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This is a short story chronicling how Niko "Sid" Zoloto, a Displacer, chooses a world for his Displaced to go to. He surveys the area and wonders if this will be a good place to displace them. Niko's criteria is simple: the world has to be dangerous, but not too dangerous so as to give the Displaced a fighting chance.

He decided to scout the Changeling Empire to see if it's a good enough place. I mean, he's heard the tales of how Changelings are evil, baby snatching, love eating monsters so why not use that for his next place? What could go wrong?

Well, let the spoiler warning for the Season 6 Finale give you an idea of how well that goes.

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Tears of rage at what they did to them.
I feel like I'll evolve into a damned neckbeard at this point with how much vitriol I'm spitting at hasbro right now.

7626686 Same. Here's to hoping that Thorax's Hive is just a Sub-species.


If it is just a single hive then I want in equis right now with 30 pounds of Styrofoam and a few gallons of gasoline so I can cold napalm it and rip the moose's antlers off his smug head.

7628131 Well, in my case, give me an Arctic Cheetah armed with two large lasers, one small laser and twin LRM 5s along with enough LRM ammo to level a large city and I'll go hog wild on them!

Still, in all seriousness, I felt that MLP had been on the decline ever since Season 5's finale. Mostly due to Glimmer's 'Reasons' for starting her trice damned cult. Then Flurry Heart's episode came in... You get the idea.

7628148 mlp is dying a slow death, let's hope it gets put out of it's misery, instead of stumbling around as a walking corpse for another few seasons like a lot of shows, and hopefully the next generation will do better. they might salvage it if they get new writers, but i'm not holding out much hope


You've been playing mechwarrior I take it?

That game was old when I was young, good to know it's still going strong.

7629594 Well, I found out about the Mechwarrior universe when I stumbled upon Mechassault. Found I quite enjoyed it and when I found Mechwarrior Online... BOY, was I HOOKED!


I remember mechwarrior 4.
Briefly played online.

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