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Really, don't have much to say, I'm not a professional far from, I just like writing and the MLP universe is a good place to base stories around


This story is a sequel to Dawn of The Ice King

Honestly this is just a filler while I get my..... life together regarding the main story.... But simply put its a tournament between a few characters in the story. Some who have been mentioned, some who haven't been, but most we all know and love. I might do a sequel to this at some point so when this is done give me some characters to use in it. Also some spoilers to characters that will appear in the future in the main story, some abilities, and a few other things.

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I, truly love the story so far. I hope the next chapter comes in soon, but I understand if any issues occur, so take as long as needed to make all, story's as great as possible, but please don't stress yourself.

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