• Published 6th Oct 2016
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What Hurts More - FerociousCreation

Flash Sentry has been having the same dream every night; he dreams of Twilight Sparkle. And every day, he is reminded that the Twilight in his world is not the one he knows. But despite his dreams, he is not the only one having trouble with coping.

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Her Story


Friday. The day of school’s conclusion for the week and the beginning of the weekend. But I always find the final weekday day a much better day. It’s the build up for the initial start of Saturday and Sunday I take to enjoy. And there is always something magical about Friday evenings. It’s the day everyone, and even pony, can finally relax after a full five days of work.

And today, it was no exception. Me, my mother, and sister were going to be meeting Twilight’s family, along with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Twilight. I have been dating her for five weeks now, and we feel that now is the time to show off our families. Funny how I have just my mom and sister, while Twilight has a brother who is a prince, a sister-in-law who happens to be the princess of love, both parents, and two alicorns who raise the sun and moon be apart of her family. Interesting how a guy who wants to just jam on his guitar is in a relationship with an otherworldly princess.

I open my locker, making sure I snag every book I have. Even though tonight was a special date, I was sure Twilight wouldn’t take the chance of me finishing my homework on Sunday and will have me do it today. The flaws of having a bookworm princess can be a bit… annoying at times. But her heart is in the right place, and we make each other happy.

Closing my locker, I turn around to make for the exit-

“OOF!” Of course, Twili is on que with her usual bumping attitude. “Sorry,” she chuckled, adjusting her glasses.

My arms heave my heavy backpack as I put my arms through the two harnesses. I almost topple backwards because of the weight. “It’s fine. How are you doing? You ready for the weekend?”

“Mmhmm.” The two of us began to walk towards the high school doors, now excited for the weekend. “I plan on talking to Princess Luna this Saturday so I can learn how to control my magic some more. It is starting to get a lot more fun, and I am learning so much too!” Twili clapped her hands together with excitement as I smirk at how similar both Twilights are.

Five weeks ago, when Twili had her sessions with Princess Luna, she was obviously scared of her power. Now, it is good to see her less stressed about it, which made me and her friends glad for her.

The moment we opened the doors to the outside world, a cold breeze chills my spine. I reach into my backpack, pull out my Wondercolt’s scarf, and wrap it around my neck. Since it was the middle of fall, the atmosphere was much colder, which I do not take a liking to. Before us, sitting at Colt Pillar, is Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and… Pinkie Pie. Twili and I look at each other with worry, knowing how Pinkie Pie squared can be quite a handful.

However, the group talked among themselves as if the two was a normality. As we approached them, seven pairs of eyes gazed upon us as they waved. “Hey everyone,” I say as a simple greeting.

“Hey yourself,” Sunset replied, walking over to me, then patting my shoulder. Twili walked over to the other girls and talked among them. “You ready for your date tonight?”

“I guess. I am a bit nervous, however. I am going to meet Twilight’s family after all.” It was true. Knowing Twilight’s brother was a prince was slightly intimidating. I had no idea what he looked like, and had even less knowledge of how his character was going to be.

“Oh I am sure you will be fine.” Sunset Shimmer gave me a light sock to my shoulder. “Be a man.”

“Or stallion, depending on what world you are in,” I jab back, but in word form and not in the form of a punch. My eyes fall upon the mirror, wondering about how the evening will play out. “Are pony parents similar to human parents?” I suddenly feel stupid about my question.

Sunset Shimmer laughed aloud, amused with my question as I blush, looking the other way. “How should I know?” Once again, she punched my shoulder playfully.

The mirror at Colt Pillar suddenly flashed and Twilight Sparkle ran through the portal, looking quite irritated. Before I had a chance to say my hellos to her, she grabbed one of the Pinkie Pies and pulled her back through the portal. Everyone looked at each other, confused at the whole ordeal that had just occurred. After a few seconds, Twilight reemerged from the mirror with a much less bothered look.

“Sorry about that girls. My Pinkie Pie has to learn not to use the portal to this world without my permission.” Twilight then proceeded to greet the others with hugs and smiles. Pinkie Pie, on the other hand, was upset at the princess’ sudden act of taking her other self back into Equestria and refused every attempt of a hug.

Sunset Shimmer left my side and happily welcomed Twilight back into our world. I just stood still, waiting for the princess to see me. And when she finally did, she shyly glanced away, twirling her finger in her long hair. I have found a liking to her when she does that.

“Hey Flash.” Twilight walked over and looked me over. “You are looking well.”

“And I bet you are twice as well, both in my world, and in yours,” I winked. She lunged toward me and gave me a warm embrace before kissing me on the cheek.

