• Published 6th Oct 2016
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What Hurts More - FerociousCreation

Flash Sentry has been having the same dream every night; he dreams of Twilight Sparkle. And every day, he is reminded that the Twilight in his world is not the one he knows. But despite his dreams, he is not the only one having trouble with coping.

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Swapping the Focus

What Hurts More

Ch. 2


If there is one thing that stresses me more than complicated numbers in math class, it would be the bell to lunch. Because it is a school rule, running indoors is a quick way to get a detention slip. So by obeying this golden rule, I briskly walk to the door before it becomes congested with bodies. Thankfully, the sea of classmates push me out the door almost faster than I would like.

My algebra class is not too far from the kafeteria, but I still envy those whose rooms are practically right next to the place; that always guaranties me the fate of waiting in line. But as I briskly make my way through the halls, there are less students in the way. That made things alot easier. As I see the kafeteria doors wide open, there is a short line that has formed. I almost break into a run so that the snake of people doesn't grow too long before I become apart of it.

Once inside and in line, I can relax and look at what is available. The usual Spanish rice, mashed potato sides are prepared. Some apples, oranges and bananas sit in their own container together; an unmade fruit salad perhaps. However, the special today was fried chicken, and they were looking nice and tasty. Sadly, me and the other students couldn't help ourselves to the lovely meat and can only have two pieces; a lousy amount if you ask me.

After several minutes of waiting, I grab my tray and ask for some fried chicken, a helping of French fries, a banana, and an orange.

As I pay for my food, the smell makes me even hungrier. All the better for me.

Finding a nice seat close to the entrance of the kafeteria, I can now relax. Normally I would hang out with my gang of friends, but there was more of a reason to hustle this lunch: I wanted to make sure Twilight was alright.

Even though our talk this morning ended up with me leaving in a fit, I'm sure she would hope the same for me. Now with my emotions in check, I think I can speak to Twilight about my troubles as well as her own. I just hope Pinkie Pie doesn't make any interjections this time… Her input last time was not necessary.

Five minutes pass. No sign of the girl with a pink stripe in her hair. But the one person who did have pink in her hair, who I also did not want to see, comes into the cafeteria. And to my distaste, she comes my way.

“Hey,” she waved as she sat on the opposite side of me.

I bite hard into my apple and tear with my mouth to indicate I am not happy with her. “Sup,” I mumble with food in my mouth.

Pinkie Pie awkwardly adjusts herself as if she is holding something in. Normally she a smiling, happy girl. But instead, a frown grows on her face. She then takes off her backpack and reaches into it, pulling out her bag “frownies” from earlier. Just as she opens the plastic seal, she speaks, “Sorry about this morning…”

At least she realized what she did was rude. As I swallow my food, Pinkie Pie takes a brownie and bites into it. I noticed the bag was still full from this morning; guess she followed her own rule and had to apologize before enjoying one. “Sometimes I can let my mouth run a little too much,” she continued with her mouth full. Bits of breaded chocolate flung from her lips and I had to shield my food and myself with an arm.

“In more ways than one,” I add before grabbing some fries for myself.

“I just couldn't go the whole day without telling you I was sorry. I can't hold in guilty emotions. It just eats away at me.” Clearly this morning’s event really affected her more than I thought it would. Normally a simple, “sorry, I didn't mean to say that,” would have been fine. Perhaps Pinkie Pie wanted to be sure I knew she was sorry. And the presence of the frownies was a big indicator of that.

“It's all good Pinkie Pie. I forgive you.” What else could I say? I believed her.

A small smile grew on the girl’s face. “Thanks.” Pinkie Pie placed the sack of sweet treats on the table and pushed them in my direction. Our eyes met, knowing exactly what was being implied. “Is there anything on your mind?” the girl asked. “As I remember from this morning, you and Twilight said you were talking about sad things.”

Swallowing what I was chewing on, my arms rest on the table and I look at Pinkie Pie with a neutral stare. I know she is wanting to help, but I couldn’t tell her about Twilight and how I feel when I see her. “Sorry, but this is something I want to speak to Twilight alone about this.”

Thankfully, Pinkie Pie nodded with a smile, understanding how personal my situation is. But what she did next was interesting. She reached into the bag of frownies, took a good amount out of it, and placed them on my tray. “You will need these for later.”

