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When Pinkie Pie wakes up one day, she remembers how great it is that she has the opportunity to bounce and play all day... at least until she remembers that her bouncy playthings are gone. For the love of Celestia! Who took Pinkie Pie's balls?!

Rated T with a sex tag for inappropriate innuendos.

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Comments ( 30 )

Please make Penal Code on the list.

This is illegally hilarious. Any thing you say or do can and will be used against you.

Loved it!

I needed a laugh today, good job.

Thanks for the laugh. Sometimes I just need a story like this.

The Title made me burst out in fits of uncontrollable laughter, and that, my good person, is why it got a favorite before I read it.

in my pants.

Oh, my stomach! You, sir, are awesome!

Some parts got a little too raunchy for my taste, and I don't get the ending joke, but this was hilarious all the same.

Probbably not going to read, but after seeing the title I couldn't resist:
i.ytimg.com/vi/nQSk0CYPvwE/hqdefault.jpg i.ytimg.com/vi/_-HZKFcPPMo/hqdefault.jpg

This reminds me of a Sluggy Freelance comic from long, long ago...

Where the topic was elections and the entire conversation was innuendo and euphamism.

And it was glorious.

*giggles like an immature 12 year old*

And I'm just... itching to tell you about them...
Oh we had such wonderful fun!
Seafood cocktail,

Heh. Itching to tell you about my crabs.

Soft shell? Hard shell? Farmed? Wild caught? Better steamed or cooked in butter like lobster would be?

Lmao right now

2/10 not enough balls

Well this was a thing, hahahaha :rainbowlaugh: Awesome.

Nicely written, hehehe

“What do you mean 'describe them’? They're balls! They’re really round, about the size of really big marbles--or really small coconuts--and really fun to play with.” As Twilight began to cringe, Pinkie Pie scooched in closer and whispered, “And between you and me, they’re a little bit on the fuzzy side.”

Pinkie dearest, telling Twi-Twi what color your balls are might be a start PFFFFT :rainbowlaugh:

THIS IS FUNNY ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh: Thank you so much for writing this! I needed a good laugh today!

Reminds me about this story where Twilight tells her friends Uranus is gone. Turns out Celestia took it. She took Twilight's Uranus....

Truly, this is a timeless classic.

That's the story I based this on. I'm surprised someone caught on.

“I wish I had balls.”

Ya'll need therapy

Comment posted by R-Bot deleted Sep 20th, 2017

Short, simple, good for a chuckle. Well done all around :twilightsmile: Maybe a little bit of crowded text and too purple a prose in the beginning narration, but it's functional, so it's 'kay.

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