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The legal illegal. Sorta alcoholic, sorta idiotic, sorta but not really melancholic.


Twilight, while enjoying a good book in a nice blanket while a blizzard rages outside, suddenly finds herself the recipient of a very strange and off-putting text message from her friend Rainbow Dash.

She's not sure how to respond to such a... "forward" message.

A little silly winter fic. Cover pic from here.

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Comments ( 19 )

............... oh my god.


Meanwhile, somewhere in Appleloosa, somepony probably lost hundreds of bits.

Don't take to gambling, kids. Unless you know who's going to win, then gamble your life savings away!


Is... is that a good or bad reaction?...


“Hey, Sexy Armor~ Send some nudes for the night? :p”

Well she is right, he is leagues above her. The question is, when Cadance finds out, will she want to share?

7900016 Cadence is the Princess of Sex, after all.

Ok I get twilight Luna Tia cadence and flurry heart are 4 alicorns but who the buck I this 5th one

Well, that was interesting...:twilightblush:

7900116 Huh? That's five right there.

7900016 Are you kidding? Whose idea do you think that was? :rainbowlaugh:

It's creepy how the title consists of actual letters.

Hilarious story, especially the endings! :rainbowlaugh:

7900465 Wait, what do you mean? Actual letters?

No special characters or anything like that. Just letters of the alphabet.

Oh, the a is an e upside down, that's what was throwing me off. So it's send nudes.

7900392 Twilight said 5 other alicorns, so not including her.

Sexy Armor? She's dating Shining Armor? Please make a sequel.

This needs followup. Mainly of the 'Twilight's horror at finding out the crap her brother and sister-in-law are up to' kind.

sgnd nudgs :rainbowhuh:

:rainbowlaugh: Obviously I know what it actually is but using "a"s might not have worked as well as it seemed at first. Maybe "3"s even though that's overused?

That's until you realize that you mirrored the a in addition to rotating it 180 degrees (reading it upside-down).

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