My brow raises with curiosity. “What makes you say that?”

“If you are going to talk to Twilight about sad things, frownies will help make the situation better. Just make sure you eat one when you tell someone what is bothering you.” A dark shadow fell across the pink girl’s face. “Just remember this: I will know if you ate one out of leisure...” In a quick blink, the happy attitude of Pinkie Pie returned. With her business now taken care of, she took the remainder of her chocolate snack and took a stand. “Tell Twilight I said ‘hi!’”

Quickly, Pinkie Pie left skipping away with a happy grin. “Wait! How is she? Is she okay?” But no response was received.

Now that I am left alone to my lunch, I decide to eat quickly. Normally, I would want to enjoy my lunch, but I needed to find Twilight before next class period. As I eat, I realise how concerned for Twilight I am; this world’s Twilight. It’s probably because her face, skin, hair, and probably everything else mimics other Twilight. My gaze looks up, lost in thought about the two. I hated how much I cared about them. And worse…

How I hate seeing my world’s Twilight. She has done nothing wrong to me personally. The girl is sweet, smart, friendly. She is a lot of things some girls at this school are not. But what she does do is physically remind me again and again: I am not the one you cherish. I am not the magical girl you met first. I am not your Twilight Sparkle.

My eyes fall back on my food. Remembering it is there, I continue eating. I wonder how Twilight will take me telling her that just seeing her is the cause of my dreams… I don’t want to hurt her. Why would I?

But she was open to me this morning and trusted me with her thoughts. Perhaps I will tell Twilight she is not personally effecting me. Maybe she will help me cope with the distance between me and the Twilight I miss so much.

Before I know it, my lunch is finished. Everything but the snack Pinkie Pie left for me. Perhaps I should break the rule of frownies just this once. But just as my hand touches one of the chocolate squares, something pecks me in the back of the head. Looking back, the pink girl was sitting by her usual friends. But she was leering at me. Perhaps she does know when the rule of a frownie is about to be broken and must prevent that from happening. A chuckle escapes me and I somehow admire Pinkie Pie’s random attitude. As I remember how Twilight Sparkle is friends with Pinkie Pie, I look to see if she is among her friends.

There is Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, of course, Sunset Shimmer. But no Twilight. Where is she?

Not wanting to just sit around, I stand up with my tray in my hands; wouldn’t want to leave my frownies behind. I might as well ask them where Twilight is and if she is alright. But of course, I wouldn’t want Sunset Shimmer assuming I was talking about her world’s Twilight. I did tell her I was getting over Twilight, but she might think I am regressing. What is worse about Sunset now is her new abilities; she can read minds by simply touching someone.

When we were back at summer camp, I asked her if she got magical powers just like her other friends. Sunset told me she could read minds. Not as amazing as Rainbow Dash’s lightning fast speed or Applejack’s super-human strength. But in a one-on-one conversation, Sunset can easily get the truth out of someone. That is something I didn’t want to happen.

Still, I needed to be a man and face her and her friends to get what I want. Once I did approach them, six pair of eyes met with mine. “Hey Flash,” Rainbow Dash waved at me. “What’s up?”

“Hey everyone,” I spoke to no one in particular. “I noticed Twilight isn’t around.”

“She said she has to do some project for chemistry,” Applejack spoke from the group. “Why do you ask?”

“Probably has to do with what happened this morning,” Rarity assumed and assumed correctly. I could guess Twilight and Pinkie Pie told their friends about my spiel before school. “You left in quite a huff from what I heard.”

“It was something I said…” Pinkie Pie confessed right away. “Though I did say I was sorry and you forgave me.”

“What did you say to Flash?” Sunset Shimmer asked, bringing all the attention to Pinkie Pie. “You obviously said something that upset him.”

“It’s fine now!” I blurt out, not wanting the conversation to get any deeper. “Pinkie Pie and I got it all handled.”

“That’s good at least,” Fluttershy smiled. “I wouldn’t want any of my friends in an argument with each other.”

At the corner of my eye, Pinkie Pie winked at me. Probably glad I got the attention off of her. However, Rainbow Dash was not going to let go of the subject of this morning that easily. “Twilight didn’t tell us much about what you two were talking about.”

