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Heh, that was amusing. Well, nice to see that Noodle Incident mentioned in The Equestria Club given life.

In before they take a dare to see how long they can hold their heads inside a timber wolf's mouth

Hahahaha! This story was so funny! These were my favorite paragraphs!

Twilight groaned, her ears folding down against her skull. "Great. Equestrian history will remember me as the only Princess who sat and watched a farting contest."

"I think Applejack just invented fartillery," Twilight said with a facehoof.

"I always knew Zecora was an alien!" Pinkie Pie shouted exuberantly. "She's probing Rainbow Dash!"

Okay, that was pretty hilarious. But I have to throw in a bit of an Alt.

Twilight groaned, her ears folding down against her skull. "Great. Equestrian history will remember me as the only Princess who sat and watched a farting contest."

Celestia: Not...quite, Twilight.
Luna: Wherefore didst thou think these peppers became contraband in our fair lands?
Celestia: At least we had the sense to stop with one.

I haven't laughed this well in a long, long time. Well done!

I aim to please. :pinkiehappy:

... I'm reading between the lines here. This isn't just meant for gross humor; this is a farting fetish fic, isn't it?

I'm not sure if I should be more impressed or concerned by Dash accessing Pinkie's manespace.

"Sour, bitter, spicy," Rainbow agreed hoarsely.

That just means they'll make you cool, tough, and smart.
... What? I can't be the only person who liked Pokémon Contests back in Gen 3.

"Great. Equestrian history will remember me as the only Princess who sat and watched a farting contest."

I see Luna never told her about that one set of peace talks with the griffons.

"I think Applejack just invented fartillery," Twilight said with a facehoof.

Nor did she mention how those peace talks broke down.

"Sunset Shimmer's not even here, silly!"

Hopefully PresentPerfect won't read this one.

Dang. Dash's digestive system went full cacodemon. Given the swelling, she does have huge guts...

Pinkie's not entirely wrong. Zecora's an immigrant, after all.

This... was very, very silly. And more than a little wince-inducing, though only because of the events of the story, not its presentation. In all, I'd say it was fun. Thank you for it. And here's hoping no one ever talks you into doing something this stupid.

I knew Applejack and Rainbow Dash would get in trouble with their dares one day, but some lessons have to be learned the hard way I guess. Most STUPID pony indeed.

I'm just curious... Just HOW bloated did they get? Were their hooves still on the ground at least?

Crude humor at its finest.

7650555 I'm thinking balloon pony.

7650580 so like when Spike tried to "help" AJ breath?

7650584 YES! Yes, that exactly.

I feel tempted to wonder if the person who commissioned this was a big fan of Drake & Josh.

As for these two, I absolutely love the mental imagery; balloon ponies blasting fire out of their asses. Would've been the perfect time for someone to make a cameo, only to be set on fire by flaming ass blasts. As always, you've impressed me by a massive amount.

Wow. There are just not words enough to describe this work. Good job...?

.... This is the strangest things I have seen ALL day... And I've been binge watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Well that was just plain glorious. :pinkiecrazy:

My mind went all over the place while reading this one, from that Simpsons episode with the insanity peppers ('By all medical accounts, steam should be coming out of his ears ... if we're lucky!') to Blazing Saddles, to a scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Yosemite Sam uttering the same 'biscuits are burning' line.

If there was a YouTube clip of this, I'd watch. At the least, a snippet would fit right in as a cutaway gag on Family Guy.

[Peter] "It's not the craziest thing anyone's ever done on a dare. Remember that time Rainbow Dash and Applejack ate puffer peppers?"

Fun times! I just hope the ensuing mushroom clouds don't triple the cancer rate of Ponyville.

This...This right here....This is funny. :twilightsmile:

i wish for more of this stuff, i was laughing so hard, i had trouble breathing and was crying of laughter .. 10 of 10 for humor.

Nothing you'll like, I'm sure," Zecora said with an evil chuckle as she advanced upon Rainbow. "Now, in the words of my tribe...UP YOURS!"

did anyone get the qutoe and get the feeling of what movie it refenced .
I give you a hint :

if this ain't settle then I don't know what is.

So those puffer peppers are consumable to dragons?

You get a thumbs up just for RD exploiting Pinkie's unexplainable mane.

7650425 Oh, Celestia forbid... There wouldn't BE an Equestria if they hadn't.

7650974 That's a bold claim if I've ever heard one.

One that I don't really doubt.

:twilightoops: Spike STOP! where did you get those?
:moustache: Traded Zacora a carton of ice cream for them...
:pinkiegasp: How many did you eat so far?
:moustache: six or seven they're great you should try some.
:twilightoops: You not flaming or gassing?
:duck: Sly little Spikey does have a minty fresh breath must be a dragon thing
:rainbowhuh::ajbemused: come on ice cream! ( chech & chongs nice dreams)


Oh yes, we are of one mind on the Roger Rabbit bit.

Now this would be an amusing MLP episode.

That ending though! XD

Gross humor dont need no M rating, in case you wanted to know

7652815 Oh, I know, but I wanted to cover my ass because of the bit with Zecora and the gas sucking hose.

7652928 You mean THE PROBE? Dun dun DUUUUUUUN...

....M rating is fair. I confess, I was worried it would cross the line into...wetness. *Shivers*

Coulda been a BIT less explicit with the last bit, but, as fart jokes go...this was a good one. No fave, though. Just...doesn't feel right.

I can't believe no one has thought of this video.

This story was certainly magical

I've only read the comments so far, but it seems this calls for a "Beavis and Butthead read..." :pinkiehappy:

This story was silly, crass, and stupid, and I laughed a lot while reading it. Good job, MythrilMoth! :pinkiehappy::facehoof:

(Also, when Zecora brought out her contraption, I was briefly worried it was going to be a trocar... :applejackconfused::rainbowderp:)

7650505 too painful, and not enough emphasis on the smell of the farts. This is definitely more for the humor than for fetish value.

7653920 Exactly. I don't do that kind of fetish stuff.

This one definitely goes to my private folder of raunchy stories.

Twilight should have sing-sung this at the end:

Two silver medals? Why can't be two golden medals for the most stupid ponies in the world?

7654998 Because it's a TIE for doing something STUPID.

7655523 Yeah that's true, but I didn't now when it was Tie, it was two silver medals. Thanks for let me know now. XD

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