“Is everything set for this evening?” I wondered what was in store with this Friday.

Removing herself from me, Twilight reached into her backpack and pulled out a list. A very. Long. List. “Well, at 5:30, I am expecting my parents, brother and sister-in-law to arrive. From there, we can have our parents talk among themselves while me, you, and our siblings have our chance to meet each other. At 6, all of us will go the library and have the parents talk to the couple; that means you and I of course.” Twilight chuckled to herself before taking in a deep breath. “I plan on that to go on until 6:45. Then, I will have Spike show everypony around the castle, while you and I look over your homework and create a plan for the weekend.” I was expecting the very well organized princess to have something like this planned. Twilight sure does love her lists.

“Next,” she continued, “at 7:30, I am expecting Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to arrive. You and I are to formally greet them, along with everypony else, and-”

“Twilight,” I interject, not sure if I want to hear more. “Why don’t we just let the evening play out on its own?” But my question caused my girlfriend to look at me as if I grew wings suddenly. No, she would find that normal. A second head. Yeah, that works much better.

“Are you kidding!? A night without a plan!? Are you asking for a catastrophe!?” Twilight’s hands gripped my scarf tightly, as if she wanted to strangle me. “We have been planning this evening for the last two weeks, hence the term, planning.” She pointed a finger at me with a hard stare. “You want this night to go well?”

I held my hands in front of me to shield me from Twilight if she decides to lunge at me. “Of course I do. I just didn’t expect you to go all out with this list.” I gesture to the long piece of paper she held in a tight fist.

“Then you better get used to my lists.” She smiled and booped my nose with her index finger before turning around to the girls. Despite Twilight giving me a cold shoulder, I followed after her, placing my hand around her waist, pulling her close to my body. She leaned into me and rubbed my hand, letting out a cute sigh.

“Well don’t yall look cute together,” Applejack chuckled as she leaned up against Colt Pillar.

“Yeah, they do,” Pinkie Pie remarked sarcastically, still upset with Twilight. However, the pink girl’s attitude didn’t ruin the atmosphere, and everyone else brushed her comment off easily.

“I hope you and your families get along nicely,” Fluttershy spoke.

“And don’t forget to tell Spiky I said hello,” Rarity winked.

“Oh, and Twilight,” Rainbow Dash asked eagerly, “Can I come and meet your world’s Rainbow Dash? Then I bet Equestria will be forty percent cooler.”

It was a common question that was asked among the group of girls. Every time Twilight came to our world, someone would ask if they could see their pony self. And every time the question was brought up, she would tell them that the portal is not to be used for personal amusement. Of course, their argument against Twilight was her relationship with me, and how our romantic interests were of personal amusements. Then again, our visits to other words were to not see our different persona, but to see each other. Without saying any words, Twilight shook her head no, giving the same response she always has from before.

“And Twilight,” Sunset Shimmer spoke, walking over to her and I. She fiddled her thumbs nervously, and I pondered what she was about to ask. “Can you tell Princess Celestia I said hi?”

Stepping forward, my hand slipping off of Twilight’s side, I say to Sunset, “You know, Twilight has been asking you to come to Equestria and see Princess Celestia.”

Sunset Shimmer glanced away, afraid of my stare. “I- I don’t know if she wants to see me…”

“Of course she wants to see you,” Twilight interjects. “You were one of her best students before me. And that is saying a lot.” Twilight placed her hand on her chest to emphasize her point. “I thought I was important to her. But to Princess Celestia, out of all her students, she misses you the most.”

“O-oh!” Sunset Shimmer took one step back as if hit hard by our words. “I… never knew that…” Twilight and I sigh, knowing we have both talked about this to Sunset almost countless times, and yet she still tells us she is not aware of the princess’ care about her. Hopefully, this time, Sunset Shimmer believes our words. “Then… if she is going to be there, is it… okay if I show up? Just for a little while…? To say hi…?” At once, Twilight and I look at each other, surprised at our friend. Finally, after weeks of trying to convince her, Sunset Shimmer was finally going to go back and see her old teacher.

Recollecting herself, Twilight smiled and said, “Of course you can.”

“Thanks. I just hope I am not impeding on your date tonight…” Sunset glanced between me and Twilight, worried she was a bother. But I care about Sunset and want her see her happy. Besides, I love to see Sunset Shimmer smile. Mutually of course…

“Your wel-” Twilight’s sentence was cut short when she looked forward at the portal. No one was paying attention to Pinkie Pie who was making her way through the mirror. “Pinkie Pie!” Breaking off from me and Sunset Shimmer, Twilight leapt into the portal after the fleeing girl.