“Yeah…” Sunset Shimmer looked at me with curious eyes. “What were you to talking about?”

“Sad things,” Pinkie Pie answered for me; I am glad that she did.

Now I can ask my question. “How is Twilight Sparkle?”

“Which one?” all the girls ask in unison.

I could feel my cheeks go red and I feel ashamed of my own question.

“Oh darling,” Rarity giggled, “you seem to be blushing.” You don’t need to point that out. All the other girls except for Pinkie Pie was looking at me with suspicion. Some of my embarrassment left me as I wondered why Pinkie Pie had a different expression than her friends; she looked like she was thinking.

“So, which one is it?” Sunset Shimmer had her arms folded. But my eyes fell on one of her hand’s exposed fingers. I feared those hands. I used to hold them before with care when I dated her. Now they hold a power that can read my vulnerable thoughts.

“He is wondering if our world’s Twilight is doing okay,” Pinkie Pie blurted out. “Remember, I just said they were talking about sad things.” You are a lifesaver.

“What kind of sad things?” Fluttershy asked with a frown.

“Has Twilight not told you girls anything about her dreams?” I ask. Surely they know their friend has told them about her nightmares. How the absence of the Wondercolt Statue reminded Twilight of her evil “persona.” But all I got was confused stares. Apparently I was wrong.

“Twilight has never told us about her dreams,” Applejack replied as she looked around at her friends, perhaps hoping someone does know of the situation. “Be honest with me Flash.” All eyes were brought to me when Applejack said her statement. “What were you two talkin’ about?”

My eyes quickly glance to Pinkie Pie to see if she had some way of helping me. But even she didn’t know what conversation Twilight and I were having. All she did was stare at me with curious eyes just as the rest of her friends. I’ll try to be vague as possible to prevent them from knowing the truth about how I feel about both Twilights.

And I am sure Twilight wouldn’t mind me talking to her friends about her issue. They are her friends after all.

“We were talking about nightmares.”

“And what prompted that?” Rarity asked.

“Well…” As long as I don’t go into too much detail, I won’t have to worry. “...I have been having nightmares recently and Twilight was giving me advice on how to stop them.” A small chuckle escapes me. “Who knew greasy and spicy foods could cause it.”

Sunset Shimmer faced me with her eyes filled with concern. “What are your dreams about?”

“I… umm…” I can’t say what they were to her. To the others maybe. But not Sunset. “It’s personal.”

“You were probably talking to Twilight about your dream, right?” Rainbow Dash poked, trying to unearth my deep thoughts. But even Twilight doesn’t know what my dreams were about.

“No,” I shook my head honestly. I knew I was not lying to the girls before me, so my conscious won’t take a stab at me for it. Though I was beginning to think that if I stayed here for too long, I might say something I don’t want them knowing. And I know exactly what. “Basically what happened was this morning was that Twilight noticed I was having a hard time sleeping. I told her I was having constant nightmares and she gave me advice as to how to stop them.” All of the girls nodded except for Sunset. She only frowned at me and that was not a good thing. I need to switch the focus on Twilight. “Then she told me about how she was having a hard time sleeping. Twilight Sparkle is having terrible nightmares.”

“What?” Applejack blerted out. “What about?!”

“Dear goodness!” Rarity gasped with a hand at her mouth.

“Oh no!” Fluttershy muttered. “Is she okay?”
“Why has she not told us?!” Rainbow Dash barked at the group.

“So that is the sad stuff you two were talking about,” Pinkie Pie commented as she scratched her chin.

I looked at Sunset Shimmer who seemed to switch her attention to Twilight Sparkle. “That’s… awful…” Sunset frowned and glanced down at her hands. Perhaps the use of the words “terrible nightmares” was a good combination and got the attention off of my shoulders. “What are her nightmares about?”

“I think she needs to tell you all personally,” I say, not thinking I am wrong.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Rainbow Dash spoke in a rallying voice. “Let’s go check on our friend!” The six girls looked like they were ready to move. Perhaps I brought too much attention to Twilight. And as much as I didn’t want to, I needed to shed some light upon myself.

“You shouldn’t do that,” I speak out.

