :raritywink::rainbowwild:

852413Woohoo! :twilightsmile: Already done the key part of writting by creating interest! Hope you enjou the rest! :pinkiehappy:

Im kind of hoping Dash married ThunderLane:pinkiehappy:

I'm actually really loving figuring out all these different ways the couples have gotten together :pinkiehappy: Now which pony couple do you think we'll see next? (Hint this chapter just said they're going to the library) I PROMISE YOU WON'T GET IT RIGHT! (and no it's not an OC couple :derpytongue2:) start thinking back ground ponies :raritywink:

Twilight and the Doctor

Twilight and dis... nononono never would happened uhm... dunno :fluttercry:

855830 Twilight and Big Macintosh perhaps? :unsuresweetie:

856149>>856345>>856441 heheheheeeeee, Nnope! :pinkiehappy: all fair guesses however :pinkiesmile:

more hints ? plz :fluttercry:

859333 Nnope! xD feeling dead mischevious today so no more clues you justgotta wait till around five tonight xP

859805 awww... it's an original character from the series but :twilightangry2: this guessing is getting me mad :fluttercry: caramel top and twilight ? :applejackunsure:

859843 I really don't think you'll get it, simply because it's a couple paring that I've never seen before in the shipping genre :pinkiehappy:

859895 damn :applejackunsure: btw how the buck can you get pages out in a matter of hours ?

859900 I write the story well in advance of releasing, allowing myself pleanty of time to keep writing the next few chapters while i release a chapter a day :derpytongue2:was about 7 chapters ahead when I released the first chapter :pinkiesmile:

859934 damn :pinkiegasp: you are a freaking maniac in writing :twilightsmile:

859949 I'm passionate about it! I love the show, and I love writing, so I love writing all these stories! :pinkiehappy:

859960 the same here it just doesn't seem like that i have the time since i get a task from my mom or friends keep calling to ask if they could come over for an gamer night or something like that or my friends invite me to a party at someone house just to feel comfy if they don't know everyone else except the host (edit) it's just that i love it all :twilightblush:

So next is either Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie, why do I have the feeling that Fluttershy has been paired with Big Mac? :trixieshiftright:

God dam it I can't pronounce Archys full name leave it to Twilight to name her kid something complicated:rainbowlaugh:
Cute little love story, I say Pinkie should marry Caramel.

861275 Caramel? Naaaahhhh, that'd be too boring :raritywink: next chapter's paring is a lot more fun than that :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

861269 hmmmm.... could it be due to the mass generic romance that so many writers have colaberated to form within the My Little Pony Fanfiction Zieckgeist, of which I have also contributed? :trixieshiftright:
(Translation of me trying to sound smart= Is it because I wrote a big Fluttermac ship fic before this and said it would be their story for this one?)

861309 how about with Fancy Pant he's a boss and i don't think its been done.:rainbowlaugh:

862956 :pinkiegasp: I could never do that to dear Fleur! She's on of my top fave random ponies! Id never take fancy pants from her! :raritywink: but i like your style!

AWWW :yay: now i know how to declare my love to someone :rainbowlaugh:

Discord and Pinkie Pie, hm intresting and now we have Fluttershy's child, and I'm guessing the father is probably Big Macintosh. :trixieshiftright:

I still find it hard to trust Discord, although I could happily give him a 2nd chance.:unsuresweetie:

872691 you shall be interesting to watch throughout this story :rainbowderp: very, very interesting!

DISCORD :pinkiegasp:........I like the way you think too :raritywink:

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