The time was now 5:10. The sun stabbed at my eyes as my mother drove my sister and I to Canterlot High School. Leap Year was having a difficult time sitting still as she kept bombarding me with questions about what to expect when we enter Equestria. I answered the first two, like telling her we will all become ponies once we enter and how she could be a unicorn, pegasus, or earth pony. But just those answers alone gave birth to more questions.

“Leap Year, do not pester your brother.” Thankfully, my mother was on my side today and was doing her best to keep my sibling from being annoying. Leap Year grunted and folded her arms, sticking her tongue at me in the process. Not growing fond of the bright sun, I pulled down the sun guard to block its intense light.

I saw my expression in the sun guard’s mirror and smiled at my nicely dressed attire. My hair was slicked back and my clothing was a simple set of a black tuxedo and pants. The one feature that I was not fond of was the red bow. Of course, Mom wanted me to look “as cute as a button” as she said. But the thing was embarrassing; and it tickled my neck.

Pulling into the parking lot, my sister, mother, and I step out and begin walking toward Colt Pillar. Leap Year skipped ahead, too eager to wait any longer; she seemed to be more excited than me, and I have been planning it with Twilight for two weeks now.

Stopping in her tracks, Leap Year pointed at Colt Pillar and shouted, “Is that her?!” Sure enough, Twilight Sparkle was looking in our direction, and gave us a friendly wave. Without missing a beat, Leap Year ran up to her with quick speed.

“Well doesn't she look beautiful,” Mom spoke, looking at me with a pat on the shoulders. “You do tend to find girls who have the magic touch.”

I blush at my mother’s compliment, not denying the truth behind her statement. First Sunset Shimmer, and now, Twilight; both of which are from the same world. Part of me wonders if somehow Twilight and I don't remain a couple, that I may find a pony who rules over the entire world over Equestria and beyond. I only laugh at the ridiculous thought.

As I got closer to Twilight, I saw how lovely she was dressed. Her top part of her hair was done in a wild style, while the rest draped down past her shoulders with a nice heart hairpin at the middle.
A simple dark-purple dress with a long skirt that went down to her feet, showing the true colors of twilight.

“You look beautiful,” I compliment, taking Twilight by the hand and kissing it. Leap Year made a disgusting gag as she saw me show my romantic feeling toward the princess. Twilight’s cheeks flushed and had to look at my mother in order to make herself feel less flustered.

Smiling, my mother speaks, “It is finally nice to meet the one who makes my son very happy.”

“And it is nice to meet you ask well.” Twilight brought her hand to her chest. “I am Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.”

“Where is your crown?” Leap Year interjected. Mom shot a glare at my sister, not wanting her to continue to be rude.

With her happy grin returning my mother introduced herself. “I am Many Millenia. Mother of the world’s best children.” She pulled me and Leap Year in for a close hug. Leap Year tried to squirm free, but that only made my mom squeeze even tighter. “You may call me Millenia for short.”

Twilight nodded in agreement with my mother. “A pleasure to meet you.” Her eyes fell upon me, blush rushing to her cheeks. “And it has been an even bigger pleasure to have your son be apart of my life.”

I manage to fold my arms despite my mother’s still firm grip on me and my sister. “Funny how it all started with you bumping into me.” Now released from mom’s loving death hold, I ask Twilight, “Shall we be on our way?” But suddenly, another thought came to me. “Oh! What about Sunset Shimmer? She is coming right?” As the sunset glowed brightly, the girl in question appeared into my vision, walking down the sidewalk.

“Sunset is coming?!” Leap Year exclaimed loudly, looking at me with disbelief. “I thought you said she was a horrible hot headed-”

“Yes, yes I did say that…” My eyes nervously glanced at Sunset Shimmer, worried about my long past opinion of her. “...however, that was a year ago. She is much different.” The sound of her heels clicking on the cement made us all turn to the lovely dressed lady. Sunset wore a sky-blue dress with several white rhinestones spotting across the outfit, glittering as she moved until Sunset came to a stop.

“Hey…” She waved nervously at us, her focus not on me or Twilight, but my mother and sister.

“Why are you-” Leap Year began her sentence before my mother practically slapped her hand over my sister’s mouth.

“It is nice to see you again Sunset Shimmer.” I sighed internally, glad to see her in good spirits with my ex-girlfriend.

“Likewise, Miss Millennia.” Sunset gave a slight nod before the two shook hands, a sign of a good evening.

As Mom whispered something into Leap Year’s ear, I turned my attention to Sunset Shimmer. “Are you ready to meet Celestia again? I have yet to see her myself, so this will be a first for me.”

