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Adagio always thought Sonata should find something to do with her time instead of annoying the crap out of her older sisters, so she's relieved to hear she's started a gaming channel on YouTube, but things go south quickly. As Aria points out, Sonata has begun to mimmick some things she's seen on the internet that are less then desirable to hear and see when you're trying to drink your morning coffee. Adagio desides she needs to put an end to it.

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Potentially cute so far, but that's a hell of an abrupt ending to the first chapter.

*muffled laughter* *growing smile*
This, this was good.

Oh dear this gonna be chaotic

Well, this story promises all sorts of craziness.

My headcanon: Aria and Sonata wanted cooking lessons from Sugar Belle, but they misread the phone book, and ended up with Sweetie Belle instead.

oh wow, that would be hilarious!

thank you, but no thanks, i’d prefer for that story to be written by the person who cam up with the original idea :raritywink:

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