“Why not?” Rainbow Dash argues. “Twilight is our friend, and we will do anything to help her. Wouldn’t you do the same if the other Twilight from Equestria came here and needed help?”

“Yes but…” Rainbow Dash had to bring her up.My heart cramped at the thought of Twilight coming through the mirror in tears in distraught about something. “Of course I would. But this is something Twilight and I started talking about and... “ Think on your feet Flash! “...and I want to be sure she is okay before Twilight decides to be open with you six. I need to see her personally first.”

My words seemed to have gotten to the eager girls and they looked a lot less likely to leave. “Alright,” Applejack spoke for the group. “You go on and check up on our friend.”

“Thanks.” Relieved, I let out a quiet sigh. But Sunset still had her eyes on me, and I could tell she was holding something in. After all, I did date her. I can tell when something is on her mind. But I have to ignore her for and make a move on. I am glad our school has an hour lunch break, which gives me plenty of time to talk to Twilight. Looking to the tray I am still holding onto, I see my frownies. Perhaps Twilight would like some of these.

“Hey Pinkie Pie, do you have a spare plastic bag I can have for these frownies you gave me?”

“Sure!” In one quick motion, she hands me a clear baggie. I place the tray down on the table and start placing the sweet treats in the small bag with haste.

“Hey Flash,” Sunset spoke.

“What’s up?” I ask with a small smile.

“Before you go, I want to ask you something.”

“Sure.” I close the seal on the baggie and hold it in my left hand.

“What were your dreams about?”

“It’s… something I don’t want to talk about…” Not with you. No hard feelings.

Then too my horror, Sunset stood up and reached her hand toward mine. “You can tell me, right?” Suddenly I quickly step back from her grip. No way is she going to read my mind.

Sunset looks at me as if I insulted her. “You do know I care about you, right?” Her words spoke kindness, but her brows creased; something I have not seen for a very long time. And when I see that look, I know exactly what is coming next.

“Yeah, I do know that. But like I said, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You seem very eager to talk to Twilight about nightmares,” Sunset grumbled with her arms folded. “I am sure you will tell her about yours.”

“Don’t act like I don’t care!” I could tell I was getting loud. In my peripheral, I could tell others were beginning to took at us as Sunset and I argued, her friends included.

“Then let me care about you! Geez, everytime I tried to get a word out of you, you act like this.”

“Because you are trying to force it out of me!”

“Because I care!” Her voice echoed throughout the cafeteria. A voice everyone remembers. Sound was now void.

I knew everyone was now staring at us both, but that didn’t mean anything to me. I need to leave before she tried to get anything out of me. In a quick turn, I make for the door. I almost crush the frownies in my hands in frustration as I walk. But heavy boots thump after me; Sunset was following after me.

“Don’t think you can walk out on me!”

“You wanna bet? I did it once before.” I heard some students snicker while others let out an “ooo” as my words bit hard into Sunset Shimmer. I went a little too far with that one…

“I won’t let you this time!” she shouts back, her voice cracking slightly. I hit a nerve with her and I immediately regret it.

After exiting, I make an immediate left. I can still hear her heavy boots thumping even louder behind me.

I keep turning corners, still hearing Sunset’s steps. After a short while, I reach a hall with a dead end. But that does not stop me from walking to the end of it. Once I reach the wall, I have sealed my fate. My body turns around on its own to face Sunset Shimmer. Her eyes were filled with anger, perhaps because of my quip.

“It’s been a long time since we have been here alone together,” she spoke with her arms crossed. The light above our heads flickers. When Sunset and I were dating, we would always come here if we needed to talk about something. Whether it was an argument or a shoulder was needed to cry on, this was the place to do it. No one came down this way; except those who needed to access their lockers of course.

“Sunset, I’m sorry…” is all I could muster up.

“Geeze, what for?” A lot of things actually. “Are you sorry for not telling me what is wrong? Or for insulting me right before we left the cafeteria?” More than that.

“Sunset, are you sure you want to know about my nightmares?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because they are about Twilight Sparkle. The other Twilight Sparkle.”

I opened the bag of frownies. Never did I think I could eat a sweet snack when I am upset. This won’t end well… I can tell that it won’t