Sunset’s eyes stared at my sister and frowned. “If I am somewhat not wanted, you don’t have to keep me around…”

“Oh don’t be discouraged by Leap Year here,” Mom reassured. Speaking through her teeth, she spoke to my sister, “And I am sure Leap Year is very sorry with what she said. Am I right?”

“Yes mom.” Leap Year’s tone was not enough to convince us that she was truly sorry, but good for our tastes.

Pulling Twilight close in a quick motion, I grin, “So about that list of yours… Did Sunset ruin the plans you had prepared?”

The yellow teen flinched and looked a bit worried. “O-oh! I don’t mean to impede your night if I am to ruin-”

“Don’t listen to him,” Twilight grumbled, jabbing a light elbow into my ribs. I try not to flinch and act tough, despite the blow hurt a bit. “He is just being a jerk to me about my list writing. And anyways…” Twilight looked at me with a smirk. “...Mr. I Hate Lists, I wrote a backup list if Sunset Shimmer ends up coming along.” Why am I not surprised she went through the trouble of making a second list?

“Y-you didn’t-”

Holding up a hand to cut Sunset off, Twilight smiled, “But I did. And besides, you want to come along with us now, correct?” Sunset Shimmer nodded slowly. “Then don’t worry. I am sure everypony will be happy to see you.”

Weakly, Sunset Shimmer replied, “Alright…” Rekindling a flame in her breast, a smile grew on the girl’s face. “So, shall we get going?”

Everyone agreed with Sunset with a “yes.”


Now used to the violent travel through the portal, I was able to keep a grip on myself and not black out. My arms gripped Leap Year tightly as we were pulled and shaped into ponies. It was an interesting spectacle to witness Leap Year transform into a unicorn before my eyes. Her body was being pressed tightly as her hands and feet turned to hooves.

A large white oval was approaching me at an incredible velocity and I had to prepare myself, knowing Equestria was now before me. Placing my hooves forward, I brace for impact. A sudden rush of wind blows at my mane as my hooves skid on the tile floor. Still feeling a warmth to my right, I sigh, glad to still be holding onto Leap Year.

“Are- are we at the magical world…?” my sister nervously asks, slowly opening her eyes. Gently, I let her go and watch Leap Year stumble around a bit, trying to adapt to having four legs. After stabilizing, Leap Year looked around with an open mouth.

“Pretty cool, isn’t it?” I ask. I hear the mirror behind me make a swishing noise and turn my attention to it, leaving my sister to herself. Both Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle held my mother close as they quickly exited the portal.

I notice my mother looking quite faint and I quickly ran by her side. She weaved her head around a bit before realizing where she was. And just like my sister, Mom too held her mouth wide open in awe.

“Welcome to my castle,” Twilight proclaimed as she stepped away from Mom, believing she now had the strength to stand on her own. My mother looked to me, giving me a look that made her want to believe that I was her son.

“Don’t worry about being nervous mother,” I reassured with a pat on the shoulder. “I was in shock and awe as well when I arrived. Twili was so much more over the top so… try not to yell.” The memory of her screaming as she saw her reflection rang in my head.

Seeing my wings, she proclaimed, “You- you have wings! Just like you said!” Seeing Leap Year wandering aimlessly, Mom saw a little horn protruding from her daughter’s forehead. “Leap Year, you have a horn!”

No longer interested in the atmosphere around her, Lead Year found a mirror close to the portal and ran over to it. First she was quiet… Then, suddenly loud. “I AM A UNICORN!” Her little dress bounced up and down as Leap Year jumped in excitement. Leap Year’s outfit was a nice light-violet dress that complimented her goldenrod fur. Her yellow hair was still in the way mother made it, but it was much shorter and curlier.

Wanting to get a better look at herself, Mom practically bumps my sister out of the mirror’s image and noticed she wielded a horn as well. “Well I’ll be…”

My reflection meets my mother’s eyes as I come into the mirror’s shiny surface, seeing my nicely dressed self alongside her. “Sure is nice to be a pony, hugh Mom?” She could only nod as she admired her new pony self.

“Hey, Twilight!” Spike’s voice echoed off the walls, startling my mother and Leap Year. “Just so you know, it is now 5:27!” His steps sounded like webbed feet from a duck as he trotted over to us. Noticing the two newcomers to Equestria, he cave my sister and mother a friendly wave. “Hey, I am Spike, the Brave and Glorious Protector of the Crystal Empire. Welcome to Equestria.” Realizing his proclamation, he puffed out his chest with pride and held a heroic pose. Twilight, Sunset, and I rolled our eyes as Leap Year and Mom were now surprised to see a young dragon.

