• Published 30th Oct 2016
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Onryō: A Cursed Haunting In Equestria - Razalon The Lizardman

Four mares will learn that grief and despair remain even after death.

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Chapter 8

Lemon Hearts shivered underneath the ancient fertilizer bags, her breath coming out as a series of visible puffs as she furiously rubbed her hooves against her barrel to keep herself warm. Moon Dancer had been right about the risk of hypothermia; Lemon Hearts had never denied that. The risk had been worth it, at least at the time. Now, she wished she’d accompanied Moon Dancer back inside.

Lemon Hearts had tried to muster the courage to dig Snowy Pine back up like Moon Dancer had told her, but her cowardice had won out, and she’d hidden in the garden shed. An old, smelly pile of fertilizer bags had sufficiently kept her hidden from Moon Dancer’s sight when she checked the shack for her friend. It pained Lemon Hearts to hear Moon Dancer's worried exclamations in search of her, but she couldn't bring herself to answer, knowing she would have to accompany her friend inside the mansion.

Now, Lemon Hearts wished she’d answered and followed her friend inside. Who knows what might’ve happened to her all on her own? Some friend she was.

Suddenly, Lemon Hearts’ ears flicked in response to a distant sound. It was incredibly faint, a soft creaking sound, followed by a gentle click. Her eyes widened with surprise and relief. Had Moon Dancer made it out okay after all? She scooted out from under the fertilizer stack and stood up, brushing some ancient dust off her coat. The sliver of sunlight shining through the ajar doorway was a huge relief for her freezing form.

Lemon Hearts let out another cold, visible breath and scrubbed her body warm before slipping outside into the warm sunlight. Immediately, her ears were filled with the sweet, uplifting sounds of forest wildlife. Singing birds, wind rustling the leaves, and more helped bring a sense of calm to her frightened spirit.

She wasted no time in making her way around the side of the mansion toward the front door. Rounding the corner, she stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Moon Dancer standing out on the front lawn, everyone's saddlebags strapped to her barrel. Her friend was staring out at the forest ahead, seemingly in a daze, like her mind was elsewhere, but happy if the large smile splitting her muzzle was any indication.

“Moon Dancer,” Lemon Hearts whispered, before her own muzzle split into a wide grin and she took off running toward her friend. “Moon Dancer!”

Moon Dancer turned her head to see her friend approaching, her eyes bugging at the sight. “Lemon Hearts!” She too took off running toward her friend.

The two mares charged each other in a tackle hug, sending them sprawling to the ground in a pile of limbs and laughs. Soft tears fell from their faces, mixing in with the already heavily dew-laden ground.

“Whoa,” Moon Dancer said, breaking the hug. She looked at Lemon Hearts’ body in alarm. “You’re freezing!”

Lemon Hearts blushed. “Eheh, yeah…”

Moon Dancer levitated off her sweater. “Here,” she said, giving it to her friend.

Lemon Hearts accepted it with a grateful nod and slipped it over her body. The resulting warmth was very welcoming. “Thanks, Moon Dancer.”

“Where were you?” Moon Dancer asked, barely keeping herself from shouting. “I was worried sick when I came back and couldn’t find you.”

“I was in the garden shed, underneath those fertilizer bags.” Lemon Hearts sheepishly scuffed a hoof. “I’m… sorry I didn’t answer you.” She hung her head in shame. “I’m such a coward.”

Moon Dancer sighed and wrapped a hoof around her friend’s withers. "Ah, forget about that. The important thing is that we’re safe, and that Winter’s finally been put to proper rest.”

Lemon Hearts looked into Moon Dancer’s eyes with a big, admiring smile, before it quickly fell into a frown. “We’re safe.”

Moon Dancer instantly caught on to Lemon Hearts’ meaning. “Yeah…” The two were quiet for another few moments, silently mourning the loss of their two friends.

“C’mon,” Moon Dancer finally said, and passed Lemon Hearts her saddlebag. “We’d better get back to the lodge and report everything that’s happened.”

Lemon Hearts nodded her agreement, and the two took off down the forest trail.

They never once looked back at the mansion, and so never saw the figure watching them from the broken window.

A figure with soulless black eyes, a pale white coat, and a faded two-toned blue and white mane.

Author's Note:
Comments ( 3 )

I liked it, even if the story itself isn't the most original. I've always tried to do a Halloween story every year, and it's always nice to see how other writers approach horror. I think this kind of horror works better in a more visual format, but the writing here is pretty good.

Criminally underrated. This story is criminally underrated.
The atmosphere here is top notch. I only read the first two chapters before I had to go to sleep yesterday, but what a sleep that was. When I was lying in my bed, I still felt like I'm in that mansion and it remained like that until I woke up again.
This is a masterful craft of a horror story and it's ridiculous how few views it gets with that quality. More people need to read this, many more!

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