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This story is a sequel to Equestria World, Book 1: Surviving Canterlot High

Jack Diamond was able to survive the first few months of high school. He made lots of friends, solved lots of problems, got the school's football team to win their first championship, and has a new girlfriend, Sunset Shimmer.

But now he has a new threat. The Dark Star Organization. A group that once experimented on people during the Great War. Now all signs point to Crystal Prep, and Jack's new group, the Soul Guardians, need to find the answers to Dark Star's hidden location. And the only way to find them is in at a national basketball tournament.

But they will be tested in many way, because "The Awakening" is about to happen to the mysterious Tree of Harmony.

Cover art done by MaddyMoiselle

Part of the Equestria World saga.
Book 1: Surviving Canterlot High
Book 2: The Rise of Harmony
Book 3: The Secret of Camp Everfree
Book 4: Battle of the Sirens
Book 5: The Thousand Year War

Chapters (14)
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Disclaimer: This comment was posted under the story as a whole and is in no way related to this chapter


OK, he has a tiger. I like this guy even more now

it seems i am the only one who comments, so I'll tell a story

You know I'm curious about something can jack actually let Sunset use his powers a little bit with the soul link cuz they did say that he can transfer something to her but didn't really elaborate on that very much be interesting if it was the case

7690872 Have to wait until they enter dreamscape to learn more about his powers.

And you're right. It is Maud, but he doesn't know that.

those kinds pf people

Thank me later

It continues! I will open a bottle of Ice tea to celebrate!:heart:

7825538 sorry for the wait. I'm going to make the best of this week before I return to work start of the year.

7825637 No need to excuse. Life first, stories second.

My prediction: maybe 2 chapters of training before the first real fight.
Also glad to see you're still around, buddy

Can you post a list of Soul Arts?

Never stop working on this.
I AM loving this fanfic.

Response may be late but I'm still here and excited to see a new chapter

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