“Oh my gosh! He is so cute!” Somehow able to use her magical abilities, Leap Year dragged Spike over to her and gave him a close embrace. The Brave and Glorious Protector tried to pry himself away from the cheerful girl, but Leap Year was proving to be a challenge.

Looking over to Twilight, I notice she is looking quite anxious. “I hate to be the one to ruin the admiration of my assistant,” she spoke, bringing everypony’s eye to her, “But my parents are due to arrive any minute now.”

“Oh goodness!” Mom looked to Leap Year who still clung onto Spike with a tight grip. “Dear, leave him be. We need to go meet the princess’ parents.”

Leap Year’s close embrace slowly let go of Spike, not wanting to let him go, but also not wanting to upset Mom. Twilight then grabbed my hoof and gave me a sweet smile. “Let’s go.”


Twilight Sparkle tapped her hoof on the tile floor, constantly asking Spike for the time. It seems every sixty seconds exactly passed, she would say the same question to the dragon. Everypony was attempting to calm her down, knowing that her family was only running seven minutes late; but every time they did, she spoke the same excuse for her eagerness: her first date needed to be perfect.

Thankfully for Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer quickly befriended her, so now I don’t have to feel like she is a third wheel. The two were discussing something on the lines of transmutation, whatever that is, and my sister listened with such intensity. I was surprised to see her attention grasped so tightly. Perhaps she wanted to use her newly found power for anything that involves magic.

As for my mother, she asked Spike simple questions about the Ponyville, which the dragon was grateful for. Around the first time we arrived, Pinkie Pie was a never ending questionare and Spike was the one she went to for answers. He had most of them, despite how complicated they could get, but Spike’s energy was quickly used up, unable to take her questions.

“Spike, the time?” Twilight asked nervously.

“It’s 5:38…” Spike mumbled before turning his attention to my mother. “So anyways, Miss Millennia, how I became great and glorious is…”

I could almost feel the ground shake as Twilight Sparkle shook beside me; and I was not even touching her. “Ugh, what is taking them so long…?”

“Twilight.” I raise my brows and tilt my head forward, looking up at her with a stare that said “stop it.”

“Flash, you know how much this night means to me.” she whined. “To us.”

“And it is.” I lean forward and give her a reassuring kiss. “But you have to remember that things happen in life and your family is most likely caught up in something that is delaying them.” Twilight gave me a sad look, her eyes begging for comfort. Tending to the princess’ needs, I nuzzle her muzzle with mine, then tickle her cheek with my snout. She giggles at the playful act, telling me I did well with assisting her.


Without any warning, Twilight pulled the large doors opened suddenly and a gust of wind blew into the castle. Several leaves twirled into the castle as they were helplessly carried by the wind.

“You are late…” Twilight grumbled at the four ponies who stood at the entrance.

“We are so sorry dear,” the white one spoke with a nervous grin. “We were delayed on the train because there was a cattle herd crossing the tracks.”

Letting out a sigh and letting go of her anger, Twilight Sparkle turned to me and my family and gestured to the four guests. “Flash Sentry, Leap Year, Miss Millennia, Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer, meet my family.

The pink alicorn, the one who I can assume is Princess Cadence, approaches me with a smile, “It is so nice to finally meet you; even though the other you is back at the Crystal Empire.”

“Then I am doing twice of a good job here, in Equestria,” I joke, causing Cadence to giggle in her hoof at my simple humor. The white mare and light-blue stallion walked past me to greet my mother as I shake hooves with Twilight’s sister-in-law. I notice that Cadence did not have her daughter with her. I know Twilight has been raving about how great of an aunt she is and wanted to see the child; but no such luck was given to me. Perhaps the mother got a babysitter.

Gesturing to the white unicorn beside her, who is giving me quite the stink eye, Cadence said, “And this is my husband, Shining Armor.”

“Nice to meet you,” I say with my arm extended to him. But all he did was stare at me with a stare that could melt steel. I could hear my mother laugh along with Twilight’s parents, most likely telling them a story about me.

“Honey, shake his hand,” Cadence spoke low, almost through her teeth.

Twilight came into my peripheral as I still had my arm extended to her brother. “Shining Armor, is something wrong?” she asked very irritated with his stubborn attitude.

The prince cranked his neck, a sickening cracking ringing through the air. “Just inspecting your boyfriend. I want to be sure my baby sister isn't with some-”

Before the insult could fly, Cadence stamped her hoof down and barked, “Shining Armor! This is your sister’s boyfriend and you will show some respect.” The alicorn smirked, “Perhaps I should tell everypony how much of a nervous wreck you were on our first date?” His cheeks flared and eyes darted between his wife and I.

