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Our job is not to give readers what they want; our job is to show them things they never imagined. --Walt Williams


When knowledge of Sunburst's great skill in magical theory spreads to the small Streamhaven University, he's offered a position on a time travel experiment. Knowing of Starlight's history with time travel, he invites her to see the moment of truth, the first actual use of the time machine. Starlight accepts. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Everything. The time machine malfunctions. The project director disappears. Time begins stuttering. And Starlight and Sunburst find themselves pursued by the mysterious Monarch Solutions, a company that knows much more about time travel than they should. Now it's up to Starlight and Sunburst to find a solution to their predicament before time itself ends forever.

Although a crossover with Quantum Break, no knowledge of it is needed to understand this story.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 71 )

Solid writing and interesting premise. A like and a follow from me!

some words repeat but otherwise good story

Don't need to start reading to know to save this for later.

I'm saving this for later. :derpyderp1:

I'm going to say this right now... this reminds me of the half-life series already.... but with a wibbly wobbly timey wimey twist...

It is criminal that this isn't bigger than it is.

Is that? Is that who I think it is?

That was very effective technobabble.

7646196 That would be my first guess that or Time Turner

Um Time Turner is Dr.Whooves. It's just his alternate name

7647492 I know just being silly. Though some writers have treated them as seperate characters Though officially while BBC has given unspoken approval on Dr Whooves. Hasbro officially made the DR Hooves

This story could be big, hopefully its not too big an effort to have this be in charge of the front page. You're a big guy, I bet you could do it.


That was awesome.
Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey.

Think of time like a banana.
Now forget the banana, that's completely wrong.

Why did “futuristic” always seem to mean “chromed”?


Time is relative, and location is relative, so-”
“Complicated time stuff,” said Starlight. “Got it.”

and there goes the doctor who refrence #1

“Starlight, I…” Sunburst swallowed. His voice somehow dropped even more. “I think we just broke time.”

Someone get Dialga on the phone because we have no time to fix this....

“But if you did run out of chronons, you would decohere across spacetime and be unable to exist at any individual point, in any given instant, in any given timeline.”

... so... starlight would become tracer basicly....
now i am annoyed that one of my favorite characters (starlight) is becoming one of my most hated ones (because i hate annoying dodgy heros.... like tracer and windranger especially windranger).

Oh come on, you could've at least painted it blue or something.

Shut up and let me talk.
I am not a temporal physicist, but I know logic. Time travel works differently in different media. The theory you just outlined is solid, but I prefer mine as it renders time travel into the past pointless and therefore means I can ignore the whole thing and make sure my brain does not melt. I hate time travel.

Say Pony A does a bad. After waiting a bit, becoming Pony B, Pony B makes a time machine to go back in time and stop Pony A. Pony B travels back in time, becoming Pony C, to stop Pony A doing the bad. In stopping Pony A, Pony B no longer has a reason to become Pony C, therefore, Pony C never shows up to stop Pony A. This is the best metaphor I have for this, shaddup.


P.s. I did this in character

Waiting a couple of chapters to read this story... Just a question, did you think about add this story to "Time Travel" group and any Starlight group?

Starlight shuddered; the thought of your memories slowly vanishing, of having your identity stripped away because you didn’t exist anymore, was almost enough for her to wish she’d fail.


Ok, this is getting crazy in the best possible way. Continue.

Well, I've gotta say, you've piqued my interest. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Love the characterization of Serene, and I'm very interested to see where you go with the paradox discrepancy.

(Incoming stupid idea)

[Dialga]: Ok, this has gotten waaay out of control. I need to fix this tear, and you're all making it worse. Sorry not sorry.

*Obliterates everyone with Roar of Time*

First and last at the same time. Ain't that something?
(At least until someone else comments on)

Wait but didn't Starlight alter the Starswirl spell? Twilight was able to use it multiple times in the season 5 finale.

Great ending! Now, do Starlight and Serene stay Chronon active? Because that would be a brilliant sequel. Explaining it all to Twilight would be awkward as fuck.:twilightsheepish:

That second title was the best one XD

That was really good! You got skillz, yo.

A great ending to a great story. You've done it again.

7742827 My theory is that since Starlight was able to use the spell to go back in time because she both had and hadn't used it, and since one of her hadn't, she could use it again. Now, since two Starlights and two Serenes were Chronon active, and one of each wasn't, the two of them should still be Chronon active, using the same logic as earlier. Make sense?

Comment posted by Circut Breaker deleted Feb 5th, 2017

Y'know, that whole chronon super-speed thing seems pretty cool.

7736037 But she is a princess with cheating alicorn magic.

"Fucking time travel", indeed.

Lol, that was a great ride!

7658528 Always in triplicate! Never only 1 or 2 copies!

Serene is a terrific character. She loves food! No-pony can get better than that! Especially with the cheesy fries...

8160717 Order a fourth and get two more, free!

Couldn't you at least made the inside a square?

7689621 Nah, Nah. Dialga, this is just to far.

Serene is getting a bit tense. I would be too. Nice character personality.

7924315 You can say that again. Uhh... Don't, though.

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