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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.

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Oh my goodness...the bubbles were...oh my! The horror, the horror!!

How will that ever come out of white?! I wonder how long Rarity will retain the aroma of licorice?

Y'all go ahead and hate on licorice all you want. Leaves more for me. And they might wanna look into getting the jacuzzi thoroughly cleaned. Licorice is also a mild laxative.


Yes, hence the 'horror' tag.



Ah, well I apologize good sir. I appear to have mistaken your poop joke for a fart joke. How gauche.


:raritydespair: - The water was so warm!

I saw that one coming a mile away - still amusing.


Good thing you saw it coming, because if you smelt it...

You dealt it.

Kudz this was a shitty story.

I did recoil in terror, though.

... No, I won't apologize for that pun.


Why do Pinkie and Rarity look so soft and squishy in the picture?


I dunno, but ain't they cute?

Why did I expect anything but fart jokes?

Ah, the humor of toilets. Thou art amusing, good sir:moustache:

So wait, are you saying that Rarity and Pinkie Pie weren't boiled alive in the malfunctioning Jacuzzi? And you call this a horror story? Does the concept of truth in advertising mean nothing to you?

I'm sorry, I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.


Existential horror. It's a thing.

7603321 Snargleploink. It's a thing. Saying a nonsense word is a thing doesn't make it so.


Nonsense word, eh? Well, people like you are why the block button exists. Begone, demons of stupidity!

I can't even say im suprised.


I swear, they're almost as bad as roaches. They're everywhere.

I'm surprised Rarity didn't assume the color of the licorice. Its poops out the same color it went in as.

7603928 Everyone hating this idea, but it IS a thing out there for bubble bath....PROOF!
7603271 It was from this refreshing bubble bath!
Here are some happy customers.


(Oh Rarity! Just think of it as an unusually organic mud bath!> :pinkiehappy:

(AAAAiiieeeee!> :raritycry: :unsuresweetie: <Do you have any more sedative..?) :scootangel: <CMC drug dealers--YAY!)

I knew it from the second the setup involved a Jacuzzi.

I took longer to realize it than Rarity did. Lol

Me too- maybe I just went over it too quickly, but I don't recall any mention of water discoloration. So I figured it had to be just gas. Which is still bad, but isn't nearly as bad as a constant poop stream.


Think fecal particles in aerosolised bursts during crepitation.

Right, but there's always going to be a small amount of particles even if it was just a functional jacuzzi. It's orders of magnitude less than if Pinkie just went Bristol Scale 7.


I will admit, it took me a few re-reads of the last part to figure out why Rarity was screaming, but then I got it.

You do realize it is 2am in the morning for me right now, and I am laughing my ass off so hard the dog actually got up to give me a sad look in protest.

Well done, well done, 11 out of banana Discords for you. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Rarity gonna lay a good hard Bamshangalang on poor Pinkie. I also had the horrible thought of the weather ponies chasing Pinkie outta one of the Ponyville lakes.............:rainbowderp:

I will admit: I was expecting a different kind of twist from the Horror tag…

Rarity was taken away by the nice ponies in clean white coats

LOL! label this comedy too!

Whelp....I'm traumatized T_T

Don't read Cheesy.

Still the good news is, after reading 3 more of your stories, that will increase my "Kudzu Stories Read" percentage to OVER 55%! <3

a curious gem

I hope Rarity recovers from this. (And it doesn't sound like there was scat involved, Pinkie only farted in the tub)

This story reminds me of the comics that also had the hot tub broken while Pinkie and Rarity were in it - only it was Rarity who farted. Yes, you read that right. Just once, while laughing at one of Pinkie's jokes. She got over it but it was really embarrassing at the time, and Pinkie of course thought it was funny, to the point it's her favorite memory of Rarity and the thing she loves most about her.

Gross but absolutely funny

Poor Rarity! The nice ponies in the clean white coats will take good care of you.

Featured tale in July for Pinkie Pie Stories

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