“Fine.” Shining Armor grabbed my hoof and gave a rough shake. “Shining Armor. Captain of the Canterlot Guard and Crystal Empire, and Prince of the Crystal Empire. Try anything with my sister, and-”

A white hoof snagged the big and tough captain of the guard and gave it a good yank; it was his mother. “Don't you be rude, threatening Twilight’s handsome special somepony!”

Twilight bumps into me and whispers, “That's my mother, the Mare of Ear Pulling.”

Shining Armor whined as the mother pulled hard down on his ear. “Alright, I am sorry!” Twilight’s mother let go, leaving his ear nice and red.

“I can tell,” I whisper back. “She has your hair. And your ability to grab things.” Twilight rolled her eyes at my statement, but still smiled nonetheless. After the formal introductions of parents meeting Twilight and I, my girlfriend pulled out her list of tonight’s events. But despite her list, her family, my mother and sister, Sunset, and Starlight all decided to mingle at the entrance of the castle. By the time 6:17 rolled around, Twilight looked like a nervous wreck, unaccustomed to an improvised evening. I thankfully calm her down, reassuring that the night was going well, despite Shining Armor’s negative attitude against me; at least he was treating my mother and sister with a healthy amount of respect; if he was rude to them, then he and I will have a typical brother and sister’s boyfriend hateful rivalry.

However, when Twilight asked me if I brought my homework so she and I can look it over, I told her I “forgot it;” and she almost freaked out, saying how everything was disorganized and a potential disaster is on the way.

It was a terrible lie and she knew it, but Twilight was starting to make me uncomfortable and we had to step aside. We assessed the entire evening so far, and came to the conclusion that there were no real issues, aside from Shining Armor being a pain in the flank.

After my talk with Twilight, I finally broke the ice with Shining Armor and we discussed our occupations. He didn't look pleased with the fact that I was a musician, but did thank me for making his sister happy after I told him I play the guitar for Twilight whenever I can. Leap Year was showing off to everypony her newly found abilities by levitating small objects. A few embarrassing stories were shared about Twilight and I and we did our best to not look too embarrassed.

Now, the time was 7:22, and everypony was anticipating the arrival of the two princesses. We all sat in the library, filling every chair that was available. As Twilight and I sat beside each other on the sofa, Shining Armor was impressing my sister by telling her the story of how he managed to ward off a swarm of changelings. Cadence had to chime in, reminding her husband that she helped him as well.

The only two who were not present, or at least among the group was Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer. The two really hit it off well, both almost too similar. I asked Twilight if I could look for Sunset and she allowed me to do so.

After informing everypony I was looking for Sunset Shimmer, I left the library, closing the door behind me. Thanks to my frequent visits, my knowledge of the castle was well memorized; getting lost was impossible.

The entrance, the portal room, the kitchen-- all yielding no sign of Sunset Shimmer. I approach the cutie map room and hear echoes in the hall.

“I just don't know if I can face her… What if… she remembers all the horrible things I had done?”

My pace slows as I see Starlight sitting in one of the white chairs as Sunset walked back and forth nervously. “Do you not trust Twilight’s word?” Starlight Glimmer answered with another question. “I know what it is like to face those I have hurt, but I also know that they have forgiven me because of my sincere regret.”

I frowned, saddened at how Sunset Shimmer still beats herself up about Princess Celestia. If a princess wished to see me again, especially after I did some wrongdoings, I would jump at the chance to repair the damaged bridge.

My hoof steps forward and knocks on the tile a little too loud than I would have liked at alerted the two mares. Starlight simply turned her attention to me while Sunset flinched the moment she heard the noise.

“Hey, I was wondering where you were Sunset.” With my cover blown, I approach the two mares with a sincere smile.

“You said you used to date him when you were your old self, yes?” Starlight gave Sunset a wide grin. Sunset and I blush slightly, answering the question without words; but neither of us know why she asked. “Seems to me that he cares about you even after you two broke up.”

Sunset rubbed the back of her forearm and gave me a sweet smile, then shrugged. “Too bad I didn't know what I had until it was too late.” A grin and brows slightly creased replaced the smile I once loved. “But I'm over you now.”

“Well good,” I wink.

Turning the tide and gaze against her friend, the yellow mare asked, “So Starlight here said she reunited with her old stallion friend. You think they should date?”

“S-Sunset!” Starlight Glimmer flushed and leered at me, daring me to answer Sunset’s question. Knowing her powers, I was reluctant to challenge the unicorn.

A giggle from behind us all turned our attention to the source, seeing Twilight standing alone. “It seems my apprentice has shared some great wisdom to you Sunset.”

