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I'm just a part time writer who enjoys a good story, and wants give those good stories his own patented equestrian twist


After the recent defeat of Lord Tirek by the Elements of Harmony, Equestria once again finds itself returning to its original state of peace and happiness. The ponies and other races of the kingdom continue to rejoice in their heroes success over another threat to their homeland, and the Princesses have even seen fit to hold a celebration in their honor. But when one of the kingdom's most fearsome enemies returns and scatters the Elements' powers across Equestria, it will be up to Twilight Sparkle and her friends to restore harmony to world and save the kingdom once again.

(This story takes place before the season 5 opening, and is based off the video game Paper Mario 64 and the works of all the members of the "MPP64" project group on DeviantArt.)
(Link: http://mpp64.deviantart.com/)

(Disclaimer: I own nothing, all the property used belongs to its respected owners)
The Paper Mario series is property of Nintendo
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro and Discovery Family

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to be honest I kind of hoped it would be something like Paper Twilight meets the real one, not sure if I can image this really making me think it is a Paper world.

Well I took a quick look and noticed the usuall Paper Mario joke with her lying flat on the floor. I guess I keep the story in mind, I can't say it is bad, but I'm just not convinced of it yet.

I guess I read it after it has 5 chapters or something, then I should be able to judge it properly.

Not bad. A new world has been discovered.

Frostbite: I feel like I've lost all my weight. This world is ridiculous.

Talk about having a cold shoulder. Keep up this story.

Nice! It's actually really good :pinkiehappy:

Although, is it gonna become a video game-like type of thing just like the cover art? Or will it just be a story? Just curious :twilightblush:

I wasn't aware the first Paper Mario game was called Paper Mario 64.


I'm trying to make more like a story rather then like the actual game. There will be elements of the games involved, but I'm going to try and rework them more for a narrative storyline.

I'm not exactly sure how to respond to your post. But thank you for the Cut Scenes, I guess.

Comment posted by EquestrianTwist deleted Dec 10th, 2016

I've been waiting for this. So far its looking to be good. Now the question of who the party members will be is still in the air. As what it looks like right now either Spike or Applebloom will be the Goombario of the group. Though right now I'm betting you're going to put your own flair on it and I'm looking forward to that.

I'm glad you have returned to the forefront. I didn't expect that you would use apples for goombas and the orange jays Twilight may have created as the Goomba family. Now I'm curious on where the others are and who they are gonna be.

Care to tell me more about the "MPP64" project group on DeviantArt?

I don't know them personally, but I am a really big fan of them and their works. The paper MLP sketches, animations, and models are said to be part of a project they've been working, a real fan-game in the vain of an actual Paper Mario adventure. But this project been in the works for years now, and sadly I'm not sure if their posting any new works or news feeds regarding it. For now, we only have the works they already made to remember the project ever existed, and as of right now I believe the fan-game has been dissolved. It's really to bad, I would have loved to see something like that out for purchase in the brony community.

I've been choosing songs from this that fit the situations for this story
Super Paper Mario OST: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhHcMbVmbwCdYgDcW5-Ai5lXAqPAWihPc
My favorite is "the ultimate show"

I love that one!

I was planning to use the Super Paper Mario soundtrack when I got around to writing the third game. It may take a while, but we'll get there eventually.

This is very interesting. Can't wait to read more.

I remember playing paper Mario back then on my n64 keep it up I'm looking forward to more in the future

seems pretty good so far. If you ever need help, say the word!

Everything ok out there? Still continuing this story?

Sure am, its just slow going at the moment. I've been busy with work and college courses so I haven't been able to work on the next chapter as much as I would like. Just know I've been working on this story, as well as my others, and new content will be coming eventually, hopefully sooner rather then later.

Been there before. It wasn't the best of time back then but I'm glad to hear it hasn't died. Too many stories die out so young when they are so good.

I appreciate the love, I'll try and get the next chapter out as soon as I can.

Will Tirek be playing a major role in this story?

It's doubtful. The mention of his defeat in the description is used only to set this story someplace specific in the MLP timeline. I don't think he will be appearing anywhere in this story, but that may change if I find I place for him in future chapters. So to answer your question I'm going to give you an uncertain "no".

I'm glad you managed to get back into this. I liked how this has gone two chapters updated. Good job there.

Now that I've finished reading the chapter I'm glad Discord has a big part that isn't a boss. He was actually one of the ones I was wondering a lot about. Good on ya.

:yay: love this story, keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

Brilliant! It's good to see you back!

Interesting one could even say... suspiciously interesting!

All jokes aside I liked what I have read so far and an interesting take on a paper mario/mlp story.

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