Starlight’s blush faded, but still clung to her cheeks. Sunset did not have a look of surprise, now knowing the Princess of Friendship was such an eavesdropper. “She does. I wonder what princess does not have a helpful apprentice.”

“There is one, Sunset Shimmer.” An elegant voice drifted through the air, a calmness I could feel. A tall white alicorn stepped into view, her pink dress flowing with her movement.

Looking at me, Twilight Sparkle gestured to the newest guest and said, “Flash Sentry, this is Princess Celestia, my friend, and teacher.” At once, I bowed in full respect, intimidated by her grace. If I had to guess, I was now feeling the same stress that Sunset Shimmer was feeling all evening. It was was a strange feeling to have the princess who raises the sun before me and could almost feel the gravity of the sun.

“It is an honor to meet you.” I wanted to kick myself in the head, worried my simple greet was not enough to gain Celestia’s respects.

“And it is my greatest honor that you tend to my old faithful student’s heart.” I look up to see Twilight flushed, her eyes on me. Taking careful steps, I approach the two princesses and shake hooves with Celestia.

A few words were shared among the three of us before Twilight mentioned Sunset Shimmer. Celestia easily spotted her poorly hiding behind a white stone chair. I quickly move to Twilight’s side while we watch Celestia approach her long lost student. Starlight stood from her seat and bowed as she passed by; Celestia respectfully acknowledged her with a nod and smile.

Now before Sunset Shimmer, the two mares stared at one another, eager for the other to speak. “It- it has been a while, Princess Celestia.” Sunset Shimmer bowed her head, her entire body now trembling.

“Why are you afraid my old faithful student?” Twilight and I heard something catch Celestia’s voice as she spoke. “There is- nothing to be worried about.”

Sunset Shimmer shook her head, her tears visible from my viewpoint. “You are wrong Celestia… I don’t deserve your mercy nor your friendship. Not after all I have done. Not after-”

The princess quickly wrapped her arm around Sunset Shimmer’s neck and quickly pulled her close, the yellow mare’s face pressed in Celestia’s breast. “My sister never thought she would be forgiven after she attacked me, but I gave her a second chance,” Celestia spoke, her voice distorted by her happiness. “Twilight Sparkle gave you that chance I gave my sister when you turn-coated from your evil ways. We all deserve a second chance, and I can tell you are sincere about your actions. After all, Twilight tells me you saved your world from three evils, yes? That is a good enough reason for me to want you back in my life.”

With every ounce of strength she had, Sunset wrapped her arms around Princess Celestia and began to hysterically cry, her wails echoing off the castle walls. I had a hard time fighting back tears, but Twilight had already succumbed to tear up. My arm naturally falls behind her neck as we smile, watching the student reuniting with the princess.

After her loud crying was finished, Sunset begged, “I’m sorry Celestia! I’m so sorry! I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” She seemed to calm down and sagged her shoulders a bit, as if she used up all her energy to lement in Celestia’s arms. Sunset Shimmer let go and looked down at the ground, somewhat afraid of Celestia’s stare.

But the princess did not hold any ounce of malice in her eyes as she brought her hoof to her past student’s chin and lifted it up. “Chin up Sunset. Tonight is a good night.” Celestia smiled wide, almost as bright as the star she lifts into the sky. She sniffed before wiping her eyes, removing the stream of tears from her cheeks.


Dinner was a peaceful event, filled with happy conversations, funny stories, and a tasty meal. Though I am not accustomed to not having meat with my meal, everything was quite filling. The fruit salad had both a mix of fruits and vegetables, the bread was nice and warm, and the Sugarcube Corner deserts were as sweet as ever.

We all sat with our respective families as best we could. Twilight Sparkle and I sat beside each other and our parent’s sat at our sides. As for the siblings, Shining Armor sat beside his wife, and Leap Year was seated between Cadence and Princess Luna; after all, what little girl wouldn’t want to sit between two princesses? Luna and Celestia sat together and Sunset Shimmer was to Celestia’s right. Finally, Spike sat beside my mother and Starlight Glimmer was next to his chair.

With the meal out of the way, my mother was telling the group the story of my first concert held at Canterlot High School. Yes, it was a great memory; having my own gig with my friends was a blast. Of course, with every story, come a humorous moment. During our last song, my guitar solo was on the approach. I wanted to give the crowd a little bit of a show, so I ran to the front of the stage and slid on my knees as I played. However, I slid a little too much and fell off the stage.

Everypony laughed, even myself, as my mother concluded my great and embarrassing story. Shining Armor seemed a little more enthusiastic as he humored himself with a loud laughter, but I didn’t think much else of it.

“Talk about a stage dive,” Sunset inputted, which birthed more laughing. I blush but in good spirits; all night, my mother and Twilight Sparkle’s parents have been sharing embarrassing stories about not only us, but Shining Armor as well. So now, it was my turn.

Clearing her throat, Princess Celestia looked to Sunset and asked, “Are you glad you have come to tonight’s dinner?”

“If I am welcome, then yes.” Everypony told the unicorn she was an excellent addition to tonight’s evening and she blushed at the sudden attention that was gathered toward her.

“And I am glad you have come tonight…” Celestia clapped her hoof together and exclaimed to the table, “...because I have an interesting story to share with you all.” Again, she looked to her old student. “And I think you will enjoy it most.” Leap Year’s eyes widened, eager to her the princess. Twilight and I looked at one another with curiosity, wondering what was in store for everypony. “Sunset, you say told me you had a hard time facing me, yes?” The unicorn nodded before looking to the others still staring at her. “You are not the only one facing the truth; I had that problem before.”

Cadence straightened herself with a wide grin on her face. “Oh, I know exactly what story you are talking about Princess Celestia!”

“What story, sister?” Luna asked before sipping into her glass of tea.

To everypony’s surprise, Celestia’s cheeks flared red and had to look elsewhere. “The story of my old love and how you became an alicorn.” At once, Twilight leaned forward with her mouth wide open.

“You were in love?! How?! When-” Twilight nearly leapt at her sister-in-law. “When did you- What-” Everypony was amused with how Twilight was tripping over her own tongue, trying to complete a full sentence.

Princess Luna brought her hoof to her mouth, hiding a cheeky grin, “Sister, I never knew you were fond of a stallion.”

“She didn’t even know it herself,” Cadence chimed in, but kept herself in check, not saying too much. “Perhaps you should tell us the story yourself, Celestia. Tell us how you faced your past crush which earned me my wings.”

Leap Year was about to ask a question, but my mother held up a hoof to still her daughter. Sunset Shimmer looked to her old teacher noticing Celestia’s flustered expression, as if to say she regrets her words. “Like you said, be brave and tell the truth.”

Princess Celestia looked amused with Sunset’s wide grin. “Very well.”

We all leaned forward to listen…

The end.

As for Celestia’s story, that is for another time...

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I like Flash's family.

I'm looking forward to Celestia's story.

Interesting chapter, a bit short, and I feel that too much of a flash forward in the future, as I don't get how Twilight and Flash manage to settle their feelings and I feel that Flash's family should have been presented sooner in story to make sense for the presents in the last chapter. I am sorry to say this but I am rather confused over the conclusion of the story. Still the story had it's good moment and I am happy that you decided to concluded the story over leaving on Haiatus.

7855908 I should have ended the story last chapter. I just wanted to end it with a hanging thought like I have done with previous entries. But honestly, I hate how I went about this story but learned a bit while doing this first person narrative.

I guess this is my failure of a story, but hey, can't learn to walk without falling on your face.

I like how it ended.

There are way too much depictions of Twilight and Flash breaking up cause she is a princess and from another dimension.
As if there would be no way to cross that bridge :>

7856136 I'm sorry for sounding so much like a jerk for this, I had a lot of expectations on this Flashlight shipping and I can't say that that I did a very good job at watering down when the story wasn't going the way I was hopping to.

7859801 Perhaps that is how others were feeling about the story as well. From what I can assume, not giving the readers what they really want can cause them to be a little upset with the writer. Then again, sometimes it is good to give the readers very little of their wants to make the story interesting.

Your opinion is your own and that is fine. I just take critisizm and see if I was wrong and/ or what should I do to improve myself from this experience.

You seem to be enjoying the story. :derpytongue2:

This is a welcome story for me, because there aren't enough stories of human-Flash and pony-Twilight continuing their relationship let alone human-Flash actually visiting Equestria. It's one of the reasons why I wrote my own, though mine takes place after human-Flash and the others already graduated, allowing him and his parents to move to Equestria (obviously Flash's parents wouldn't allow it while he was still in school, and he hadn't applied for college yet anyway).

Frankly, I think this is an underrated ship/pairing (and in this case I'm not counting the ones with pony-Flash).

I also like to think that Shining Armor and human-Flash could become really close, because I realized that they aren't too different: they're both adorkable, nice, can be serious when the situation calls for it, all for seeing justice done, etc.

The only nitpick I have with this story is the fact that both the ponies and their counterparts have the same Cutie Marks...we already saw how much trouble that can cause thanks to both Pinkies' mischievous nature. It's a really small detail though, but maybe later it could be arranged that the human counterparts will have to wear a simple identifier of some kind while in Equestria? Like maybe they could just bring a light jacket with them and then put that on after entering Equestria?

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